DALSTRONG Infinity Blade Ceramic Chef Knife Review

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Steel knives are famous for their capabilities of high level of sharpness and satisfactory edge retention duration. However, this does not mean that steel is the only reliable option to choose when it comes to choosing a Chef’s knife. Well, this is something that the DALSTRONG Infinity ceramic chef’s knife has proved!

In fact, this professional knife seems to be much more reliable than a steel one, especially in terms of sharpness and edge retention. This is because comparatively, both these capabilities exceed those of the steel blades in other chef’s knives. Further, this DALSTRONG knife has some more features or benefits, which you may never be able to find as ‘all-in-one’ offer in any other popular chef’s knife with a steel blade. Let’s check them all out!

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Features of DALSTRONG Ceramic Chef Knife

Ultra Light Construction

Once you remove the knife from the top-notch packaging, it really feels perfectly fitting in hands. It is not too heavy but, in fact, is super light. Still, it is not too light to give a feeling of flimsiness. Its weight is perfectly light to take away the feeling of actually holding something, as the tool fits perfectly in the palm.

Despite being light, its quality is such that it will not lead to food browning, absorption of acids, salts, and oils, or leave behind any unfavorable metallic taste. This makes residual leftover nil and cleaning easier than steel knives.

The knife is meticulously designed in a state of the art environment, wherein tons of pressure has been applied to the zirconium powder (ceramic) of highest quality. Several hours of sintering at high temperature is responsible for the knife’s reliable density as well as great uniformity.

Sharper and More Edge Retaining Blade Material than Steel

The blade of this knife is made up of zirconium ceramic whose hardness is next to the hardness of diamond. That makes the blade really hard! Interestingly, it also makes the blade two times sharper than that of steel.

The brand’s distinct process delivers a stronger and tougher blade that is more resistant to deterioration than those of the competitors. Such toughness also contributes 15 times longer edge retention than that of steel. The knife is also hand polished to give a mirror finish edge.

These big features of the blade also contribute to ultra-thin slicing and dicing actions. You can easily slide the blade effortlessly through foods.

Full Control

You enjoy full control and consequently self confidence as you hold the handle. At the time, you can feel the flawless precision and quick maneuvering you always yearned to see. The hand fatigue is also reduced significantly while slicing and dicing; all thanks to the blade’s super light zirconium oxide construction material.

Perfect for Health

It is rare to see a knife that is totally BPA-free, is resistant to all germs, is non-porous, never rusts, and has no chemical leakage. However, all these healthy signs are ensured by this knife.


  • 2 x 4.2 x 1.4 inches
  • 4 ounces
  • Exquisite gift packaging
  • Ultra light
  • 8-inches long blade
  • Mirror finish
  • Sharpness double than steel
  • Edge retention 15 times longer than steel
  • Ideally engineered balance
  • BPA free
  • Resistant to acids, rust, stains, odor, chemical leakage, bacteria, germs, and oils
  • No food oxidization or browning
  • Shipped with: Diamond dust sharpener, sharpening cradle, sheath, polishing cloth, and 100% money back guarantee for 120 days

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Consider this knife if you are on a budget. However, it is simply not for prying, sawing, chopping really tough or frozen things bones.