Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife Review

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The latest knife I was able to find and use without finding a single drawback has to be the Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife. It is an actual, professional knife that can be used in high-end restaurants across the planet, but it is affordable, so it is a great addition to any kitchen. In essence, it is well-made and it comes with all advantages a professional knife should have. At the same time, it is interesting, due to the fact it has an original handle.

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Features of Cangshan D Series 59120

Perfectly balanced

The best and the most important fact about this knife is the 5 inches handle. It has been designed as original and older knives had to offer, so we can say that this knife looks original. It has been paired with 8 inches blade, so the entire knife is big enough to cut through large pieces of food. At the same time, it is perfectly balanced, so it is easy to use and it offers a lot of grip. The most important advantage of the handle and a grip is the fact they don’t cause wrist fatigue, which makes this knife the best choice for every day usage. This advantage usually was reserved for more expensive knives, but now it is available in the Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife.

Amazing sharpness

Another fact that is mandatory for any professional knife is the sharpness. Due to the fact, this model is made from German steel, a type of steel that is far more durable and resistant than other types of steel, the manufacturer was able to use the advanced and unique techniques to sharpen the knife. As the end result, this knife is sharper than most other knives from this price range and it stays sharp for a longer period of time. In addition, sharpening is simpler and takes less time than with other knives, so it is more practical as well. In any case, these advantages should be taken into account, simply because they make the entire knife better and more professional.

Tested and approved

One of the most important facts, when it comes to the safety and use of knives is the National Sanitation Foundation approving. Luckily, this model has been tested and it is approved, which makes it a perfect choice for high-end kitchens. Simply said, this means that the knife is safe to use and the metal and the other materials won’t leave any trace on the food, so there won’t be related issues. At the same time, this knife has been tested for the strength and durability, and it has passed all the tests.

Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife Review


  • Tested by the National Sanitation Foundation and approved
  • Classic handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable blade
  • Made from German steel
  • Sharpen by the blacksmiths
  • The dimensions are 14 x 2 x 1 inches
  • The weight is 1 pound
  • Perfect for delicate procedures
  • The cutting edge is based on the Asian style

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife is appreciated thanks to the perfectly sharp blade and classic handle which makes it a unique product of this type. At the same time, the level of grip it offers is at the highest level. It has 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

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One of the latest additions that can be treated as the best investment and the safest choice is the Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife. It has been designed for professional applications, so it is incredibly durable, perfectly sharp and easy to use, due to the fact the handle offers a high level of grip.