Best Boning Knife of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you prepare meat based meal often, you need the best boning knife. They are an essential addition to professional and home kitchens and without it handling bony meats is a pain. Our goal is to help you find the right boning knife for your kitchen. We also review 5 top boning knives as well.

What is a boning knife?

A boning knife is a type of kitchen knife that has a narrow blade and a narrow handle. It is used for separating bones from meat (poultry, fish or red meat) and it is extremely sharp. These knives may be a bit flexible and can adapt to the use.

In essence, you can see the two main types. Stiffer models are desired for those who want to remove bones from beef or red meat in general. Thinner and more flexible knives are preferable for fish and poultry.

The best boning knife must be very strong, easy to use and comfortable. At the same time, it must have a non-slippery surface which helps you hold it in place while removing the bones.

Top 5 Boning Knives

DALSTRONG Boning Knife – Gladiator Series

Best Boning Knife from DALSTRONG

DALSTRONG Boning is the best boning knife due to so many reasons. It is based on the latest technology, it looks fantastic and it is a beast you will want in your kitchen. There is no need to add that it is made from German steel and attention to details is impressive.

Perfectly sharp

The sharpness of the blade is impressive. It is sharpened by hand and at 15-16 degrees. This makes the blade perfectly sharp for a longer period of time and it can help you complete any task in less time than ever before.

The steel used for this knife is specially developed for high-end knives and it can withstand heavy-duty use. We also liked the strength of it and the ability to cut through anything.

Pakkawood handle

The handle is a masterpiece. It is made from imported pakkawood and it is super strong. It is held in place with 3 rivets and it is polished and laminated so there won’t be pieces of food stuck between the blade and the handle or the rivets.

Flexible technology

The blade is super flexible yet strong. We should add that this makes it ideal for boning different types of meat and also very practical for other tasks. Don’t forget that the blade is very strong and flexibility doesn’t affect its hardness (56+ Rockwell).


  • Hardness
  • Flexible
  • Great handle
  • Value for money


  • The handle design is a bit different
  • Requires frequent sharpening
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Mercer Culinary M23820BL Millennia 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife

Mercer Culinary M23820BL Millennia 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife, Blue

If you are looking for the best knife of this kind on a tight budget, then this model is right for you. The knife itself is well-made, from Japan steel and comes at an extremely low price. Nonetheless, the blade and the handle are strong, durable and can withstand years of use.

Santoprene and polypropylene handle

The handle is made from the combination of these two materials. As a result, it is very comfortable and comes ready to meet any expectations you may have on your mind. The handle feels nice in hand and we can add great comfort.

Finger guard

Yes, as you can see the finger guard is available on this particular model. An interesting addition is that it doesn’t increase the weight nor it makes the knife uncomfortable to use. You will enjoy using it as long as you want and you will appreciate this feature.

The finger guard is a feature reserved for the best knives and we are lucky to see it on this very model. For some, it will also make the usage more comfortable, but this matter can’t be generalized.

Available in different colors

The knife we tested came in blue color, with the blue handle more precisely. However, you can have it in any color you like. This is essential for users who want to match the knives with the rest of their kitchen and to get the best décor inside a kitchen.


  • Finger guard
  • Available in different colors
  • Japanese steel
  • Affordable


  • Flexibility
  • Lack of advanced features
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Wusthof 4603 Boning Knife

Wusthof 4603 Boning Knife, 6 Inch, Black

As you can see this is an expensive model, but there are a few advantages of that. The first one is attention to detail. The knife looks solid and perfect as you would expect. The knife can be used by professionals and beginners and can last for years.

Precision Edge Technology

Precision Edge Technology refers to the special method used for sharpening the blade. As the end result, you will get a blade which is 20% sharper than any other and also maintains the sharpness perfectly well.

Don’t forget that the knife has a superb hardness of 58 degrees Rockwell. This made it one of the hardest and strongest blades available on the market.

Perfectly forged

The knife is 6 inches in size, but you can also have a smaller, 5 inches model. We tested both versions and we can say they are excellent. The main advantage is advanced forging which means that the knife is made from one piece of stainless steel.

Dishwasher safe

Yes, you can wash this knife in your dishwasher. This is possible thanks to the stainless steel type used, the great handle and the overall build quality. There is no need to add that the maintenance is less complicated than other models require.


  • Hardness
  • Precision Edge Technology
  • Available in two sizes
  • Strong and durable


  • Expensive
  • One color only
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Fillet Knife – PAUDIN Pro 6 Inch Boning Knife

Fillet Knife - PAUDIN Pro 6 Inch Boning Knife German High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife with Ergonomic Handle, Ultra Sharp and Flexible

The knife we have here has been one of the most desirable models. After all, it is reasonably expensive yet it offers all kinds of advantages and benefits. At this moment all we can add is a great comfort and superb craftsmanship.

Different versions available

We tested the boning version of this knife but you can get any type you like. For instance, there are bread versions, pairing and etc. Now you can mix and match and create your own collection or get just a unit you actually need.

Ergonomic handle

The handle is special in the lack of a better word. It is made from pakkawood and it feels nice in hand. You will like using the knife as long as possible and you will enjoy the added comfort for the years to come.

The handle offers a superb level of grip and will fit nicely in hand even when completely wet. The last but not least important is the strength of the handle. You can use it for literally anything and it won’t break or get damaged.

Lifetime warranty

If we know that the price is affordable, yet the lifetime warranty is guaranteed, we can deduce that this model is the best boning knife or the best investment. All new owners will get this type of warranty and you can be positive that the knife will meet even the toughest requirements.


