Black & Decker QS900 Sheet Sander Review

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My experience using the Black & Decker QS900 was lovely! I used it for around a week, mainly sanding off old paint, but it also worked extremely well for sanding down hardwood. I recommend 60 grit paper for sanding paint with this sander, and around 120/200 grit for sanding down hardwood.

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Here are some of the fantastic features of this product:

Compact Size:Black & Decker QS900 1/4-Sheet Sander with Filtered Dust Collection

Although a smaller size usually means less power, in this case, it doesn’t! The size of this tool is perfect for all users, regardless of hand size. I found that it is easier to use than most larger ½ sheet sanders, as this will quickly get into all corners, which you’ll often find yourself doing.

Dust Collection:

The dust collection mechanism on this tool is mediocre, but not to be disregarded – it does a good job of keeping the work area clean, which is essential when you sand down a lot of surfaces.

Soft Grip:

Now, this is where this Black & Decker Qs900 comes into its league, compared to other sanders. The grip is sublime, a pleasure to hold. The ergonomics on this sander are perfect. The softness helps for prolonged sanding and also helps to reduce the vibrations – which is essential when sanding for a prolonged time.

Punch Plate:

The fact that Black & Decker include the punch plate is excellent, as you can use regular, everyday sandpaper, or buy paper with the holes already punched. It is effortless to use regular paper, the punch plate simply snaps in, and punches the holes in the regular paper, allowing for the ventilation system to remain functional without the need to buy expensive specialized sandpaper.

Overall Build Quality:

This sander is one of the most comfortable I have ever had the pleasure to use, the full-body grips, specially designed for comfort, were made to perfection – even after hours of sanding, and you will never walk away with stiff/sore hands or wrists. The filtered dust collector works excellent and also is securely attached to the main body of the tool, meaning there is no flexibility or rattling while working. Despite being a hugely powerful sander, this doesn’t affect the build quality – even after much use, it will still feel like it did the first day you bought it, and if not Black & Decker include a 2-year warranty when you purchase the tool!  The build quality is excellent and robust – all of this is achieved without the tool being too heavy.

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Black & Decker QS900 Specifications and Features:

  • 16,000 OPM Motor
  • 0 Amps
  • Compact Design
  • Built-in Dust Collection
  • Weight – 3.5 pounds
  • Product size- 8x6x6 inches
  • Voltage – 120 volts

Customer Reviews:

Customers find it value for money, sturdy, and well designed. One of them suggested not to buy pre-cut sheets, instead just cut a standard full-size sheet of sandpaper into four pieces. They also noticed the motor is noisy but powerful.

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Above all, this sander is perfect. The sheer excellence of engineering that went into creating this tool pays off – it is compact, without sacrificing power or builds quality. It truly is a phenomenal tool, at 16,000 OPM it will easily cut through heavy layers of varnish, revealing the beautiful wood beneath, it will also quickly smooth down old, hardwood surfaces – restoring them to their once, former glory. The only thing I didn’t particularly enjoy about this sander was the noise, it isn’t ridiculously loud, but it does affect your overall opinion of the tool. Despite saying this, the pros outweigh the cons. I would recommend this tool to anybody in the market for a new sander.