What are the Best Cheap Knife Sharpeners in 2024?

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Why buy new knives every few months? There is a much easier and cheaper solution, rather than purchasing cheap knives and wondering why they become blunt in a few weeks, buy expensive knives that you will enjoy using! These will stay sharp for much longer, and you can use them with a knife sharpener to keep them sharp for years to come. The majority of knife sharpeners are incredibly similar; whether you pay $20 for one or $50, you’ll get near enough the same results.

However, you should never go out and buy just any knife sharpener, although it is just a simple piece of kitchen equipment – you need to make sure that you get the most for your money, and that the knife sharpener will last a long time.

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Top 5 Cheap Knife Sharpeners

KitchenIQ 50009

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener, Black

This is one of our favorite knife sharpeners under $25, priced in at under $10 – you can be sure you’re receiving a bargain. It features a gripped base, which keeps it firmly placed on the countertop as you sharpen your favorite knives. This is a manual knife sharpener, making it incredibly easy to use for novices and professionals alike. However, it cannot sharpen serrated knife blades, so bear this in mind.

It is available in a variety of colors, ensuring that you’ll receive a knife sharpener that will look perfect when prominently placed in your kitchen. However, it is also small enough to store away in a cupboard or kitchen drawer if you desired.

This knife sharpener is practically two knife sharpeners in one, with a fine sharpener, and a coarse sharpener for your many different knives – meaning no matter what knives you own, this knife sharpener is perfect for you.

If you want the perfect finish, swipe your knife through the coarse section a few times, and then another few times through the fine section – after this, your knife will practically be as good as new.


  • Extremely Cheap: Under $10!
  • Worth the Money: It’s under $10, and it will sharpen all of your knives for years to come!
  • Small and Effective: Although this knife sharpener is tiny, it provides plenty of knife sharpening performance for even the bluntest of knives.


  • It cannot be used with serrated edged blades.
  • It can’t be used for any other blades, such as scissors.

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful solution to keep all of your kitchen knives sharp, then here is your solution. It’s cheap, and it does a really good job. Not to mention that it is extremely easy to use, even for somebody who has never used a knife sharpener before.

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SunrisePro Knife Sharpener

SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener for all Blade Types | Razor Sharp Precision & Perfect Calibration | Easy & Safe to Use | Ideal for Kitchen, Workshop, Craft Rooms, Camping & Hiking


While this may be considerably more expensive than our previous option, you receive a lot for your money! The mere fact it has over two thousand customer reviews on Amazon, with a high score – it’s clear to see why it is so loved.

To keep the knife sharpener stable during use, it securely fixes the work surface using a suction cup. Unstable knife sharpeners can cause injuries, and therefore any knife sharpener you decide to purchase must be sufficiently stable.

This knife sharpener can also sharpen much more than just knives. Use it for gardening shears, scissors, or any blade you need sharpening – it can do it all. It can sharpen serrated knives as well, unlike our previous option. Why not try it with blender blades or food processor blades? Priced under $20, it is worth its weight in gold. Just think about how much money you will save, now that you can sharpen all of your blades at home, rather than having to replace scissors and gardening equipment, not to mention your kitchen knives!

If that isn’t enough, it is also tiny to be carried around with you or to work! If you decide to use it for hunting knives, then it can effortlessly hold a place within your rucksack, and can easily be removed for sharpening your machete or hunting knife within a few seconds. There is no better option! After your blade has been pulled through the sharpener around four times, it will be done – that’s it! It is that easy.


  • Reliable: The SunrisePro will never let you down!
  • Easy to Use: pull your desired knife through the sharpener around four times, and it will be as if it was brand new.
  • Versatile: This sharpener can also be used for serrated blades, which comes in handy when hunting. Many knife sharpeners cannot do this, and therefore it is a unique selling point of this product.


  • Serrated Knives: Some say it isn’t quite as good at serrated knives as advertised.
  • Hilt Problems: The Sunrise Pro also has problems with any knife that has a hilt and can also struggle to sharpen near the handle as the sharpener is not indented to be able to cope with the handle.
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Accusharp 001

AccuSharp 001C Knife Sharpener

This handy little knife sharpener will sharpen all of your knives, gardening tools, and kitchen cutlery with relative ease. The tungsten carbide blades inside the tool can easily sharpen even the toughest of blades! Whether it be a hunting knife, a machete, a pocket knife, or a simple kitchen knife – the Accusharp 001 Knife Sharpener has got you covered!

The ergonomic design allows for it to be used by women, men, and children alike, even in the harshest environments. You can effortlessly use this knife sharpener on your serrated hunting knife within seconds.

The tungsten carbide blade can easily be used for years and years. Once it becomes slightly worn down, you can turn the blade around to get it back up and running. A blade typically lasts about seven years, giving you plenty of sharp knives! This means that this product is worth its money.


  • Reliable: The tungsten carbide blade can last up to 10 years before needing to be changed! This saves you money and time – ensuring that you’ll never be caught short on a hunting trip.
  • Cheap: Under $10, you really cannot fault this knife sharpener for the price and versatility that it can offer to you, whether you are a hunter or a chef.
  • Easy to Use: hold the sharpener over the knife blade, and pull it along the blade to get your knife back in perfect condition, whether it is a serrated blade or not.


  • May not get your knives, razor-sharp, as a good quality whetstone with a high grit would be able to. However, it is useful when you’re out on a hunting trip and need to sharpen your blades quickly, and don’t have a whetstone available.
  • It can be dangerous to use due to having to hold the knife blade facing you and apply pressure to the knife sharpener. This can cause an accident for someone without good hand-eye coordination.

Incredibly easy to use, regardless of what blade you need to sharpen. Also extremely cheap, and the blades last years!

