What is the Best Dive Knife of 2024 : Snorkel Knife Reviews

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Are you enthusiastic about scuba diving or snorkeling? As one of the professional or amateur divers, you may have bought different gears, including the fins, masks, and dive computers. However, most of the divers forget to take a special dive knife with them. You don’t know what is waiting for you in the underwater of an ocean. You can face risk while diving in the underwater zone. In an emergency, a knife comes to rescue you. Look for the best dive knife to save your life, and it is one of the essential scuba gear you need to have.

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Carry more than one knife during your diving or snorkeling session


Most of the skillful divers take two knives with them. When one of the knives become inaccessible or gets tangled, another knife will be useful. Entanglement is one of the reasons cited for diving fatalities in this publication by Divers Alert Network. Secure your knives rightly and use them for various purposes. You can take a knife in one of your hands. You may attach another one to your waist belt. This is the best way to make sure that you will be able to use the knife at any time.

2024’s 5 Best Dive and Snorkel Knives Reviewed

Here is the list of our top knives for snorkeling and diving sessions available on Amazon.

Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife 

Promate Blunt Tip Titanium Dive Knife - KF595, Blue/Black, Blunt Tip

Promate has offered one of the reliable, lightweight dive knives for scuba divers. Most of the divers do not like to carry a heavy knife with them. That is why this manufacturer has not added weight to the knife.

You can buy this dive knife in any color- Blue, green, orange, silver, and yellow. The manufacturer has used corrosion and stain-resistant titanium for designing the blade. The length of the blade is 4.45″. However, the overall knife length is 9.45″. You can find the knife in two versions- Blunt and sharp blade tip. You have to choose one based on your purpose. The blade has a serrated edge and straight edge. You may use the knife for cutting fishing line or rope.

The end butt of the knife is made of titanium, and you may use this butt as Tank Banger for hammering and for signaling underwater.

The presence of two rubber straps helps you in attaching the knife quickly. The sheath, made of ABS plastic is also durable and impact resistant. It includes an ergonomic handle. For the double safety lock, there is a double button, and you can push release it.


  • Titanium blade
  • Available in two types of blade tips
  • Easy to grip sheath
  • Includes strap
  • Best sized knife for the divers


  • Costlier
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Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife

Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife, Yellow

Spyderco is one of the reputed brands in the knife manufacturing industry. Available in two different colors- black and yellow, this diving knife from Spyderco has become a precious kit to the divers.

The manufacturer has used high quality, resilient materials for the knife. It has used H-1, one of the particular types of Japanese steels, where you can find the presence of nitrogen. The blade has austenitic steel, which becomes tougher and harder with your regular use. You will not have to treat it with heat for toughening it. This steel is also resistant to rust. Thus, this type of blade material never gets damaged in water.

You can use the knife to cut anything safely. There is a round hole of 14mm, and it helps you in opening the knife with one hand. With wet hands or gloved hands, you will never face any issue.

The knife has a hollow-ground blade with a serrated edge. The black-colored handle is also durable, and it is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. You can find a unique pattern, helping you to grip the knife very securely and firmly.

The knife has a unique locking mechanism, which helps in locking up the blade safely. This high-strength mechanism makes the knife more reliable. There is also a black colored pocket clip that backs upright and left side.


  • The slip-free grip of the knife
  • Includes high-quality steel components
  • SpyderEdge blade


  • The hole is sharp
  • Costly
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Cressi Skorpion, Tempered Stainless Steel Blade – Cheap diving knife

Cressi Skorpion, Blue

Cressi has offered one of the versatile knives for scuba divers. You may also buy the knife for spearfishing. You can use the knife to cut your fishing line, to signal your diving buddy, and to point out any marine life. While you are looking for a highly balanced knife, you may invest in it.

This knife is available with two different types of blade tip- Sharp and blunt. You can find both a serrated edge and a smooth edge in this knife. The manufacturer has also included a wire cutter in it. The high quality tempered AISI 304 steel of the blade will not have rust issues. For scuba diving and free diving, you can rely on this blade knife.


The modern latest generation knife is of medium size. The blade length is 4 3/8 in, while the length of the knife is 9 1/8 in.

There is a sheath to cover the knife, and it includes a locking system to help you in opening the knife with one hand. As the sheath has two straps, you can attach it easily to your legs. You can find different color options, including gray, blue, orange, and red.


  • Reliable knife of the Italian brand
  • Includes a polymer thumb tab
  • High-quality steel
  • The locking mechanism in the sheath


  • Retention mechanism has to be better
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Cressi Long Stainless Steel Diving Knife 

Cressi Long Stainless Steel Diving Knife with Sheat and Leg Straps | Orca: Made in Italy

We have chosen another knife from Cressi, and as one of the professional divers, you may invest in this product. The overall weight of this knife is 1.32 lbs.

Made in Italy, this knife has a large blade, made of special high-quality steel. You can find a sharp and smooth edge on two sides of the knife. The blade length is 7 in, while the knife length is 11.82 in.

The knife’s handle offers you a very soft grip, and the manufacturer has used non-slip material for it. You can find a special anatomical molding of this handle, and it helps you in placing your fingers correctly. Adjacent to the knife’s handle, there is a cavity for cutting the threads and fishing nets.

The plastic sheath covers your knife and keeps it secure. It also includes a conventional style elastic closure, which helps you in attaching the knife rightly.


  • No rust issue
  • Sharp and serrated edge
  • Non-slip grip


  • The blade has to be tightened
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Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife

Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife (Black, 5-Inch)

We have already chosen one of the products from Promate, and this is another model of this brand. Have a look at its features to know about it.

