What’s the Best Plexiglass Cutter Knife in 2024?

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Plexiglass, scientifically known as an acrylic sheet can be a super durable material with an incredible amount of applications. It is practically a form of plastic that can be extremely long and flexible, great for all types of fixed or home improvement projects, among others. Given its sturdiness, you probably imagine you will need a professional to cut it for you, or maybe you could get some sophisticated equipment.

Wrong! Plexiglass is easy to cut with a specific knife. The plexiglass knife makes the whole job easier, despite its size and compact profile. You can even make one yourself at home, yet most experts recommend investing in the right tool. Going for the best plexiglass knife will not cost you a fortune, but you will end up with a cost-efficient tool that will ease your work, whether you need it for your job or a bunch of DIY projects.

​What is a Plexiglass Cutter Knife?

NT Cutter Multi-Use Plastic plexiglass Cutter with Plastic Cutting Blade and Precision Knife Blade, 1 Cutter (M-500P)

The plexiglass knife is a relatively small tool. It is often referred to as a cutter, mostly because it resembles a classic design of a thin plastic case with a blade on the inside. The blade is usually retractable and relatively long, so the tool will last for ages. However, some knives may also feature fixed blades.

The end of the blade will feature a short blade. It is extremely sharp out of the box; be careful when you unpack such knives, especially if they have fixed blades. The blade is a bit flat, some say it looks like a hook. It can be sharpened, yet it should not go dull too soon. In fact, the actual edge is so small that the knife is not really suitable for other applications.

Some plexiglass knives can cut through the classic glass as well, while others are specifically developed for various types of plastic. The more versatile your tool is, the better. While such materials are naturally hard, the edge is specifically designed for them. Use it for other things or applications and it might go dull, you might as well risk breaking it.

Finding the best plexiglass cutter is not everything, as you will also need to master the technique of cutting through such materials. You may also wonder how can such a small edge cut through a sheet of plexiglass?

The cutting process is fairly simple. Measure the area you need to cut. Mark it,  using a ruler or something straight to ensure a straight line. Keep the rules in place and cut a fine line along the line. You may need to perform this cut five to 15 times, depending on how thick the sheet is. Apply a bit more pressure every time you do it.

When done, put the sheet on a flat surface, such as a table with the line parallel to the side of the surface. Apply a bit of pressure on the hanging part and the plexiglass will break cleanly along that line.

Now that you know how it works, what is the best-rated plexiglass knife out there?

2024’s 5 Best Plexiglass Cutters

​Jetech Professional Fixed-Blade Utility Knife

Multiple uses – Available in a vibrant blue color to ensure you are less likely to lose it, Jetech’s plexiglass knife is actually a multifunction tool that can be used for a series of similar materials. It is excellent for most types of plastic, but you can also use it to unpack things and cut through cardboard. Unlike other tools in this segment, it features a fixed blade. Be careful when you carry or store it to avoid cutting yourself.

Quality blade – The blade might seem small, but it is extremely sturdy. It is based on SK2 steel and chrome. The carbon content is set at 1.2%. It features a double milled edge and is extremely accurate and hard. It is heat-treated for edge retention and just like you have probably guessed already, it is razor-sharp. It does not retract, but you can detach it when the knife is not in use. Almost impossible to sharpen, the blade is replaceable – blades are inexpensive though.

Comfortable grip – The handle is blue, so it is easy to spot. You have a cold punched stainless steel case to ensure a durable operation. It holds the blade much better than plastic. The case is covered in plastic. It is ergonomic and different from the classic long and thin handles. While there is no handguard protection, the plastic ensures a nonslip grip, even if your hands are a bit sweaty.

Maintenance – If the blade goes dull, you can always get a bunch of extra blades from the same manufacturer. They are inexpensive and easy to swap. Press and push back the black button and the blade will come out. Fit the new one in and you are ready to go. Although you are less likely to use this knife for messy operations, you can clean it with tap water and dry it before storing it away.


  • Well put together
  • Features a sturdy construction
  • Durable blade with great edge retention
  • Easy to swap blades
  • Replacement blades are inexpensive


  • The blade does not retract

​ Red Devil 1170

Convenient design – Red Devil’s plexiglass cutter is slightly different from the average cutter. While most cutters feature a long and narrow design, this one is pretty large and sturdy. It looks like a screwdriver, only the blade is relatively short. However, compared to other cutters, the blade is long and convenient. It is a fixed blade design that will work wonders on many types of materials like acrylic, plastic, and so on. It is not suitable for Lexan though.

Sharp blade – The blade is more than just a tiny piece of metal at the end of the handle. Instead, it is quite long, yet you will mostly use the tip only. This type of design allows reaching hardly accessible areas too. It is made of stainless steel. It is rust and corrosion-resistant, but it also comes with excellent edge retention. It is extremely sharp, so be careful when you unpack it. It is fixed.

Ergonomic handle – The handle features an ergonomic construction. It is similar to a screwdriver handle, only it is thicker and shorter. The plexiglass knife is available in one design only – black and red handle. It has a thick plastic cover, meaning it will never slip out of your hand. Plus, there is a circular hand guard protection to ensure your hand never gets to the blade.

Sizing and maintenance – The knife barely weighs 2.5 ounces, so it is relatively light and easy to use for hours without any fatigue. The large handle is a plus, while the lanyard hole in it allows easy carrying. Altogether, it measures 7.9×3.7×1.2 inches. In terms of care and maintenance, wipe it clean after many uses. You can also wash it but do it manually and never in a dishwasher.


