What’s The Best Comb Knife in 2024?

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In a world where knives gain more and more notoriety in self-defense, various brands have come up with clever ways to disguise such weapons into ordinary items and vice versa. It is no longer a surprise that you can safely keep pocket knives in your pocket or purse without risking to injure yourself, but these days, they can embrace all kinds of shapes and designs. Surprisingly enough, you can also find knives disguised into lipsticks or even combs.

On the other hand, ordinary items like combs can also be disguised into knives. Most of them are designed like pocket knives. You open the knife, but instead of having a sharp blade for self-defense, you get a comb – usually metallic. Choosing the best comb knife can be a little challenging though because they are not extremely popular.

About comb knives

Generic New 1Pc Black Metal Practice Butterfly Comb Style Knife Trainer ToolA comb knife is mostly a comb, rather than a knife. It is disguised as a knife though – usually a folding knife or a pocket one. You can also get a butterfly comb knife, which looks like a butterfly knife. The difference is pretty obvious though. No matter what style you get, there will be no blades involved. While it looks like a knife if closed, a comb blade comes out when opened. These knives are designed to make good accessories when you are on the go.

Whether you need to refresh yourself during a party or you have a beautiful beard that needs some combing now and then, this type of knife will certainly help in the process. It is not large and wide and it can be easily hidden. It is convenient, compact, and ideal for numerous occasions when your fingers represent your only alternative. Furthermore, these knives are more qualitative than classic plastic knives – some of them are metallic and likely to last for ages.

Just like classic combs, comb knives come in different sizes. Plus, while they are more suitable for on the go situations, you can also see barbers or hairstylists use them due to their convenience. They keep them clipped by their belts or hidden in their pockets. Choosing the best comb knife yourself will give you access to a quick option to freshen up. Plus, the knife design (be it a pocket knife or a butterfly knife) will make it look sophisticated.

2024’s 5 Best Comb Knives

Etrading SK-2508WT

  • Pearl Handle Italian Style Fully Automatic Comb by EtradingConvenient sizing – Etrading has designed one of the most convenient comb knives out there. Not only is it built to last, but it also comes with the perfect size for most hands. When closed, the handle measures just over five inches. When opened, the whole thing is nine inches in length, so the comb is about four inches – more than enough for your beard or hair.
  • Handle variety – The handle is made of polymer. It has multiple screws in bolsters to keep the comb stable, so it is less likely to start wiggling too soon. It also has a handguard, but that is mostly a matter of design. You can purchase this knife in a few different handle colors, from black and white to blue or wood. It is mostly a matter of personal preferences.
  • Durable blade – The so-called blade is where the comb is. It is long enough to handle hair and beards, but it might be a bit too large to use on a small mustache. The blade is made of stainless steel, so it is likely to last for ages. The end of the comb is flat and there are no super sharp tips, so it is perfectly safe. This knife can never be used as a weapon.
  • Extras – Since it is not an actual weapon, but designed like one, you can hold this knife visibly as well. However, walking down the road with it by your belt may look a bit weird and you could get questioned. It has a strong belt clip, but you can also store it in your pocket. It comes with a spring-assisted release mechanism and features a lock switch on the handle.


  • Stainless steel comb for durability
  • A spring-assisted mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Well put together and less likely to wiggle
  • Durable belt clip
  • Comes with a lock switch


  • Too large for a mustache
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Le Fu Li Comb Knife

  • Le Fu Li Pocket Folding Flick Hair Comb For Beard, Mustache, Head Black Pearl Handle ~ Mens Pocket Comb stainless steel spring jump Brush Salon Beauty ToolColor variety – Le Fu Li’s best comb knife comes in a few different designs. No matter which one you choose, there are no differences in quality standards. The handle color is the only thing that looks different. It is only a matter of preferences – you can choose various patterns and styles. Other than that, it is mostly designed for personal grooming or beauty salons.
  • Versatile – This comb knife has been designed with multiple needs in mind. It has the optimal space between teeth – not too much and not too little. While not specialized for mustaches or hair, it is suitable for everything. You can do your hair, arrange your mustache, or simply work on your beard. It is great for on the go uses, but it is also suitable at home.
  • Easy to operate – The locking mechanism is suitable for ambidextrous uses. It makes no difference if you are left or right-handed. Simply push the button and the blade will come out. It is a spring operating mechanism. As for closing it, push the button and push the blade back in. There are no risks to injure yourself, as there are no sharp tips or edges.
  • Durable and solid – Both the handle and blade are made to face the test of time. There are multiple screws holding things together. The handle is based on thick stainless steel – great for durability and resistance to corrosion and rust. In terms of storage, you can keep it in your pocket or just use the belt clip.


  • Thick blade to resist overtime
  • Easy to open and close
  • Great for any type of hair
  • No dangers whatsoever
  • Available in more colors


  • Might loosen with time, but you can adjust the screws anyway
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Togortorg Comb Knife

  • Automatic Push Button Folding Comb Switch Blade Knife Looking Brush Blue PearlPerfect size – Togortorg’scomb knife comes in the perfect size for both beauty salon applications and personal uses. When opened, it is about the size of a regular comb – nine inches in length. The actual comb is four inches. You have a metallic unit that will take some beating before showing any signs of wear and tear.
  • Durable handle – The polymer handle has multiple screws to keep everything in one place. Even if it might go loose after too much use, you can always screw them back in. It comes with a beautiful blue pattern and it has a decorative handguard – after all, you are less likely to get your hands on the blade anyway.
  • Metallic comb – Nothing is more durable than a metallic comb. Use it right and its teeth will last for ages. This comb is made of stainless steel, which will successfully resist corrosion and rust. The blade has no sharp points. Instead, it has a flat tip, so you are less likely to injure yourself when using the comb.
  • Easy to use – Even if you have never used a folding knife, you will have no issues dealing with this one. It has a spring-assisted opening mechanism – just push the button. The blade is locked in place once opened. Moreover, you can carry it on your belt due to a strong belt clip – great for beauty salons.


