Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto Combo Edge Knife Review

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I tried a lot of different combo edge knives on the market right now, and all of them are the same. They look the same and they have the same drawbacks. An interesting fact is that I was able to find one model that is completely different than others. It is the Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto combo Edge Knife and it is a completely different. Beside the look, it comes at a very low price. However, the quality is more than just good and this model can be compared with more expensive models.

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Features of Cold Steel Voyager

Modern and practical design

Both, the blade and the handle of this knife are different than other models have to offer. It looks modern, different and it is practical. At the same time, both of them are developed to offer a high level of usability and to make this knife better. This also means that the handle offers a perfect grip and thanks to the ergonomic design, it can be used for a few hours per day and it won’t cause wrist fatigue. In addition, the design of the handle has been adjusted so the risk of injuries is reduced. The situation with the blade is the same. It is easier to use it than knives with other types of blades.

Tri-ad locking system

Another feature, that makes the Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto combo Edge Knife different than the competition is the locking system. You must know that this is the latest mechanisms, developed to accommodate knives that have been developed for the most demanding applications. The manufacturer claims that the level of the maintenance is more than just low, so this knife can last for a long time, despite the fact you don’t have to maintain it. At the same time, the system in question is safe and it has been treated as one of the safest mechanisms of this type. This is another advantage this model has, compared with other combo edge knives from the same price range.

Long lasting sharpness

The best feature of the model in question is the sharpness of the blade. Keep in mind that it is 4 mm thick and it has been developed for heavy duty applications. In addition, the blade is sharpened on a unique way, so it will stay sharp longer than other blades, no matter what you cut. It is resistant to damages and scratches as well, so it can be used for hard materials.

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  • The dimensions: 6.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • County of origin: Taiwan
  • Long lasting sharpness of the blade
  • 4 mm blade thickness
  • Tri-ad locking mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto combo Edge Knife is the most common choice thanks to the locking mechanism and a very durable blade. It is highly rated, so it has 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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One of the best and the most popular combo edge knives at this moment is the Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto combo Edge Knife. It is also one of the highest ranked knives of this type thanks to the amazing features and a high level of quality. In general, this model is practical, durable and designed for the heaviest applications. It can last a long time, despite the fact the price is more than affordable. In addition, this model can be only compared with more expensive models, simply due to the fact it is better than models from the same price range. In fact, it is better than most knives from a higher price range.