Black & Decker BDCR20 Reciprocating Saw Review

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Whether you are a remodeler or a contractor, a reciprocating saw or oscillating saw is a wonderful option. That is why I have also bought a reciprocating saw- Black & Decker BDCR20 for various purposes. However, I have found this saw to be quite different from similar models available.

Before discussing the features and performance of BDCR20, you have to know that the device can work for a longer period. It can offer a significant level of cutting power, which may not be found in other reciprocating saws, available in the market. The model delivers a maximum of 3,000 SPM, and it slices through many materials very easily.

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The tool-free replacement of bladesBLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw with Battery and Charger

One unique trait of this reciprocating saw from Black & Decker is the tool-free mechanism of blade changing. To say more clearly, with no hassle of operating any extra tool, you can change the existing blade to a new one.

The speed can be adjusted in a range of ways. In addition to it, there is also one pivoting shoe so that the users can make use of it with considerable ease. This shoe gives not only flexibility but also the accuracy, while you are cutting anything.

Separate battery

One of the demerits of the device is that you need to pay for the charger and the battery separately. The nominal voltage of the battery is 18 volts. Again, if the voltage is measured with no workload, then the maximum initial voltage of the battery is 20 volts.

This reciprocating saw also boasts 0-3,000 strokes per minute. The length of the stroke is about 7/8 inches.

Type of battery

A lithium-Ion battery is preferred for model BDCR20B. If you wish, you may use an alternative battery of higher capacity, and you should ensure that it can last longer. In other words, the battery should be better in comparison to the Nickel Cadmium battery.

12 V batteries are accessible in Lithium-Ion. They may hold almost six times more amount of charge than that of Nickel Cadmium ones. Some battery chargers allow different battery cell categories.


The reciprocating saw is also very lightweight and compact in its design. Thus, you will be able to have better control over the machine. If you are professional and need to carry on your operation for an extended period, then you may not get tired quickly.


For the very low price rate, Black & Decker BDCR20 is a great value. In addition to it, Black & Decker has incorporated a number of good touches.

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Black & Decker BDCR20 Features and Specifications

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw with Battery and Charger

  • The tool-Free system for the alteration of blade
  • Equipped with pivoting shoe
  • Highest battery voltage at the initial level is about 20 volts
  • Weight- 4.1 pounds
  • Source of power- battery
  • Warranty- Two years
  • Product Size – 15.6 x 3.4 x 7.1 Inches

Black & Decker BDCR20 Reciprocating Saw Customer Reviews

Apart from light in weight and affordable options, this tool is powerful and handy. One customer used it successfully for building a raised vegetable garden and trimming some low branches from trees in their backyard. Another observed it could cut anything with the right blade.

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The flexibility, the speed, the accessibility, and the price- all are the reasons make this Black & Decker BDCR20 one of the best reciprocating saws out there.