What’s the Best Mushroom Knife in 2024?

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You do not have to be a genius to know how to harvest mushrooms. Doing it with a general knife or worse, no knife at all can lead to disastrous results. For instance, a random cut is likely to damage the delicate stems. On the other hand, plucking mushrooms from the ground will destroy the root-like fibers – called mycelium, which is responsible for the further growth of other mushrooms.

This is why most specialists rely on a particular knife. Choosing the best mushroom knife can be tricky. These knives are diversified and designed to make the job easy – they come with small blades and some knives may even have extra features for further operations. So, what do you need to know?

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About Mushroom Knives

Opinel Stainless Steel Folding Mushroom Hunting Knife with Beechwood HandleA mushroom knife’s blade is most commonly hawkbill shaped and can cut through stems with no problems at all. It is super sharp, so it cuts instead of crushing stems.

Most mushroom knives come with an extra feature, but this is not a general rule. They often feature a brush on the handle. This little brush is used to clean the dust and dirt from mushrooms before throwing them in the bag.

Another good thing about mushroom knives is the fact that they are excellent alternatives to survival knives. Given the small and compact size and the sharp edge, they can be used for a wide variety of other applications during camping trips or survival adventures.

There is not too much experience required to use a mushroom knife. Most of them come razor-sharp, so you can start practicing out of the box. Find a mushroom that is ready to go, squeeze the stem a little, and cut it. Make sure you put enough pressure to keep it still, but without damaging the stem.

The brush allows getting rid of soil and dirt on the mushroom – you will not always need it unless you go picking mushrooms after a rainy day.

Some mushroom knives come with a folding profile, so they are easy to transport and store without risking damaging the blade. Others come with a small sheath – specifically designed for the model you get. Others come as they are – fixed blade and no sheath. Make sure you purchase something suitable for your activities – given the sharpness of these knives, proper storage when transporting them is a must.

Now that you have some clues about mushroom knives, what are the best-rated products in commerce, and what are their pluses and minuses?

5 Best Mushroom Knives in 2024

Opinel No. 8 Mushroom Hunting Knife

Versatile application – This Opinel mushroom knife is among the best-reviewed options out there, coming from one of the most reputable brands in this field and featuring exquisite quality standards. You can buy this knife as it is or you can opt for the package that includes a sheath as well. It is not just qualitative if you count the materials, but it also looks good and provides a versatile operation.

All in one – This knife features the standard brush at the end of the handle. It is durable and less likely to lose its efficiency. Practically, you can pick mushrooms, then turn your hand around and use the brush to clear the dust and dirt. The brush is relatively hard. It is efficient at removing dirt, but without damaging the stems – not even if you apply too much pressure. 

Durable blade – The blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is durable and can easily retain its sharpness, especially if you only use the knife for soft mushrooms. The stainless steel can resist rust and corrosion, so there is no oiling required for maintenance. It has a hawkbill shape and a sharp tip. It comes super sharp out of the box, so be careful when you unpack it. The blade is 3.25 inches in length.

Solid handle – The handle is less likely to disappoint you either. It is made of hard beechwood and it has a stunning design. It is ergonomic and features a nonslip surface. Other than that, there is a safety ring to prevent your hand from slipping on the blade. There are two sections – one is fixed and the other one slides. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the knife has a folding profile. The handle measures 4.25 inches.


  • Durable materials
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Good looking
  • Easy to use
  • Solid brush on the handle


  • Locking ring takes a bit of effort when using one hand only

Wolfland Mushroom Knife

2 pcs Camping Hunting Folding Mushroom Knife Fungus Truffles Harvest Sharp Knives Natural Wood Handle Pocket Knife w/Bristle BrushValue for money – Wolfland does not mess around when it comes to value for money. You get two different mushroom knives for a great price – cheaper than other single products. If you are thinking Wolfland has sacrificed quality, you are wrong. It is all about value for money, whether you want a good backup solution for unexpected situations or you want to pick mushrooms with a friend or your partner.

Ideal size – In terms of sizing, these knives are designed to match both small and large hands. You simply cannot go wrong – overall, each knife measures about 5.74 inches. They are a bit longer if you count the brush too – less than an inch. The blade measures 2.1 inches – suitable for most types of mushrooms out there. It is 0.6 inches in width and a couple of millimeters in thickness.

Solid blade – The blade has the classic hawkbill shape. It is super sharp out of the box – careful when you unpack. You have a small handguard on the blade – just a small protuberance that will prevent your hand from slipping. Blades are made of durable stainless steel – 58HRC hardness and corrosion and rust resistant. Cutting mushrooms and other veggies will be an effortless application.

Extras – Knives are foldable for safe and easy transportation. The top part of the edge is partially serrated for a bit of versatility. Other than that, you have key chain features to safely store a knife by your keys or belt. Handles feature a nonslip surface and are based on durable wood. They also have ergonomic designs and provide a solid grip.


  • Key chain possibilities
  • Excellent value for money – two knives in the package
  • Excellent size
  • The partially serrated blade on top
  • Ruler detail on the handle


  • Ruler measurements are only available in centimeters
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Hanziup Mushroom Knife

Versatility – Hanziup might have designed the best mushroom knife if you are after versatility. While designed as a classic mushroom knife, this product also borrows some of the classic features of a pocket knife. It is compact and features a folding profile. The blade is slightly shorter than the handle, so it ensures an excellent grip, perfect balance, and full control.