  • The metallic comb that can last for ages
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Well put together
  • Easy to open and close
  • Perfect size


  • Feels a bit different if you have never used a metallic comb, but it does not hurt
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Rhode Island Comb Knife

  • Rhode Island Novelty 9 Inch Stainless Steel Switch-Blade Folding Pocket Comb (1-Unit)Good value for money – Rhode Island has designed the best comb knife if you are after value for money. This comb costs less than some high quality plastic combs and it is well hidden inside a folding knife case. It is only available in one style. The black handle and shiny metallic blade make it look stylish and sophisticated.
  • Durable handle – The handle is not just good looking, but also durable. It is made of a hard type of plastic mixed with metallic components. It has a textured grip, so it is less likely to slip out of your hands. This feature is excellent for professional hairstylists or barbers who spend lots of time with combs in their hands.
  • Solid blade – The so-called blade is made of stainless steel. It measures around four inches. It is sturdy and can go through thick hair as well. The teeth are based on plastic, so the comb will not feel unusual or different. Parts are well put together though. All parts are corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • Sizing and extras – When fully opened, the comb knife measures nine inches. It is convenient and comfortable. You can forget about those tiny combs that take forever to do your beard or hair, as this unit is compact and still large when extended. To open it, you have to slide down a small button on the handle. It unlocks the blade. Then, you can press the quick ejection button.


  • Has a safety locking function
  • Comes with a textured grip to avoid slipping
  • Made of durable materials
  • Good sizing standards
  • Feels comfortable when used


  • Teeth might feel a bit flimsy after too many uses
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Andux Comb Knife

  • Andux Land Curved Comb Stainless Steel Tricks Practice Tool for Flip Spring Latch (Pruple)Innovative design – Andux has designed a more professional comb knife. While featuring the same design as a folding knife, this unit is built with professional standards in mind, so it can last forever. It is designed as a butterfly comb knife and it is advertised to be a training tool with a comb on it. It is comfortable to use and convenient to carry around.
  • Solid handle – The handle will not let you down. It has a latch at the end, so you can safely close the knife when not in use. It does not have any sharp edges or tips, so it is less likely to injure you anyway. All in all, the CSGO classic handle looks sophisticated and adds to the durability standards. It will never go loose, which is a plus for such a design.
  • Quality blade – The stainless steel blade has a beautiful purple style that matches patterns on the handle. It will never rust or corrode. It is slightly curved and features metallic teeth. The tip is a bit sharper than tips in other similar knives, but it is still not dangerously sharp. It is a matter of coming up with the right design. While it feels different when you first use metallic teeth, it does not hurt and you will get used to it in no time.
  • Extras – The spring latched mechanism makes opening and closing the knife fairly simple. The design is more sophisticated than a classic comb knife, but it looks more interesting and ensures better protection of the blade. Other than that, the knife comes with a small sheath if you want to store it properly during transportation.


  • Durable and corrosion-resistant blade
  • Good looking design that matches both the blade and handle
  • Easy to open and close
  • Curved blade for more versatility
  • Comes with a small protective sheath


  • Could scratch if you push too hard – it takes a few days to get used to the metallic teeth
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are comb knives perfectly legal?

It is important to know that a comb knife is not an actual knife. It is referred to as a knife because it looks like one. It can come in multiple styles and may have the handles normally associated with knives. But then, it is not a knife. It has a comb instead of a blade. There are no sharp tips, sharp edges, or parts that can injure someone. Therefore, the comb knife is legal everywhere in the world. It can be taken outside and used everywhere. Many beauty salon employees rely on comb knives for their versatility.

What types of comb knives are out there?

All comb knives are identical in terms of operation. The so-called blade is hidden, so they are compact and easy to carry around without risking to break the teeth. In terms of design, there are more types out there. The most common options include pocket knife designs. Most of them come with spring assisted mechanisms. You can press a button and the comb comes out. It is the faster option – more convenient for hairdressers and barbers.

On the other hand, you can also find classic folding knives – most of them running with springs too. While not as popular, the butterfly comb knife is worth some attention too. It is more difficult to close and open, but it makes a good choice. Choosing the best comb knife based on its design is a matter of personal preferences only.

Are metallic combs any good?

Most comb knives come with metallic teeth. Metallic combs are naturally rated to be superior to plastic combs. They are more expensive and they can virtually last forever. The durability provides excellent value for money. Most of them are made of stainless steel, but you could also find titanium combs. Such materials are naturally anti-static and will not give you any hassle while doing your beard or hair.

At the same time, metallic combs can resist chemicals and heat much better than plastic combs. They look amazing and they feel a little unusual, but you will get used to that feeling in no time.

Can metallic combs hurt or scratch?

All combs can scratch or hurt. If you push too hard, you risk reaching the skin and scratching it. However, metallic is sturdier than plastic, so it is likely to hurt more. Therefore, pay attention when you use a metallic comb during the first few days until you get used to it.