Cangshan N1 Series 59090 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife Review

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Just like you, I have used many so-called chef knives around the kitchen. Every time I thought I found the right one, it immediately turned me down. However, I could have never survived all those kitchen years without constantly searching for the best chef knife that will help me do just about anything.

I was hesitant at the beginning when I saw an ad about the new Cangshan N1 chef’s knife promising to do all the work for me on the kitchen counters. I have tried all types of chef knives out there, from the super cheap ones to the expensive deals like Henckels or Victorinox. But I was never quite satisfied with the quality and durability of those per dollars until I tried the Cangshan forged chef’s knife.

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Features of Cangshan N1 Series 59090

Cangshan N1 Series 59090 German Steel Forged Chef's Knife, 8-Inch

The ultimate blade

As a chef, I’m constantly looking for the best tools to use in the kitchen, so I keep at least a dozen chef knives on the oven, just in case I need one. However, ever since I started using the Cangshan knife, I kind of forgot about all else. With an 8-inch blade made out of high quality German stainless steel, this knife got me through all cooking processes, from simply chopping vegetables to cutting meats, cresting, or cleaning fishes. The great pro of this knife consists in its durable blade, containing 0.5% carbon. This ensures that the blade is durable and strong, thus will not leave you when doing the hard stuff.

Moreover, the Asian style of the cutting edge makes this blade super sharp, meaning you will spend less time sharpening it. The best part is that the knife already comes exceptionally sharp and ready to use in an instant. Besides, it is NSF approved, meaning you can trust the blade to be hygienic and safe to use.

The hot-looking handle

I never thought I was going to say this about a knife, but it makes me look sexy in the kitchen! The all-metal design consisting of the 8-inch blade and the well-balanced 5.5-inch handle to make it both good looking and strong. The patent-pending design focuses on the ergonomic handle, to catch a good grip, and to be easy to use both by chefs and by amateurs. Also, thanks to the technology used, the steel handle will not be slippery even if you use it with wet hands. Sadly we could not find the handle comfortable for our fingers.

Other features

Apart from the unique design and the high-quality materials used, this particular chef knife certainly earns its money. Do not get fooled by the somewhat low price by comparison with other professional chef knives. The Cangshan chef knife delivers all promises made and is of great value in any kitchen, whether you cook for an army or just for two. Moreover, the knife also comes beautifully packaged and already sharpened, so why not take the advantage and test it right away? Or, you can offer it as a gift to your friends or families.


Cangshan N1 Series 59090 Specifications

  • Product Size – 14.2 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight – 1 pound
  • 8″ blade and 5.5″ handle
  • X50Cr15MoV German Steel
  • NSF Approved

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Here is a video with additional information on Cangshan N1 series knives.


Apart from the good price/quality ratio, the Cangshan chef knife will perform the toughest jobs in the kitchen, including skinning fishes, filleting them, or cutting all sorts of meat. Thanks to its high-performance blade, chopping is fast and efficient. Customers who already purchased the product and have been using it will guarantee you it as strong, durable, incredibly attractive, with a unique and elegant design.