Feel good handle – The handle is ergonomic and features a comfortable feel. It simply feels good – it is also less likely to slip out of your hands. It is made of solid wood and measures around five inches – great for both small and large hands. It is slightly curved and triple-riveted. The bottom side comes with a solid cleaning brush – stiff enough to clear dirt and dust, but without damaging mushrooms.

Quality blade – The blade is even more important in a knife. This unit comes with a stainless steel blade. The blade is about 2.5 inches in length and will work wonders on most species of mushrooms. It has a bit of handguard protection for unexpected situations and comes with a sharp tip and a razor-sharp edge. Sharpening it is fairly simple should it go dull.

Extras and maintenance – It is worth noting that this knife comes with its own sheath. The sheath is designed to store it while closed. It is practically a pouch made of neoprene. In terms of maintenance, never clean it in a dishwasher, but clean it manually after each use. The dishwasher is more likely to dull the edge.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Good sizing proportions
  • Comes with a neoprene pouch
  • Suitable for other applications too
  • Lock design


  • Heavier than other mushroom knives in this price range

Sagaform Forest Mushroom Knife

Sagaform Forest Mushroom/Truffle Knife with Canvas CaseDetailed designSagaform’s best mushroom knife is built with functionality in mind. You have the classic style of a mushroom knife, as well as a few serrations for extra versatility and a beautiful design. It looks rough and old-fashioned, but it is based on durable and quality materials. Furthermore, it has a folding design for safe storage and transportation.

Functionality – The handle is classic and sturdy, but also longer than the blade. The balance is on the handle, so you have full control over your moves. It has a brush, as well as a few serrations on the top side of the blade. Apart from the folding profile that protects the blade, you also have a canvas case and a loop to protect the handle and keep it by your belt.

Superior edge – The blade is flawless. It is made of stainless steel for durability and little to no maintenance. The blade measures 2.5 inches – standard for mushroom knives. It is suitable for all species of mushrooms without causing any difficulties or crushing stems. The serrations on top add to the versatility of this knife, as it becomes useful for other applications too.

Great handle and maintenance – The handle is 5.5 inches long. It is based on Hua Limo wood. As for the brush, it consists of plant fibers. You are less likely to lose any bristles, regardless of how often you use the knife. Maintenance is minimum and straightforward – no dishwashers, but just manual cleaning. There is no oiling required.


  • Easy to look after
  • Good looking design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Versatile
  • Durable brush


  • Canvas bag is not super durable
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Morakniv Karl Johan Mushroom Knife

Morakniv Karl Johan Mushroom Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, Lightweight Sheath and Horsehair Brush, BlackIntriguing design – Morakniv’s best mushroom knife will surprise you a little, especially if you are actually used to mushroom knives. If this is the first time you get it, you may find it awkward if you try out others in the future. The brush is not located at the bottom of the knife but on the top side. It affects the grip a little, but it is quite convenient and easy to use – definitely an innovation.

Prolific blade – Made in Sweden, this knife comes with a rolled Sandvik stainless steel blade. It is specifically built for mushrooms. It measures 2.4 inches in length and compared to other knives in this range, it is straight, rather than curved. It is razor-sharp out of the box and will ensure a soft operation without crushing stems.

Ergonomic handle – The handle is available in a few different colors, with black being the most popular one. It is ergonomic and comfortable to hold – it might take a few days to get used to it though. It is made of durable plastic. The handle is just over three inches in length. It features a real horsehair brush to remove dirt without ruining the mushroom.

Extras and maintenance – When it comes to extras, you have a solid sheath based on plastic. It covers the whole blade and can be attached to your belt or a buttonhole for easy access. The sheath has a hole that goes over the brush – it will never fall out or leave the knife exposed. Maintenance is classic – no dishwasher, but just manual cleaning.


  • Comes with an efficient sheath
  • Durable materials
  • Real horsehair brush
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Ergonomic and interesting handle design


  • Might feel a bit too small for large hands
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a brush?

The most popular mushroom knives on the market come with a brush. It is almost a standard in this industry, yet you can also find knives without one. However, you will have to find a way to clean dirt and soil when you pick mushrooms. If you get a knife without a brush, chances are you will need to purchase a brush separately. In other words, it pays off to get everything in one package. Since the brush is usually attached to the handle, you are less likely to lose it.

What is the optimal size for a mushroom knife?

Generally speaking, most mushroom knives come with blades within the 2.5-inch range. This is the optimal size, but there are slight variations out there. The blade is optimal for almost every type of mushroom – you simply do not need more than that.

As for the handle size or the overall size, it solely depends on your personal needs. Those with large hands should get something bigger. Handles vary widely in size – from three to five inches on average. You should know better what size is more suitable for your hands.

What is the best material for the brush?

There are two general varieties out there – fake hair and natural hair. Most experts choose natural hair because it feels better and softer on the mushrooms, so there are fewer risks to damage them. However, fake hair is pretty close in quality as well.

When it comes to natural hair, there are more varieties out there. Overall, the hair quality is not always given by the type used in the process, but also by how it is put together. If you lose hair with every brush or stroke, the type becomes irrelevant.


Deciding on the best mushroom knife involves a few different aspects. You need to understand the concept of a mushroom knife, then go out with one of the top-rated options on the market. Small details are based on nothing but your personal needs and preferences, such as the optimal size, type of brush hair, materials, and so on.