Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Review

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Power tools are perhaps the indispensable items for any remodeling work, and among these power tools, I think that a reciprocating saw is the most useful one. When I have been searching for the various popular reciprocating saws, I have come across Bosch RS7. Here, you can see a brief review of this tool.

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Construction and durability

Bosch RS7 1-1/8-Inch 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

If you want a professional reciprocating device, then Bosch RS7 can be the best option for you, mainly for its durability. The knob has a very good grip, and thus, it can perform nicely for any type of job that you like to do. However, the keyless option of altering the blade is slightly clumsy. The specific blade of the system is universal, and it can fulfill the requirement of many of the DIY hobbyists. Besides, the holder of this blade is also universal and corresponds to the blade of any appropriate size, bought from some other reliable vendors.

A tote bag that is included in the package may seem to be of low quality; however, it is acceptable because it is provided not merely as any unit, but to protect the device from the dirt. The weight distribution is also excellent, which the accuracy is also best. Moreover, the structure of this device is created with plastic; this is quite durable and hard. The design of the handle is also ergonomic. The keyless design primarily appears to be striking; however, the system should be enhanced for consistent operation even after its usage for some months.

Performance level

Bosch RS7 may involve 11-Amps, and it varies, as per the category of the load. You will perhaps be amazed to see the blade’s power. Besides, its motor is also potent and draws out enough torque along with speed for cutting something that comes across the razor blade. However, when you run the motor for a long period, some heat may be produced. In that case, you can give a periodic interval of about ten to twelve minutes. The motor of this reciprocating saw turns at a maximum of 2700 RPM. There is also a blend of mobility and power.


From the viewpoint of size, the tool is perfect for the users. The tool is truly portable. The weight of this reciprocating saw is about 8.5 lbs. There is also a power cord whose length is nearly ten feet. The reciprocating saw of average size is very simple to control while standing tightly but becomes hard while dealing with the tool when it is on any ladder.

Notable mechanisms

There is a tool-less mechanism, and it means that you do not require any tool for opening or changing your blade. Another notable feature is the footplate modification option, which helps in keeping the touch with the surface of work. The major part of this saw is, indeed, the effective AC motor, and the quality of the overall structure is good.


For maintaining the machine- Bosch RS7, lubrication is necessary. When the brush is altered, you have to grease your tools with extraordinary lubricants again. Moreover, carbon brush has to be controlled regularly for preventing deterioration, and it assists in keeping up the efficiency level of the motor.

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Bosch RS7 Features and Specifications

Bosch RS7 1-1/8-Inch 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

  • Made in China
  • Power- 11 Amps
  • LED lights for clear-cutting area
  • Blade change with no tool
  • Ergonomic handle

Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Customer Reviews

Customers liked it because it’s easy to use and easy to control the speed. The LED light and the front rubber hand grip is also liked by many. Customers used if for kitchen remodeling and cutting trees.

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It can be concluded that Bosch RS7 may be the best reciprocating saw for those individuals who are searching for a saw that can do multiple functions. If you like to work on different materials, such as wood or metal, this tool may be the ideal one.