What’s the Best Tomato Knife in 2024?

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You could cut a tomato with pretty much any knife if you think about it. You want to make a sandwich for your lunch break, so you do not care what those slices look like. They might be a bit messy, but who cares? You only want the taste.

However, if you want to make a presentation, impress guests or cook for a special event, chances are you want your tomato pieces or slices to be perfect. At this point, investing in a specialized knife will make a difference.

Choosing the best tomato knife could be a bit challenging, but this guide will push you in the right direction. Whether you are not sure about the brand, the features, or the small things to look for, you should be able to make a more informed decision once you are done reading.

Tomato Knives

Wusthof CLASSIC Tomato Knife, One Size, Black, Stainless SteelA tomato knife is generally small in size. It would be best if you had something ergonomic and compact, whether you deal with small tomatoes or larger ones. Generally speaking, it has a serrated edge. This edge allows you to go through the skin and flesh in no time – there will be no pressure needed.

While this is not a general rule, more and more tomato knives come with forked tips. They look a bit weird, but the role of this tip is to give you speed and convenience. Once you cut a slice, you will be able to lift and move it with this tip.

Serrations are not mandatory to cut a tomato. A super sharp blade will work just as well. However, the serrations have a few benefits. First of all, they will work great for tomatoes even if the knife goes a bit dull in the long run.

Other than that, when you have no serrations, the knife will require a bit of pressure to go through the skin. At this point, you will crush the slice. The edges will look terrible, while most of the juice will be out. Not sure about it? Try slicing a tomato with a dull straight blade, and you will get it.

Again, this is not a general rule, but some knives will come with serrations on both sides. The best tomato knife with a double serrated edge allows you to cut tomatoes whether you are left or right-handed. It is a matter of convenience.

2024’s Best Tomato Knives in the Market

Dalstrong GS-5inch-Tomato

DALSTRONG Tomato Slicer Knife - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel - 5" - Serrated Utility - SheathConvenient build – Dalstrong is one of the top players on the market when it comes to knives. Not only does it look amazing, but it also comes with quality materials and cutting edge technology. The unit measures just over five inches in length and weighs under four ounces, so it is convenient and easy to carry and use.

Solid blade – The blade is made of high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel – over 56 Rockwell. It is hand sharpened at about 15 degrees per side – good to use out of the box. Serrations are professionally engineered, and they will last. The blade is tall and provides knuckle clearance. It has a beautiful satin finish, and it is tapered for flexibility and hardness.

Comfy grip – The grip is perfect. You have a laminated pakkawood handle made in Spain. It is durable and takes a full tang blade design. It is triple riveted and ergonomic – great maneuverability. There are three bolsters for stability. Other than that, maintenance is relatively low. Avoid using a dishwasher. Wash it manually, dry it yourself and store it in the PerfectFit sheath included in the package.

Specialized build – When it comes to extras, you will love the tip of this knife. It is a classic forked tip. There are two sharp and long tips. Once you are done cutting a slice, you can use the tip to lift and move it around. While you could do it with your fingers too, this feature is a matter of convenience. Moreover, the central rivet on the handle is engraved for a more luxurious appearance.


  • It comes with a hand-sharpened blade at 14 to 16 degrees on each side for razor sharpness.
  • Laminated and polished pakkawood handle for a sanitary design
  • Good weight and size for a comfortable use
  • Durable blade and forked tip for convenience
  • It comes with its PerfectFit sheath for protection


  • Washing it in a dishwasher will most likely get the blade dull
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Rada MFG R126/2

Rada MFG Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicer, Aluminum Handle, 2 PackDurable and versatile – You can never go wrong with this Rada tomato knife. Rada may not be one of the most luxurious brands on the market, but its great value for money is hard to beat by other brands. Its best tomato knife is well priced and built with quality in mind. It is likely to face the test of time and provides lots of versatility – meaning you can use it for other similar fruits and vegetables.

Well balanced – This knife measures 12x3x1 inches. The blade itself is slightly longer than the handle. You have a perfect balance as you hold the unit. Overall, it weighs a quarter of a pound. It is worth noting that you will get a set of two in the package – identical knives, no differences. You can also find it in a set of six on the market.

Super sharp – Both knives are razor-sharp out of the box. You do not need to attempt sharpening them. They come with thin blades and serrated knives. Maintenance is fairly simple – you have to wash them manually. The blade is thin, so cleaning it in a dishwasher is likely to damage it. Once washed, dry them and store them accordingly. It is worth noting that you should use them for soft foods only. The thin blade may bend if you attempt cutting harder foods.

Quality materials – You have a high carbon stainless steel blade. The handle is made of solid cast aluminum. It looks like you have a classic one-piece knife, but there are two pieces. The handle is comfortable to hold. It does not have a nonslip surface, but it provides a good feeling as you hold it.


  • Razor-sharp out of the box – no need to sharpen it
  • There are two identical knives in the package – good value for money
  • Quality high carbon stainless steel blade that will last
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle made of solid cast aluminum
  • Good balance in terms of sizing and weight 


  • Using the knives to cut harder food may bend the blades
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Wusthof Tomato Knife

Wusthof CLASSIC Tomato Knife, One Size, Black, Stainless SteelVersatile and qualitative – This Wusthof tomato knife is likely to impress with its quality standards. Like many other knives from this manufacturer, it is made in Solingen, Germany. In other words, you can count on the world-renowned German quality. Other than that, the knife is suitable for other foods too. However, it is recommended for soft fruits and vegetables only, as you might bend the blade.

Rust and corrosion-proof – The blade design is classic for tomato knives. Wusthof’s best tomato knife comes with a solid stainless steel blade. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, but it is not suitable for dishwashers. Instead, wash it manually, dry it, and store it accordingly. The unit is forged and measures 12.7×2.8×1 inches. It weighs just over three ounces.

