Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Kraton Handle Review

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I occasionally join some of my friends when they go for a simple mountain hiking activity. In a year, I average around 2 or 3 hikes. That would mean a lot of walking, trail clearing, wood cutting. In all of the times that I joined my friends, I always brought with me my Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Black Kraton Handle knife. That’s a decision that turns out to be good and helpful one because it came in handy when I needed to clear my way of vines and small branches of tree and when I needed to cut some small firewood we use to cook and build a fire to provide us warmth.

What I loved the most about this knife is that it stays reliable despite me having it for a while now. The blade remains sharp for a very long time and with proper cleaning, it appears to be newly bought at times. That speaks a lot about the durability of such item despite it being used heavily. I am really glad that I have bought this. Everytime we go out on a hiking activity, I am confident that I can handle problems along the way, knowing that I have my Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Black Kraton Handle knife with me.

This is a tactical knife that can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities. The blade material is durable and strong, thus it lasts for a long period of time. Here are some of the salient features of this knife:

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Features San Mai III Steel Blade

Among all the materials used in producing knives, the San Mai III steel is the most popular. In fact, there are many imitations of this material which leads to many cases of customer dissatisfaction. The Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Black Kraton Handle knife’s blade is proven to be made from genuine San Mai III steel material, making it able to handle tough applications and also last for a long period of time.

Comes with Black Kraton Handle

Using a tactical knife in activities such as hiking is something you need to be careful with. If not, you might accidentally hurt yourself. It’s a good thing this knife that I also own has a Kraton Handle which provides you good grip with it. Whether you are cutting firewood or swinging it to clear vines, you’ll be safe because you have a good hold of the knife you are using.

Durable and long lasting

Knives are important tools. It is then important for you to have one that will last for a very long period of time. Luckily, this item’s blade is made of San Mai III steel so it does not break easily and is very durable even with repeated use.

Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Kraton

Features and Specifications of Cold Steel SRK San Mai III

  • Product Size 10.8 x 2 x 3.2 inches
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Blade thickness is 3/16 inches
  • Handle us 4 and ¾ inches long
  • Comes with secure sheath for safekeeping
  • Made in Japan
  • High Perfomance, stainless steel

Customer Reviews and scores

The Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Black Kraton Handle knife has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Upon reading, I have learned that various customer reviews revealed positive comments about the durability and sharpness of the blade of this knife. The handle is also a subject of positive comments. A proof of its lasting life is also revealed by the fact that many buyers are still using the same item they first bought.

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This is a must buy. As an experienced person in using tactical knives in outdoor activities such as hiking, I personally recommend buying this. It’s a great companion and will always be able to help you out. You won’t be wasting your money with the Cold Steel SRK San Mai III Black Kraton Handle knife.


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