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Winware 12”:

Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel, 12-Inch

One of the cheapest options available, you can’t go wrong with a good sharpening steel. The reviews don’t lie,  over 400 positive reviews. It is easy to see why people love this product. It can effortlessly sharpen all of your knives within a few strikes, scrape your knife along the side of the sharpening steel at speed with pressure, and you will get a lovely sharp finish to the blade.

To use a sharpening steel, you need to only stroke the blade against the sharpening steel from the hilt to the knifepoint, switching the sides every few strokes. If you do this correctly, you will be able to keep your knives, razor-sharp, for years to come.

The handle of the Winware 12” Sharpening Steel measures 5” long, giving you 7” of the sharpening steel to use, which is more than plenty. However, if you require a bit more room to work with, they do offer a 14” version of this very product.

You can sharpen serrated knives with this product too. However, it can be a little tricky as it is hard to move the knife across the sharpening steel horizontally to cover the whole blade. Nevertheless, with a bit of practice – it can be done. It can also fit into the typical rucksack, meaning you can take it on all of your hunting trips. However, a manual knife sharpener is considerably smaller and easier to use when outside.


  • Easy to Use: Simply stroke the knife-edge across the sharpening steel!
  • Durability: Will last years and years due to the quality stainless steel construction.
  • Versatility: Can be used for all types of blades!


  • Serrated Knives: It can be tough to find a good quality knife sharpener for serrated knives, although this knife sharpener can handle serrated knives, it is complicated to sharpen one correctly.

Quality sharpening at a quality price, and is effortless to use and brings your knives back to life in seconds.

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Kydara 111111111 Knife Sharpener:

Kydara 111111111, 6 Feet, Black

While this knife sharpener may be more towards the high end of the $25 budget, don’t let this put you off. It features three separate sharpeners for different purposes. The first is specifically designed for ceramic blades, do not use this for any other types of blades! The second is designed to give a rough sharpening for the duller blades, and the third is designed to hone all your blades to give them that razor-sharp blade you desire.

It’s incredibly easy to use and safe thanks to the comfortable grip handle, which ensures that you are under no danger while sharpening your knives. Pull each knife through the desired sharpener around four times, and you’ll be ready to go!


  • Easy to Use: pull the knife blade through the sharpener a few times, and it will be restored to its once former glory.
  • Dedicated Sharpeners: No more damaging blades with the wrong sharpener!
  • Versatile: Use for all of your knives, ceramic, or not!


  • Safety: Although this product is extremely safe, depending on how you hold it, you may need to keep an eye on your thumb; or you may accidentally slice it off!

A great knife sharpener at a great price, if you own ceramic knives, then this is a must-buy.

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What to look for?

Some knife sharpeners are designed for specific materials, and therefore they would be unsuitable for use with some knives. You need to make sure that whichever knife sharpener you buy, it can cope with all of your knives. If you only plan to use the knife sharpener for one knife or one material – then make sure it can deal with that material, and you should be fine.

Also, make sure that you look for the type of knife sharpener, as this will also affect the materials that can be used, and the performance you will receive. The main types will be listed below.

Benefits – Why?

The benefits of buying a knife sharpener are endless. No more dealing with blunt knives that are useless, sharpen them within a few seconds, and you’re ready to go. Your knives will last a lifetime.

Another key benefit is that you will save a lot of money in the long run, as you won’t need to replace your cooking knives as often. You can sharpen your knives every time you use them, and it will be like using a brand new knife every single time.

Type Of Knife Sharpeners

Sharpening Stones:

Sharpening stones are some of the most popular knife sharpeners available. They work by simply removing metallic material from the knife, creating a brand new, perfectly sharp edge for which you can cut. They are merely a cuboid block of stone, around an inch thick. They can be placed on your worktop, and are rather heavy due to the fact it is a stone. They can also be used for a large variety of blades, not just knives – therefore, they are relatively versatile. However, it is harder to use than other knife sharpeners and can take a while to get the desired result at first.

Sharpening Steels:

These are incredibly easy to use, and can quite easily be stored away in a kitchen drawer. It is merely a steel rod. However, some are made from other materials too. Although they are easy to use, it does take quite a bit of technique to get a perfect result.

Manual Knife Sharpeners:

Without a doubt, these are the easiest to use. You pull the knife through the sharpener, and this will give a sharp edge to the knife. This can also work for other knives, not just kitchen knives. Whether it be a pocket knife or a machete – this has got you covered. A manual knife sharpener is recommended for novices, due to the fact it is much easier to use than any other knife sharpener, and therefore easier to get the desired result, along with a much lower chance of damaging the knife further.

Electric Knife Sharpeners:

Many people, especially professionals, swear by electric knife sharpeners. A wheel inside moves which grinds against the blade of the knife, transforming a dull, blunt knife into a shiny, sharp knife. This is one of the fastest methods and is recommended if you will use it frequently, such as in a commercial environment. These are expensive.

How to choose the right cheap Knife Sharpener for you?

This is easy. You need to think about what you will use it for. If you will use it once a month, then the cheaper, the better. Perhaps look into sharpening steel, as this will be able to satisfy all of your needs. Although, if you require a heavier duty, faster solution – an electric knife sharpener (like Chef’s choice 1520) would better suit your needs, however, these aren’t available for under $25. Manual knife sharpeners can also be found relatively cheap, and these are amazing for all types of chefs, they can easily be used, and you will get a perfect result every time, regardless of the kind of knife that you use.


These are the best knife sharpeners under $25 that are currently available. Each one is good for different purposes. Therefore, you must think about the types of knives it needs to be able to sharpen, and how sharp it needs to be able to get them before making a decision.