  • Handle
  • Hardness
  • Warranty
  • All versions available


  • Fake Damascus steel surface
  • Isn’t suitable for big hands
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Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife, Semi-Stiff Blade, 6-Inch

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife is an excellent alternative. It is actually one of the most affordable, yet the strongest knives. The blade is specially shaped in such a way so users get the ultimate freedom while cutting. There are a lot of things you need to know.

Compact size

The knife is actually 6 inches in length, but it feels much smaller. One of the reasons for that is the blade which is perfectly shaped so you can get the most out of it. This knife can be used when others can’t and you will appreciate that.

The next reasons why this knife is special is the handle. It is ergonomic, made from tough materials and it can be used perfectly when completely wet.


The knife is super hard and will be capable of withstanding all kinds of applications you can throw at it. We all liked the strength and we know that this company makes some of the best knives on the planet. This one isn’t different.

Suitable for delicate cuts

We should add that if you are looking for a precise and a knife suitable for delicate cuts this one is great. You can cut anywhere and in any shape you like. All of this is possible thanks to the sharpness which is impressive in the lack of a more appropriate word.


  • Strength
  • Versatile knife
  • Suitable for delicate cuts
  • Hard steel


  • Obsolete design
  • Customer support
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How To Choose The Best Boning Knife

Best Boning Knife

How you can choose the best knife of this kind? The answer is simply, you can use our buyer’s guide. There are a lot of factors you need to consider and each one is equally important. Let’s start from the very beginning and let us guide you through the entire process.

Type of metal

Metal or material which is used for making the boning knife is the first and the most important factor of them all. Not all boning knives are made from the same metal and as such, they offer different advantages, benefits and require different maintenance. There are 3 main types.

  • Carbon steel

Carbon steel is made of combining iron and carbon. It is a very strong and durable metal that can withstand heavy-duty usage and will stay like new after a long period of time. At the same time, it maintains sharpness perfectly.

There are some issues with this metal. First of all, maintenance is complicated. If it isn’t maintained properly, the metal will corrode and rust over time.

  • Stainless steel

This is a separate metal which is made adding chromium to the carbon steel. Basically, it is better than ordinary carbon steel. You get better hardness, less maintenance and it won’t corrode over a short period of time.

Once again we have complicated maintenance, which is even more pronounced than with carbon steel. These knives may be very expensive.

  • High carbon steel

This isn’t a separate type of material. Basically, it is made by adding more carbon to iron and makes the blade stronger and more resilient. It maintains sharpness almost perfectly. Maintenance and sharpening are complicated though.

The flexibility of a knife

The best boning knife must be flexible enough so you can use it for most of your tasks. However, there are some differences. We actually mentioned them in the beginning, but this is the right time to revise the difference.

On the market, you have boning knives of different flexibility. Some are more flexible while others are not. Flexible boning knives are mandatory when removing bones from fish or poultry. Those that are rigid are used for red meat in general.

To get the best knife of this type you need to take a look at your requirements. If you prepare poultry most of the time, go for a flexible model.


As you would expect size is one of the most important factors to consider as well. There are a lot of variations but most of them are between 5 and 6 inches. This is common and treated as the standard size for a boning knife.

We would like to recommend you models of this size as the best choice. They are just right, not too big nor too small and they can be used for all kinds of purposes. Yes, you can get a bigger model, up to 9 inches, but this is more than big for some users.

Consider full tang models only

There is no need to explain the reason why full tang models are the best. They refer to the units which have blade all through the handle. Of course, the blade is partially exposed and 50% of it is hidden in the handle.

Knives with this characteristic are tough, heavy-duty units and they can withstand literally anything. They are also much safer to use and they can withstand years of heavy-duty usages. In other words, the blade won’t crack or break itself from the handle. They will stain as a whole knife.


Removing bones is a complicated task that can last for minutes. That’s why you need a boning knife that is perfectly lightweight and can be used for a long period of time without causing fatigue.

The weight can vary significantly but most of them are around 5-15 ounces. Let this be the average and you can decide are you looking for a smaller, lighter model or a bigger and heavier unit.


Level of grip a knife provides is a mandatory factor to consider as well. The grip should be ideal when your hands are wet or oily. Handles that offer this level of grip are special and you just saw why in our reviews.

Don’t forget that the grip must be present when the hands are oily or wet and obviously be even better when your hands are dry.


We liked well-balanced boning knives. They are simply stunning and they can be used for a long period of time. In addition, they are very rewarding to use and most chefs know this. All of this suggests that you will enjoy using them.

A well-balanced knife is a unit that has 50:50 weight distribution. What this means is that the handle and the part of the blade are equal in weight to the full blade. Balance helps you perform better cuts and complete more advanced maneuvers.


What is the difference between a fillet knife and a boning knife?

A boning knife is used to remove bones only from the meat. A fillet knife is used to remove skin and bones. There are no other differences.

What is a boning knife used for?

A boning knife is always used for removing bones from all kinds of meat. It is compact, lightweight and has a narrower blade which allows it to remove all the bones perfectly.

What knives do professional butchers use?

They must have all kinds of knives in their shop and one of them is a boning knife. They can’t get precision and speed with an ordinary knife.


DALSTRONG Boning is the best boning knife in our opinion. We rewarded it for the superior hardness, the great handle and the flexible technology which allows you to use it for all kinds of cuts. It is also an excellent investment and great value for money.

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