The manufacturer has used titanium to design the blade of the knife. This high-quality material helps you in cutting any item without much effort. The tip of the blade is much sharp. With very low maintenance, your knife will turn out to be long-lasting. It is also effortless to disassemble the parts.

You can find different color combinations in the knives. Black is standard in the handle of all knives. The knife handle blends black with other colors, including blue, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow.

The handle of the knife is also highly resilient, and there is a titanium hammer, integrated to it.

The straps are adjustable to make it fit for all the users. We have also found the presence of a quick-release system. After regular usage, you can put back the knife in its sheath.


  • Best for the professional divers
  • Highly sharp blades
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Not easy to sharpen the knife
  • Costly
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How To Choose The Best Dive Knife For You

Size of your dive knife

Most of the divers have a question on the choice of their knife size. However, they have to question themselves- How would I carry the knife? The answer to this query will help them in picking the right dive knife.

The size of the best dive knife varies from the compact to the full-sized ones. You can mount the small, compact knife to your HP hose or BCD pocket. However, most of the full-sized knives have straps to be attached to your legs. Now, it is easy for you to choose the right knife for diving.

As one of the recreational divers, you may choose the smaller dive knives, having a blade of 4 inches. However, long knives are also available for you, and you can use them for other outdoor activities.

Materials of the blade

Normal knives have no capability of enduring the harsh condition in the ocean. Salt may react with various materials, resulting in the rusting issue. It is better to look for a knife, made of titanium or stainless steel.

One of the common alloys, applied for a dive knife, is stainless steel. Grade of steel is one of the factors to the buyers. In most cases, you can find Grade 316 (Marine Grade) or 304 stainless steel. Hard-tempered Grade 304 stainless steel can be the best metal for any outdoor purpose. You have to sharpen it frequently.

The higher quality option for you is the titanium. With minimal maintenance, you may keep the knife in the right shape. The corrosion-resistant capacity of the titanium makes it the best material for the knife. In the saline ocean water, the titanium knife does not have any adverse effect.

Tip of the blade

The best manufacturers offer the dive knife with a blunt and sharp tip. Some divers look for a versatile tool that is useful for a variety of purposes. For them, the blunt ones are the right choice. These blunt knives have a squared tip, and you may use it as one of the cutting tools. For underwater welding or boat cleaning, these knives are the best options.

The knives, having a sharp tip, are useful to the divers and spearfishermen. For self-defense underwater, you may choose these knives.

Straight or serrated edges?

The divers cannot think of whether they have to choose the straight or serrated edges. The common intention behind using the dive knives is to cut any strong item. The straight edge knife is useful to have clean cuts with high accuracy. It is also very easy for you to maintain the straight edges.

The knives with a serrated edge have some teeth or mini-edges. This edge is best for cutting through heavier items, including the rope and wood.

However, most of the latest dive knives have both these edges. On two sides of a knife, you can find two different edges. You may choose these dive knives to get the highest value from them.

The grip of the knife handle

The divers have gloved or wet hands while taking out the knives. Thus, reliable manufacturers always use non-slip material of the handle. You have to check out the material and shape of the knife handle. Make sure that you will easily be able to hold the knife firmly.


Most of the knives come with a sheath, and you must check out its material while buying the knife. It keeps your knife secure when you are not using it. The common materials used for the sheath is ABS plastic. It is a very durable material for your knife sheath. After every use, you have to put the knife into the sheath. In some sheaths, you can find the integrated clips.

Metal Butt

It is another useful feature of the best dive knife. At the ending part of your knife handle, you can find this metal butt. To interact with other divers underwater, you have to use it.

Line cutter

You may have thought of using your dive knife for cutting lines. For instance, you can cut the fine lines that entangle you. Some of the dive knives have line cutter, integrated into them, and this is one of the valuable features to the users.

Lanyard hole

It is another functional feature of the dive knife. Some dive knives have this lanyard in their design. You will find it to be a convenient feature while the knife slips out of the hands. Thus, you can choose a knife that has this feature.


It is nothing related to the functionality of the knife. Lots of dive knives come with colorful handle or sheath. The bright colors make the knives attractive. However, it will also be easier for you to find the colorful knife lost underwater. Your knife becomes easily identifiable.


What are dive Knives for?

As one of the divers, you must be able to identify the situations when you need a knife. The dive knife saves your life underwater. Thus, it is essential to have a sharp and strong knife. However, most of us have a misconception that the dive knife is useful only for self-defense. Remember that the debris and rubbish, including the fishing lines and nets, are present in the ocean water. You may find yourself entangled in these nets. The knives are also applicable for prying and for digging anything. You can knock the knife against any metal surface to gain the attention of other divers.

How will I maintain my diving knife?

After every diving session, you have to clean the knife. Although you may have bought the best dive knife, you have to wash it with fresh water. When it has become dry, you can put it into the sheath. While you are not going to use the knife for a longer period, you may apply to the knife and store it. This will keep the knife in better condition. It is also essential to sharpen the knife or polish it.

Is it safe to attach the knife straps to my legs?

In most cases, underwater environments cause the risk of entanglement. You can place your knife inside your lower leg. Since the knife remains in-between your legs, there is no chance of entanglement. You can attach the smaller knife to your inflator hose or BCD.

Is it right to buy a dive knife, having a black blade?

The shiny knives are effective at scaring away the creatures in the marine environment.  In most of the instances, the knife firmly remains inside its sheath. You can avoid the attraction of the underwater predators by using the black blade.


When you are buying your diving gear, you must not forget to include the dive knife. You can find the dive knife in different shapes and sizes. In the ocean or any other water body, you may use the knife during your diving session. We have reviewed top models and found out that Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife is the best dive knife for professionals like you.