What is the Best Knife Roll (Knife Bag) in 2024?

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Are you a full-time chef who needs a handy way to carry your beloved set of knives safely? A portable kit may suffice if it is a BBQ party with family. However, you need to ensure that the kit will not take away the sharpness or shorten the lifespan of your premium kitchen knives.

A knife roll, also known as a knife bag, is the best choice. In this post, let’s find out more about knife rolls and our favorite picks.

Why Do You Need a Knife Roll?

DALSTRONG - Ballistic Series Knife Roll - Premium Ballistic Nylon & Top Grain Leather Roll Bag - 22 Knife Slots - Interior and Rear Zippered Pockets - Blade Travel Storage/Case (Dark Camouflage)

Storing knives safely makes a big difference. However, not all of us follow it. While some keep these sharp tools in drawers, some just leave them on the counter. The latter can easily result in premature dulling apart from imposing a risk of a cut. Such dulling also decreases the durability of these tools.

While there are a couple of storage tools, a knife roll exclusively encompasses the cool-looking, knife-friendly, convenience, and portability aspects.

Looking and functioning as a portable bag, a knife roll, as the name suggests, rolls out flat to show a set number of slots. This is where you put knives individually to hold them securely in place without bumping or dulling. This is something that a knife case or a block may not ensure.

Certainly, a roll prevents bacteria, mold, and yeast that would otherwise grow in a not-so-well-maintained knife block. Further, you can safely tuck away a knife bag in your kitchen to occupy less space.

If you need to take your knives to different places, a portable, high-quality roll becomes indispensable. Here, a block will be inconvenient. It is also versatile enough to accommodate other tools such as peelers, tweezers, graters, scrapers, thermometers, and scissors.

Available in different colors, materials, and sizes, knife rolls can convey your fashion style too. Most of them are capable of accommodating 5 to 30 tools as per the features.


There are three main types of knife rolls in the market, as per the build material. Each type comes with its pros and cons. Not all of them are ideal for you. To know which type could be the best one for you, it is essential to recognize your needs. Equally essential is to know these types. So, let’s explore.

  • Leather Rolls: These bags are ideal for those who want to make a style while expecting longevity for years. The leather material is also semi-resistant to water, which means it stays intact in moist surroundings and light rains. It is also easy to clean this material. Moreover, leather gains character with age, which cannot be imitated. However, leather rolls are expensive. Further, if you are into animal welfare, no matter what the benefits are, leather rolls are not your pick.
  • Canvas Rolls: Canvas is also a great choice in terms of durability. It lasts fairly long and is usually chosen for carrying a full knife set. Canvas is the choice to make if you wish the roll to hold all your knives. Just like leather, canvas also ages well. This highly durable material is also resistant to tears and snags. If you choose a canvas roll that has a heavy-duty wax coating, expect great resistance to chemicals, stains, and water. The only con of this material is that it is heavy; so, do not expect a lightweight canvas roll.
  • Ballistic Nylon Rolls: This fabric was originally a war fabric, as it was used to safeguard from bullets. Today, it is a popular synthetic material admired for its resistance to abrasion, strength, and durability. It is also light, easy to clean, quick to dry, and resistant to chemicals as well as stains. Being light in weight makes a roll of this synthetic material a better choice for carrying. Moreover, these rolls come with different straps and zippered pockets for putting other kitchen tools and carrying them over the shoulder.

2024’s Best Knife Rolls

HERSENT Large Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

This is a reliable and affordable knife roll to consider if you are looking for a professional model suitable to carry knives for outdoor cooking. It comes with 11 sizeable slots to store and carry 11 different knives, ranging right from a small paring knife to a big chef’s knife or ceramic knife.

Reflecting the classic color, the roll can easily hold knives whose length is up to 18″, store a knife sharpener, and becomes a tight rolled container when wrapped. There are small pockets to accommodate other tools such as scissors and thermometers.

The simple design with a secure cord makes it a breeze to fold the roll. The canvas secure buckles contribute to quick unfold, while the shoulder straps and handle allow for convenient carry. These features make this roll conveniently portable.

