Buck 65 Hood Punk Knife Review

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I am a type of person who easily falls in love with nature and because of that, it is understandable that I often make use of my ample free time in activities such as hiking. I also join worthwhile activities such as tree planting and I also love going to forested areas. Such extreme hobbies require the best of handy outdoor survival tools that you can bring with you to ensure your safety. More than that, in my experience, these things can make life easier for you while you are away from the comforts of your house.

One of my most dependable pals in such activities is the Buck 65 Hood Punk Knife which I bought one time while I was shopping online. While at first I was doubtful if I make the right choice considering that it is such a small knife, I have come to see that it is indeed a lifesaver once you are already out there on your own…depending on just the things you have brought with you.

This is a pocket-sized outdoor knife that is perfect for activities like hiking, camping, tree planting and the like. If you have one, you won’t have to worry even if you are in a heavily forested area. You’ll always have something to rely on. Here are the reasons why:

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Features of Buck 65

It has a blade made from premium steel

What it might lack in size, this item compensates with strength and durability, all thanks to its blade that is made from the finest 5160 steel material. It can be used to cut branches of tree that might hinder your way and it can easily dig holes in soil making it perfectly fit for activities like hiking and tree planting. What you’ll love about this is that the Buck 65 Hood Punk Knife might be a small one, but it definitely packs a lot of power and durability behind it.

Ultra-lightweight and multi functional

Because of its small size, it is also incredibly light and it would be as if you are not carrying anything at all. That can work in your advantage considering that it will be tiresome for you to carry around large knives while walking. It can also function in a lot of ways, making it adaptable to certain conditions where it is required to be used.

The blade is integrated with the Shock Mitigation System

A lot of your energy is used up when you are using a knife to chop down pieces of wood or any particular application that might require the services of such bladed tools. Thanks to the shock mitigation system of this particular item, you’ll have no energy wasted and the shock that comes from the repeated use of the knife will be significantly reduced.

Buck 65 Hood Punk Knife Review


  • Product dimensions set at 2.8×2.2×13.2 inches
  • Blade length is 5.62 inches
  • Overall length is 11 inches
  • Weight is just 7.4 oz
  • Has shock mitigation system
  • Blade made from 5160 steel
  • Has deep finger grove
  • Comes with multi-purpose nylon sheath

Customer Reviews and Scores

This particular item has garnered an insanely high average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars among its users. In fact, many people were glad that they finally found this particular brand of knife. They admired its durability as well as its incredible sharpness despite its small size. Some are even planning to get additional units for themselves while there are still a few out in the market.

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Basing from own experience and the statements of people who have already purchased and use this, I’d say that this is one knife worth your money. You buy even just one and you will never be disappointed with its performance. I personally recommend it to people like me who loves outdoor activities like hiking and the like.