Superior edge retention – The precision edge technology ensures the blade is about 20% sharper than the competition. Plus, edge retention is likely to impress you. It is razor-sharp out of the box, so be careful when you unpack it. It is tempered to 58 degrees Rockwell. The tip of this knife is forked. Two long tips allow lifting and grabbing tomato slices once they are cut.

Durable handle – The handle is made of POM – polyoxymethylene. It is extremely durable, but it also feels comfortable – no pressure on your thumb. It has a traditional appearance, and it is stickered with the company’s logo. You have a full bolster design, as well as a finger guard for protection. The knife is triple-riveted for precision and great control.


  • Razor-sharp out of the box
  • Suitable for other soft fruits and vegetables too
  • Made of rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Durable and comfortable handle
  • Good balance in size and weight


  • Cleaning it in a dishwasher will make it dull
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Victorinox Tomato Knife

Victorinox, Green Tomato Knife, 11 cm, Handle, 1.1Multiple uses – This Victorinox tomato knife is likely to change your entire cooking procedure. It adopts a different style. It is not the type of classic serrated knife with a forked tip. Indeed, it does come with serrations, but it has a simple round trip. It is ideal for more types of foods. While particularly designed for tomatoes, it is also great for slicing and peeling small fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Durable blade – Versatility is not everything, though. The knife comes with a stainless steel blade. It is durable, flexible, and likely to resist corrosion and rust. The blade is serrated for an easy cutting operation. Moreover, it has a Rockwell hardness rating of 56 degrees. Finally, it is razor-sharp and will maintain its sharpness for ages.

Nonslip handle – The knife measures 8.75 inches. The blade and handle are relatively similar in size. The blade is ice-tempered for edge durability. There is nothing special about the handle, though. It is made of classic nylon. It is slightly textured, so it is less likely to slip out of your hand. It feels soft and comfortable. The knife is Swiss-made. As for the green handle, it can prevent cross-contamination.

Easy maintenance – Furthermore, this knife will make maintenance easier. According to Victorinox, You can clean the brand’s best tomato knife in a dishwasher. However, it is still recommended to clean it manually before storage. It is just a matter of maintaining its sharpness for longer. 


  • Suitable for slicing and cutting more small produce and herbs
  • Durable blade – rust and corrosion resistant
  • Tempered for sharpness retention
  • Soft and comfortable nylon handle
  • You can clean it in a dishwasher


  • The nylon handle feels a bit cheap
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Case XX WR Tomato Knife

CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Case 5 1/2 Inch Tomato/Utility Knife Item #7313 - (XX628) -Excellent for anything – This Case tomato knife is a top necessity for every kitchen out there. It is extremely versatile and can be used for a series of other applications. Other than that, you can use it to slice or cut small produce, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You might as well use it for small projects around your house, DIY repairs, outdoor applications, and even hunting.

Flexible blade – The blade makes a huge difference when looking for the best tomato knife. This unit comes with extremely fine serrations, which cut through soft produce with no problems. On the other hand, the blade is relatively thin, so using it against hard products could cause it to bend. All in all, the blade measures 5.5 inches, while the whole knife is just under four inches in length.

Walnut handle – The handle is made of walnut. Walnut is one of the most popular types of hardwood out there. It comes in a natural dark color. Not only is this material durable, but the handle also has a feel-good design. It is slightly curved to match the shape of your hand. It also comes with a small protective guard to prevent accidents.

Solid materials – In terms of extras, the blade is based on Tru-Sharp stainless steel – extremely sharp, corrosion, and rust-resistant. The blade has a beautiful satin finish. When it comes to maintenance, it is recommended to clean it manually. Avoid throwing it into the dishwasher, as it might damage the blade.


  • Great sharpness and edge retention
  • Versatile and great for multiple applications
  • Decent size for various uses
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable materials and solid build


  • Using the knife against large or harder fruits and vegetables can bend the blade.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do tomatoes blunt tomato knives?

There are a few elements that can cause knives to go blunt. Tomato and lemon juice are among the most common issues out there. They are quite acidic. The acid tends to corrode the blade. Using a knife daily for tomatoes and lemons is likely to corrode the edge within a couple of months. This is the main reason wherefore tomato knives are usually made of stainless steel. While still affected by corrosion, stainless steel is more efficient in front of it. Plus, such knives are usually ice-tempered to retain their edge in the long run.

What is the forked tip of a tomato knife used for?

Unlike other similar or specialized knives, the tomato knife has a specific tip that stands out in the crowd. It is not a general rule – not all tomato knives come with this type of tip. All in all, the forked tip comes with two prongs. First, they are usually sharp and require care. They allow handling tomato slices without too many issues. You can gently lift slices without smashing, crushing, or pushing against the flesh. Not only do they maintain their fresh look, but they also retain the juice.

Why do some tomato knives have holes?

Like the forked tip, these three holes are not mandatory, and many manufacturers overlook them. Most commonly, tomato knives will be used for other activities, including cutting cheese. These holes are made with this purpose – they can reduce the surface contact of sticky foods (such as cheese) with the blade. Therefore, the cheese is less likely to stick. The harder the cheese is, the sharper your knife should be. Tomatoes also require a very sharp edge. After all, their skin is known for being prone to tearing.


Choosing the best tomato knife is a matter of personal preferences and attention to small details. Any of the models mentioned above are specifically developed to cut tomatoes – they are also versatile enough to prove helpful against other foods.

Small details often make the difference, but it is up to you to determine whether or not you need them. For example, the forked tip is an exclusive feature of tomato knives, but not all come with this addon. Unless you cook to impress or are a professional chef, it makes no difference to crush the flesh a little.