Best Knife for Stabbing Hogs – Top Pig Stickers in 2024

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A knife is the most important tool in any hunter’s arsenal. I mean who would have thought that even when you’re actually out there hunting with a gun it doesn’t replace your trusty blade? You still need one for skinning and gutting animals, taking organs away before cooking up their meat on an open fire or smoker. But there are specialized knives like pig stickers to kill your game, as well.

The best knife for stabbing hogs is one that will do the job without causing any more pain. You should also be sure to take it out of its misery quickly, as you don’t want an animal on your hunting trip suffering needlessly just so someone else can have their way with it later.

You can find plenty of knives for hunting hogs on the internet, but they’re not always useful as advertised when you go out into nature. There are specialized tools though that make this job much easier- here’s our list and what makes them so special!

What is the Ideal Knife for Stabbing Hogs

Tops Wild Pig Hunter - best knife for stabbing hogs

The best pig sticker knife is meant to have a straight, strong long blade. The blade should be long enough to penetrate tissues and kill the animal. Slight curves are acceptable, but a deeply curved knife will be inefficient. Then, you also need high-grade materials. The blade material will get in touch with body fluids. You want durability and resistance to corrosion.

Best Pig Sticker Knives in 2024

With these thoughts in mind, here are some of the best knives for stabbing pigs. In theory, many of these blades are similar but then each comes with its own particularities to make it stand apart from all others!

Tops Knives Wild Pig Hunter

Tops’s best knife for stabbing hogs stands out because it gets the job done. It has the shape and strength of what you need to get the job done. It is made in the US means, you are supporting an American business and, it has to bypass the strict local quality standards.

The knife is heavier than other similar alternatives. In fact, you want something strong and heavy that will pierce and kill the animal straight away. The weight also adds to the balance.

It comes with a straight-back blade. It measures 7.5 inches in length, so it is relatively long. It has a strong puncture point, and it ensures penetration is smooth, direct, and effective. Based on 1095 high carbon steel, it is about 0.25 inches in thickness and will hold a sharp edge for ages. Given the steel type, it has good corrosion resistance as well.

When it comes to the handle, you can count on green canvas micarta. The rocky mountain tread ensures a perfect grip. The handle is ergonomic and triple-riveted. It will never slip out of your hands, even if they are wet or sweaty. The knife features its own sheath too, which can go on your belt. Furthermore, the sheath is only available in one design – dark brown.

Moteng Ontario Knives Sticker Knife – Best cheap pig sticker

At first glance, Moteng’s best hog hunting knife may not seem like a professional tool. It looks like a small utility knife based on plain materials. As you get to hold it and start using it, you realize the misconception is based on false expectations. This knife will deliver with no issues at all and can help against both large and small pigs.

The blade is six inches in length – slightly smaller than other alternatives but more than enough to get the job done. The edge is plain. Moteng has used stainless steel for the blade. It is rust and corrosion-resistant. Plus, it is relatively simple to sharpen, whether you use a modern sharpener or a classic sharpening stone.

Moving on to the handle, it is based on wood. The hardwood handle does not have any fancy bells and whistles. It is double riveted and features a plain design. The wood has a good resistance when it comes to the grip, so the knife is less likely to slip out of your hand. However, it does not have hand guard protection.

It is worth noting that the blade has good flex. Other than that, there are no sheaths included. While there might be a few apparent minuses, this knife is inexpensive and brings in great value for money. Forget about random enhancements that you are less likely to need – Moteng takes everything back to the basics.

Svord Kiwi Pig Sticker – Best budget pig stabbing knife

Just like other knives in this price range, Svord’s best knife for stabbing hogs is designed with simplicity in mind. Do not let the price fool you, it is excellent for stabbing pigs, and it will get the job complete without too much hassle. It is also worth noting that it is made in New Zealand – a nice bonus for those who care.

Moving on to the blade, you will have a relatively small unit. The blade measures 6.75 inches only. It is a bit smaller than most of the competition, but it will not really make a difference in the final result – it is suitable for small and large hogs. It is based on Swedish high carbon steel. It might require a bit of maintenance, but the edge retention will pleasantly surprise you.

The handle is ergonomic and has good handguard protection. It is black and made of polypropylene. It measures just under six inches – good for large hands too. Despite the material, it feels a bit rough. Plus, the ergonomic design ensures a good grip and no slipping accidents.

This Bryan Baker designed knife is a bit different from others in terms of design. The blade is slightly curved but just as efficient. Other than that, the blade is individually hardened and tempered through a unique heating process. As for the edge, the water-cooled stone procedure ensures a convex razor-sharp edge.

The knife doesn’t come with a sheath.

Condor Tool & Knife Boar Dagger – Value for money boar stabbing knife

Condor Tool & Knife might have designed the best pig sticker knife if you are budget conscious. The price makes it quite accessible, yet the quality standards will not let you down. This knife does what it is supposed to do, without any random bells and whistles. It does not stand out with its appearance, but it will surprise you with its effectiveness.

The knife comes with a 7.75-inch blade – quite long, but excellent for the task. It has a polished finish. The blade is based on 420 HC stainless steel, which is both rust and corrosion-resistant. It is easy to sharpen if it gets dull over time, yet it comes razor-sharp and features a good puncture point – straight and sharp.

This unit comes with a poszegrip Santoprene handle. It is symmetrical compared to the blade. It is suitable for both small and large hands. The handle has good handguard protection, 59 sculpted vents, and an ergonomic profile. It also has a lanyard hole and will never slip out of your hand.

The knife comes with its own sheath. In terms of sharpening, use a stone. The grind might make it a bit difficult to sharpen.


You may find blades that will work with most animals out there-but these may not be as efficient for hogs in particular. However, if you want your huntress/hunter skills equipped perfectly then I would recommend picking up an excellent product like the ones listed above for your next hog hunting trip.