What’s the Best Magnetic Knife Holder of 2024?

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There are times when your kitchen gets cluttered when items such as knives, spoons, scissors, and other metallic cooking items jumble on the countertop. At the same time, it is infeasible to stick to just one type of knife or spoon, as different varieties are required for optimizing kitchen chores.

So, what is the best way to get rid of this mess? Kitchen organization is usually challenging. An obvious answer to this would be to have a drawer or a block for storing these items in an organized manner.

A drawer wherein other metallic products are kept tremendously influences the knife blades. Further, it is a challenge to keep them from the children. Thus, you need a more solid and caring option. This is where a magnetic knife holder can come into action. Read ahead to know more about it and the top 3 magnetic knife holders in our opinion, so that you can choose the most suitable holder for your kitchen knives.

DALSTRONG - 21" Powerful Magnetic Knife Holder Strip - Universal Magnetic Power Rack Storage - Dark Brown Acacia

3 Best Magnetic Knife Holders of 2024

Unique Effects 24-inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

24 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder & Space-Saving Strip for Kitchen Knives & Utensils, Office, Craft, Bar, Garage & Workshop Tools Wall Rack: Includes 8 Removable Hooks, Screws & Hardware

This is the best deal for those on a budget and wants a long-lasting distinction. The long 24-inch steel bar, along with its eight steel hooks and a strong magnet, can hold all types of knives and other tools for quick access. The double bar holds them firmly as well as safely.

The steel holder is known for its ability to keep discoloration at bay despite being used for many years. Further, there is no rusting or corrosion too.


  • Easy to set and hold
  • Lasting
  • Hardly any falling risk


  • A bit of bending in the middle while grabbing a knife but without any adverse impact
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Dalstrong 21-inch Powerful Magnetic Knife Holder

DALSTRONG - 21" Powerful Magnetic Knife Holder Strip - Universal Magnetic Power Rack Storage - Dark Brown Acacia

This is a magnetic powerhouse! Designed to save both space and time, this holder from Dalstrong releases all your countertops and drawers from clutter. Its ultra-strong magnet holds all items easily as well as safely.

The holder is made using steel and Acacia wood and possesses a distinct grain pattern to ensure a classic touch to your storage area. The two slots atop is where you can store a marker pen for taking quick notes or making labels. The holder comes with a metal mounting panel, Philips bolt, and an anchor.


  • Light
  • Ultra-strong magnet
  • Easy to set
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Costly
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Bamboo Magnetic KNIFEdock

Bamboo Magnetic KNIFEdock - The kitchen Magnetic KNIFEdock has revolutionized storing and displaying your knifes both elegantly, and safely. This KNIFEdock keeps your cutlery close at hand.

Well, this one is only suitable for knives. With a small size, this bamboo dock sits with stability on your countertop and holds around five to eight knives via its magnet. The material is environment-friendly bamboo that not only gives an ageless look but also a safe and tidy place for storing knives.

You can have a mix-n-match of knives, as there are no dedicated slots, unlike a wooden knife block. The feet of rubber are not slippery due to which the dock stays stable in any condition. Just ensure that this dock does not get wet, or else the bamboo laminate is likely to come off.


  • Eco-friendly surface
  • Most affordable
  • Classic look
  • Durable
  • Stable


  • Narrow holding surface
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Overview of Magnetic Kitchen Holders

A magnetic knife holder refers to a tool that helps you to organize metal cutleries such as knives and forks such that they remain in their place when not in use. It is also known as a magnetic stripe or a magnetic bar, as it is shaped like a long strip or bar fortified with a magnet to hold cutleries.

All metallic tools used in your kitchen will drop onto the holder in a tidy line. You can easily view, find, and access the metallic tool you need without harming the blades or yourself while searching for something else inside the drawers.

It pays to have one such holder or two for ensuring that your kitchen is not only organized but also safe. It is a better solution for knife organization. Such a holder is a light, compact, and affordable tool to get rid of storing the different knives, spoons, and forks safely.

A magnetic knife holder will never congest your drawer and that you need not worry about where to put your knives and other cutleries safely. If you choose a magnetic knife holder, it is undoubtedly an inexpensive way to keep those widely and frequently used cutleries nearby where you require them.

After all, knife storage is a critical matter considering the safety aspect due to which the consumers care for it significantly. If not done properly, it is likely to affect everything, ranging right from knife safety to longevity and your convenience.

Why Choose a Magnetic Knife Holder?