It is made using heavy-duty waxed canvas to ensure durability and functionality. It is resistant to cuts, punctures, and scratches while keeping knife damage at bay. This makes it last for a long time enough for becoming an expert chef!

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EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Roll Bag

Looking for a leather roll without supporting animal cruelty? This EVERPRIDE roll can be your best pal. It reflects classic but superior craftsmanship. Designed to ensure safety, durability, and functionality, this roll is made using the finest synthetic leather and has resilient buckles and premium rivets.

The leather material is thick and waterproof, which makes the roll more durable for outdoor use. It is also resistant to punctures, cuts, nicks, and scratches. The blades of your knives inside are defended from dirt and dust, as they are neatly organized.

This professional-grade roll can easily hold 10 knives, each up to 18 inches in length, in 10 different slots. It also has a zippered pocket to accommodate other tools such as sharpeners, shears, peelers, and spoons. Another feature of this roll is its lightweight design that can hold more than 25 lbs. of weight.

The design is ergonomic with buckles to ensure a firm grip for maintaining knives in place and compact to contribute to portability. You also get a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap to carry knives conveniently and safely. This is what can be called a travel-friendly design.

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Noble Home & Chef Canvas Knife Roll Bag

Consider this knife roll if you are looking forward to carrying 15 knives or tools conveniently as well as securely. It has 10 slots reserved for knives up to 18 inches long, a big zippered pouch for large tools and scissors, and four more slots for spoons and small utensils. A dedicated cleaver slot keeps the wide, big knife via the Velcro strap.

Made to last for years despite daily use, this roll is made using 600-denier canvas knitted out of resilient polyester to ensure reliability anytime. This makes the roll resistant to cuts and punctures.

The bag also features strong metal zippers, two strong canvas cover flaps for additional knife protection, and adjustable shoulder straps for keeping them firmly in place. There are also adjustable buckles to tighten the knives before you hold the bag in your hand.

As a bonus, the bag in its middle has a slot to include your business card, which hardly any other knife roll provides.

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Messermeister Heavy Duty Nylon Padded Knife Roll

Available in 5-, 8-, and 12-pocket designs and a variety of colors, this knife roll is a style statement to make. It can accommodate knives up to 18 inches long. This next-generation knife roll features a fully lined interior with a foam-padded exterior. It is made using luggage-grade 600-denier nylon that is also resistant to water.

Inside, there are 5 to 12 stretchy pockets for knives, a pocket for culinary tools, one large pocket, four business card slots, and three pencil or pen pockets. Now, this is truly a lot of space to store your cutting and tasting stuff.

The metal zippers keep the roll closed on three sides. These heavy-duty zippers ensure resistance to abrasion. They are designed to fulfill the toughest performance needs.

The roll also comes with a deluxe strap, and strong nylon handles, delivering you padded comfort. The D-rings of metal on the ends hold the strap for you to carry the roll on your shoulder.

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Asaya Chef Knife Roll Bag

This roll is a spacious and safe option for carrying a wide variety of knives. With a total of 20 slots for knives and tools, you can rely on this professional roll for easily transporting your knives and other kitchen tools or utensils.

It is capable of accommodating knives up to 17 inches long, encompassing the tang portion. There are 17 slots for knives and three big zippered pockets for other cooking utensils and tools.

The roll is lightweight, but it can handle more than 20 lbs. weight of cooking tools. To ensure a comfortable carry, this roll comes with an adjustable strap and a convenient handle.

Designed to be a highly durable carrier, the roll is made using resilient and light nylon waxed enough to keep wear and tear, spills, and stains at bay. Above all, this one is the most affordable roll on this list.

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Home cooks, professional chefs, and culinary buffs, especially those who tend to travel for cooking, will find knife rolls useful. The best knife roll defends sharp knives and retains their edge for a long time while giving extra space for storing other cooking utensils such as spoons and scissors.

Most of these rolls are stylish and practical. You should choose the one that best fits your budget as well as your requirements.