  • Large and ergonomic handle
  • Durable blade material
  • Great edge retention
  • Lightweight profile
  • Can access tight areas


  • The blade does not retract

YouU 1 Acrylic Cutter

Value for money – YouU’s best plexiglass cutter features a classic profile, with slight improvements in design, ergonomics, and durability. Despite the traditional design, the blade is fixed and will not retract, so you must be careful when carrying or handling the knife. It is great for plexiglass and a few other types of plastic, but most importantly, it brings in excellent value for money. Apart from the actual knife, you also have 10 replacement blades.

Quality blades – There are no special standards regarding the blades. They are based on stainless steel. They are super sharp and feature good edge retention. Sure, they will get dull with time, but this is why you have replacement blades. Given the material, the blade is resistant to rust and corrosion too. Each blade is 1.77 inches in length and 0.39 inches for the actual blade.

Ergonomic handle – The handle is a serious improvement from old fashioned glass or plexiglass cutters. It is long and thin, but it tends to get thicker towards the end. The top end is almost twice as wide as the bottom end. It is only available in black and yellow, a good vibrant design to ensure you will not lose it. It is made of hard plastic, but the actual casing for the blade is based on stainless steel.

Usage and maintenance – Each sheet will require multiple cuts in the same place before breaking it. Replacing blades is fairly simple, use the black button to get rid of the old blade and stick the new one in. It is a matter of seconds. As for maintenance, there is not much you can do. If you have to wash the knife, make sure you do it manually and never in a dishwasher. Also, dry it thoroughly.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Excellent value for money
  • 10 blades for durability
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • Easy to replace blades


  • The back of the handle might fall off if you are too intense

​ Logan Cutter 709-1

Dependable applications – Logan’s best plexiglass knife will not disappoint you. The knife looks basic. On the same note, it provides good value for money due to its materials. The handheld device is suitable for more types of applications – ideal for acrylic, plexiglass, and other types of plastic. It is well put together and stable – it is common for both DIY projects around your home and job-related applications.

Super sharp blade – The blade features a classic design. It is well exposed and comes with a razor-sharp flat end – where the edge is. Based on steel, it will resist rust and corrosion, but it may still require a bit of maintenance. It does not retract, so you must be careful when you store or handle it – you risk injuring yourself or breaking the blade. The blade will fold into cover when not in use though, which is just as good as retracting it.

Comfy grip – The handle is sturdy and based on plastic. It features an ergonomic design – you can use it for hours without experiencing fatigue. It widens towards the top for a more natural grip. It has a split on one side to allow the blade to fold in when not in use. Folding or unfolding the blade implies using both arms, as there are no automatic mechanisms.

Sizing and extras – Sharpening such a small edge would be almost impossible. You can purchase replacement blades – easy to remove and put in. The unit is compatible with other equipment from Logan – mostly in mating and framing systems. Altogether, the knife measures 6.4×2.1×0.2 inches. As for care and maintenance, wash it manually if you really have to, then dry it before folding the blade.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use
  • Durable materials
  • Blade folds in
  • Lightweight


  • The blade can go dull pretty fast if used in heavy-duty applications

NT Cutter M-500P

Sizing and applications – NT Cutter’s plexiglass knife is made in Japan and features a compact design. It measures 5.5×0.9×0.7 inches and weighs 0.08 pounds. It is used for all kinds of tin plastics, ceiling tiles, plexiglass, laminates, leather, edges, soft film, card stock, or paper, among other thin materials.

Full package – You have everything you need to start using the knife straight away. The package includes the actual cutter, as well as two blades. You get a BM-1 blade – hook blade for plastics, as well as a BM-2 blade – great for more precise and intricate cuts. Should you have any issues, you can always order extra blades from the same manufacturer – quite inexpensive too.

Durable blades – Both blades are based on the same high-quality standards. They are made of Japanese steel. They have good resistance to corrosion and rust too. Once fitted in, they feel sturdy and strong, so you can apply a bit of pressure to ease the cutting process. Sharpening them is quite difficult though.

Ergonomic handle – The handle is based on hard and durable plastic. It gets slightly wider towards the end, so it ensures a comfortable grip. The plastic has a nonslip surface. There is a large lanyard hole at the end of the handle, while the bottom part hosts a stainless steel case for the blade. Replacing blades is fairly simple and straightforward.


  • Durable and well put together
  • Sturdy and less likely to wobble
  • Comes with two different blades
  • Blades are easy and inexpensive to replace
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip


  • No sheath or cover, so you must remove the blade and store it on its body when not in use.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to cut through one or both sides of the plexiglass?

Some professionals cut on one side only. They perform anywhere between five and 15 strokes, depending on how thick the sheet is. It pays off applying a bit more pressure with every new stroke, only to get the knife deeper in.

Some others cut on both sides, but it is imperative to ensure you do it in the exact same location for a clean final result.

What should I use to ensure a straight cut?

Most specialists rely on a ruler or another straight item. If you use a ruler, it pays off using a metallic one because it is sturdier and less likely to move. You can also use other straight things, such as metallic trim.

Does the thickness matter when cutting plexiglass?

Of course. You can use a plexiglass knife for relatively thin sheets. If the sheet is too thick, you may need a professional machine to get the job done. Either way, make sure you also have a sanding block and some sandpaper to finish the edges. They may not always be perfectly straight.


Choosing the right plexiglass knife is a matter of getting a solid tool from a reputable manufacturer. If you are new to this, you may fail a few times; take your time and start with fine cuts. Apply more pressure as you go deeper or gain experience. Hunt value for money when buying a knife, as plexiglass is a hard material that can make dull blades pretty quickly.