Buck Knives 279 Folding Alpha Hunter Knife Review

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Outdoor knives are quite useful for many people nowadays. There is no telling what situation you’ll be in whenever and wherever and it always pays off to have something that you can use at times of dire needs like the Buck Knives 279 Folding Alpha Hunter Knife. It’s one of the best outdoor knives out in the market today and so far I have learned why other people say the same thing. It has all the features of a good bladed tool, perfect for outside use.

Just recently I was on a long trip and I have met some problems while on the road. I won’t be very much detailed but I have to tell that this particular knife helped me make it through that mess. It was really a good thing I had this knife put in my belt before I stepped out of our door. Otherwise, I might not have gone home sooner than I did.

Here are some of the things you should know about this particular knife and how it might help you someday.

All of the users who have tried the Buck Knives 279 Folding Alpha Hunter Knife appreciated key features of the item such as having a sturdy blade, sharpness retention, portability and being up for heavy duty use.

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Features of Buck Knives 279

Strong blade made from steel

I tried to bend the knife’s blade but to no avail. I did that to see if it is really as strong as it claims to be. I exerted a lot of effort but perhaps all thanks to the high-grade steel it’s made of, the blade did not falter even a bit. It is very much perfect for heavy duty use and if you are someone like me who loves to spend a lot of time outside, this can definitely come in handy.

Sharpness retention over time

One of the key features of any knife is to retain its sharpness despite repeated use of it. The Buck Knives 279 Folding Alpha Hunter Knife is a classic example to manifest this feature. Even when used in some extreme conditions in more than one occasion, the sharpness of its blade remains making it usable for the next time it is needed again.

Portable outdoor knife

Imagine bringing with you a life saver that can be put in your pocket or in your belt. That’s what you’ll get with this particular knife. It can be kept into a very small size which allows it to be put in a pocket or even in your built. There is no need to worry because it is designed that way. Its small size should in no way affect its performance at all.

Buck Knives 279BKS Folding Alpha Hunter Knife Review


  • Product dimensions at 2 x 8.4 x 10.3 inches
  • Item weight is 5.6 ounces when shipped
  • Closed length set at 5 inches
  • Has 3 and ½ inch blade made from 420HC Steel
  • Excellent edge retention and strength
  • Has smooth one-hand opening mechanism
  • Has rubberized handle
  • Comes with heavy duty sheath made of nylon

Customer Reviews and Scores

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this knife has proven why it belongs to the top choices for outdoor knives. Many users signified their intentions to buy additional units which speak how it left an impression to those who have bought it. There were positive remarks about its strength and sharpness which they say are off the charts for a small outdoor knife.

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If you are looking for something to buy for yourself, this makes a perfect choice. I recommend having this outdoor knife with you all the time so it’s better for you to buy one or two of it. you’ll never regret your decision to do so.