Believe it or not, a magnetic knife holder is the best way to put all knives at rest when not in use. Here are the reasons that tend to justify the same:

  • Ease of Use: Such a holder appears quite simple due to which you may wonder how it can be a handy kitchen accessory. Well, the answer lies in this simple build itself. The charm and functionality come from simple makeup, which also ensures ease of use.
  • Long Functional Lifespan of Knives: Nobody can deny that a quality collection of knives is a valuable asset. There is no need to be a professional chef to admire the value of such a set. These knives make your work easier, quicker, and tidier. Nevertheless, if there is no magnetic knife holder, these knives will take no time departing from their sharpness, thus, reducing their functional lifespan. They also become more vulnerable to rusting due to more carbon content in closed surroundings. After all, putting them in a drawer will cause friction among them whenever you pull or push a drawer. This soon results in blunt blades. Thus, there is no guarantee as to whether these storage containers will be able to prevent dulling of the blades or not. On the other hand, with a magnetic holder, the knives stay sharp for a longer time than expected.
  • Access Safety: While accessing the knife of your choice from a drawer, you are at a high risk of instantly cutting your finger by colliding with one of the remaining knives. To prevent this, most people believe a block to be the best solution. However, it has its limitations. One of them is an unhygienic condition, as the blades go inside the block with no way for the open air to pass through them. The slightest amount of residue or moisture on the blades can invite mold and bacteria inside. On the other hand, a magnetic knife holder is cleaner, as the blades stay in the open.

Features That Make a Magnetic Knife Holder Ideal

24 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder & Space-Saving Strip for Kitchen Knives & Utensils, Office, Craft, Bar, Garage & Workshop Tools Wall Rack: Includes 8 Removable Hooks, Screws & Hardware

Each magnetic knife holder is distinct in terms of makeup, size, design, and other features and capabilities. Further, many brands manufacture them in these varieties. This means that you need to check out a few things before investing in a magnetic knife holder.

However, even before that, you need to know the features that should be present in your holder. Without them, there is seriously no meaning of buying one such holder.

  • There is at least one holder available at almost every dollar and discount shops, but not all are identical. You truly need a holder that aids in your daily kitchen work safely without any symptoms of wear and tear. This is where knowing the desired basic features is helpful. Following are these features to know:
  • Strong magnet that is not a part of all knife holders by default but is indispensable for keeping all knives, spoons, whisks, and spatulas in place without sliding down when hit by something or a person
  • Smart organization ability in which one cutlery piece does not touch the other but all are tightly held
  • Space-saving design that consumes little to no space on your countertop by being there or by getting hanged to the wall and facilitates retaining all the desired metallic tools at your arm’s length
  • Accommodating to fit in all the knives rather than taking in only a few types of knives and consequently making you look for the rest every time, which is just inefficient
  • Easy to set and install with the installation or mounting hardware
  • With all the required hardware to mount whether it is on the wall or the side of a refrigerator; check for them on the packaging to ensure that all parts are included for the job
  • Children safety by keeping them away from knives being magnetically held
  • Food safety by preventing the growth of bacteria amidst dry and clean maintenance of your knives that are exposed to open air
  • Knife safety by not making the blades prematurely dull

While differing in designs and sizes, these holders are chiefly made using wood or stainless steel. Yes, there are plastic models, but they do not last as long as these two.

The steel models are more convenient when it comes to cleaning. All they require is a wet cloth and some gentle wipes to sparkle like new models. They also dry quickly, as they remain in the open air.

On the flip side, setting up a holder needs thoughtful planning, as they should not be easily accessible to pets and kids to keep the risk of injury away.

Further, you need to be cautious while grabbing a knife from a holder made of stainless steel. Otherwise, you are at the risk of damaging the blade because of the magnetic pressure on the knife, particularly if there is no full tang.

Thus, ensure that a sharp blade does not collide with the magnetic holder. It is also vital to ensure that no ceramic knives are hung on a magnetic holder.

Uses of a Magnetic Knife Holder

For a small counter where preparation space just cannot adjust a medium-sized container of spoons and knives, a magnetic knife holder can prove to a versatile kitchen tool. Yes, such a holder is not confined to only knives and spatulas.

You can use it for several other purposes as well. Some of the most admired knife holders featuring strong magnets come with hooks and a second bar for holding other items that can hang.

Just imagine! Now, there will be everything right in front of you. Incredible, right? Your versatile, incredible holder that can hang:

  • Frequently-used office stationery such as clips and scissors
  • Items of a toolkit such as saws, drill bits, and pliers
  • Big utensils such as ladles and tongs
  • Paint and makeup brushes but metallic enough to get attracted to the magnet, especially if they are wet and you now want them to dry
  • Bathroom items such as hair clips and bobby pins
  • Food processor blades
  • Needles and safety pins
  • Keys, key chains, and metallic jewelry
  • Metallic pot lids

Places Where You Can Mount the Holder

It is not necessary to mount a magnetic knife holder onto the wall just over the countertop. You can do so in some more places as well, which are as follows:

  • On the refrigerator for which you can easily find a dedicated magnetic knife holder (not all models can be set in this way)
  • Beneath the cabinets to have whatever you frequently need out of sight but not ideal for homes with kids and pets
  • Over the sink for quick drying of washed tools and is also safe, as these tools are inaccessible to the small ones
  • At the cabinet side, that is hardly used for any other purposes
  • Window frame if there is no wall space for you to mount the holder
  • At the stove’s side or behind it to ensure that the tools are within reach at the time of cooking


Not all kitchens will have the additional or dedicated countertop space or extra drawers, but they are likely to have open wall space. For them, the best magnetic knife holder for holding frequently used knives, spatulas, spoons, and forks is indispensable. They are not only adaptable to get fit into different places vertically or horizontally but also hygienic to keep moisture and bacteria at bay.