Buck 191BR Zipper TM Knife Review

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I don’t know about you but I sure love my outdoor spent moments. When you are alone into the wild, simply trying to get a hold on how our ancestors used to live, those are the moments I truly cherish. And, who can blame me after a long day spent at the office with nothing but a chair and a laptop in front of me? I love camping and I love going outdoors hiking or on expeditions, both alone and with my friends and family. However, packing away for the weekend could be difficult, especially in terms of tools you need to bring. Aside from the tents, the mattresses, the whole survival kit including food and fresh water, aside from the extra layering clothing and proper hiking shoes, you always need a few sharp tools, including knives.

As an outdoor expert, I have had my fair share of hunting knives over the years, each of them having its ups and downs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stick to just one brand because none of the ones I have used so far came with the precise instructions and features I needed. Luckily, on my last attempt on looking for the perfect hunting knife, I came across the Buck 191BR Zipper TM Knife and, surprised by its small price, I said I will give it a try. I was surprised by a few aspects and, if you didn’t use it so far, I guarantee it will be one of the best you tried:

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Features of Buck 191BR

Very sharp and strong blade

Like all knives, their most important feature should be the blade so, when I stumble across one that doesn’t even provide this, I am disappointed. This Buck item features a little over 4 inch of drop point blade made with 420HC steel for a maximum edge retention and corrosion. In addition, the blade is fully bellied with a very strong and thick point for heavier tasks like skinning. The angles on the sharpened edge of this knife make it perfect for season hunting and overall enjoying a good experience in the wild.  Another feature that I loved is that the product is 100% made in the USA, thus providing a lifelong warrantee.

Other features

What I like more is the overall good grip handle. It is made out of heritage walnut Dymondwood with a polished brass butt for guard. Thus, you will get a perfect grip and balance on the handle while still keeping the knife steady and ready to perform its tasks. In addition, the knife also comes with a genuine leather sheath with snap closure so you can easily and securely transport and store it. This knife will make a great addition for all of you passionate about hunting, but will also make the perfect gift thanks to its beautifully crafted leather sheath. The overall length of the product is of 8 and a half inches, and weights 6.3 ounces.

Buck 191BR Zipper TM Knife Review


  • Product Size – 11.5 x 3 x 2.5 ounces
  • Weight – 1 pounds
  • Overall length – 8.5 inch.
  • Heritage Walnut Dymondwood Handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews and Scores

Many customers appreciated this product, rating it a full 5/5 star. The overall quality promoted by the Buck brand is well known and appreciated by clients, praising the item’s precision and beauty. Many persons who bought the product are already passionate hunters, so they know what to appreciate at a good and steady hunting knife. The Buck 191BR Zipper TM Knife is best for cutting and skinning deer for trophies but not only.

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You should buy the new Buck 191BR Zipper TM Knife if you are looking for a good, steady and strong hunting knife to deal with in the wild. The product is steady and firm and will help you through a series of wild-related situations, not only hunting.