Buck Knives 0371BRS Knife Review

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Isn’t it a good thing if you always have a knife with you that can be used to perform simple tasks such as cutting ropes, opening boxes, peeling fruits and vegetables and slicing soft food materials? For me, such preparedness is a good thing. For my part, I have my Buck Knives 0371BRS Knife with me all the time. I usually put it in my pocket and whenever the need for it arises, I just get it out and get the job done. So far, I have nothing but praises for the performance of such item and it has never let me down.

Not only is this knife good for use inside your house. In my experience, bringing it with you when you go out is also a good thing. You’ll never know when you’ll need a handy knife in your daily activities and it is always better to have something to use than to wait until someone brings you a regular knife to finish what is needed to be done. With that being said, I think that it is high time for you to experience what I had when I finally decided to buy this handy pocket knife. You’ll never regret it.

This is a pocket knife with three blades. It is small in size and works like an Army Swiss knife. This is perfect for use in small household chores but can also be used in some outdoor activities. Here are some of the features of the Buck Knives 0371BRS Knife.

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Features of Buck Knives 0371BRS

Features three different blades

This particular item has modified clip, Spey and Sheepsfoot blades. The variation of the sizes of the three individual blades is not noticeable. With this item you’ll get not just one and not just two but three blades which can be used to finish simple chores like opening boxes, cutting ropes and even peeling fruits.

Blades are forged from steel

Do not be fooled by the small sizes of the blades. They are strong and durable. They can be used repeatedly and can easily be sharpened when needed to. The material is also rust resistant, assuring you of long lifespan for the item. The strength of the blade material is also assured thus ridding you of worries that the small blades might break easily.

Lightweight and easy to carry

My reason for buying and eventually loving this item is the fact that it is light in terms of weight and can be carried easily. You can put it on your bag or your pocket and no one would notice you are carrying a knife. Aside from that, you can also easily pull the blades from their housing.

Buck Knives 0371BRS


  • The modified clip blade measures 2 and ¾ inches
  • The Spey blade measures 2 inches
  • The Sheepsfoot blade measures 2 inches
  • All the blades made from 420J2 steel
  • Measures 3 and 7/8 inches when closed
  • Weighs 3.1 oz
  • Has Woodgrain handle
  • Comes with Nickel silver bolsters

Customer Reviews and Scores

Garnering a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this product has slowly established itself in the market. Majority of the verified buyers and users have appreciated its three blades, their durability and incredible sharpness. The Woodgrain handle is also appreciated by users. They stated that they felt comfortable when using it.

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I highly and personally recommend the purchase of the Buck Knives 0371BRS Knife. It has helped me in a lot of ways and it can also help you out. You can have something you can carry around anytime and anywhere. It is worth your money and you will never regret buying one.