Deadpool Knife Block – How Cool is That?

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With the introduction of knife blocks, the majority of knife users stopped putting their kitchen knives into a drawer where they only got scratched and struck. A block exclusively made for storing kitchen knives aims to save space as well as protect knives from deterioration.

Although these blocks have their limitations of occasional dulling the edges and not easy to clean, nobody can deny that they are among the most admired storage solutions around. The simple design of this solution and its pervasiveness in the kitchens trigger the need for some creativity.

This is perhaps why the Deadpool knife block has been invented. It highlights the artistry over functionality.

Deadpool Knife Block/Dead Pool/Marvel Gift/Knife Holder
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If you have watched the movie, you will endorse the fact that this Deadpool’s head block is a visually apt option. Reminiscent of the Vice Versa storage block for knives, the 3D printed sculpture does require some effort from your side to come to life.

This block is a headache for Deadpool but an attention-captivating accessory for your kitchen. If you love the Deadpool character, this knife block is going to be an integral part of your kitchen, in case you have still not made it. So, why not add it to your kitchen?

Overview of the Deadpool Knife Block

Knife blocks are made for storing knives. However, the Deadpool knife block is made for fulfilling the dual purposes of storing knives and reflecting a heroic look. It is designed in the shape of Deadpool, one of the niftiest comic book characters.

He is a crazy, avant-garde, and a giant Merc having a mouth and a head that you will see full of knives. This is strangely something that this character would do. He is known to take a knife into his brain.

As a fictional character in the American Marvel Comics, Deadpool is a twisted personality with an amusing sense of humor. You may look upon him as a superhero, an insane guy, or an antihero due to his liking towards pointy objects.

He is admired for his exceptional healing abilities. He has suffered extreme brain damage several times without significant effect. At present, his bizarre fondness has tagged him with one more title called the Knife Block. The famous fictional character is now a sentinel holder of cutting tools.

He is fond of sharp items and has no fear when it comes to wedging them into his rivals. This perhaps makes him eligible to be your knife carrier in the kitchen.

So, get ready to put knives into his head out of sheer monotony. The maker of this block agreed and consequently came up with this design of a cool place for resting knives – the wide head of Wade Wilson!

The Way the Deadpool Knife Block Came to Life

People who love to make things out of the box or even just simple things have always mystified the viewers. This, too, applies to this stunning knife block.

The maker is not like those who would put all knives in a drawer in the absence of a proper storage block. Rather, the maker is from the ones who decide to get rid of such life-shortening storage options by making an innovative one with some knowledge, 3D printer, and the latest graphics or designing software.

Well, this maker is Britt Michelsen, whose brainchild has resulted in a real Deadpool knife block. She finally dropped what is believed to be the globe’s most original cutlery holder.

Britt has proved that it is truly amazing what one can achieve with the help of a little cleverness and planning coupled with good conventional effort. It is her hard work due to which you can now introduce a little Deadpool to your daily kitchen life.

She has also made it possible for anyone to make this great block on your own!

The Making of the Deadpool Knife Block

The Deadpool knife block is a Do-It-Yourself project. It involves using a 3D printer as well as a modeling software program to make a figure of the lively superhero with slots for knives built into the head. Britt Michelsen has used these tools to come up with this unconventional 3D-printed holder.

Originally, this chemical engineer Britt had devised a plan to make a Julius Caesar knife block that was amusing enough. However, when she saw Deadpool, she recognized the fact that this would be her real 3D printing subject.

Thus, she used some freeware tools such as Autodesk Recap 360, Autodesk Meshmixer, and Sculptris for digitally making the character’s sculpture and print the same using a printer so that the outcome can take her kitchen to a different level.

She did this all by herself, although she was unfamiliar with the 3D modeling tools when this idea of making a Deadpool knife block came in her mind. Thus, she had to learn these tools mentioned above on-the-fly.

During this learning journey, Britt got help from a few former 3D sculpts of Deadpool belonging to different sources. She was then able to customize the bust as per her requirements. At this stage, she edited and adjusted the figure along with its mesh.

Then, she picked up a few knives and accordingly made spaces or slots in the digitized head of Deadpool to match both the shape and size. After completing the design, Britt 3D-printed the figure in many different sections.

She used the MakerBot Replicator 2 printer for building the block. This was then passed through an application of a custom paint that used the Deadpool’s signature colors, namely, red and black, along with white eyes.

Britt couldn’t fit the full head-on print via Replicator 2. Thus, she had to print in different sections at different times and later glued them to obtain the desired human head. With her Replicator 2, five sections were printed. Together, she took approximately 40 hours to do so.

Next, she layered it using a coat of resin before painting. She also sanded primed. The outcome? A precise, amusing, and thorough representation of the Merc. It is undoubtedly a mesmerizing addition to the kitchen of any geek, especially the one with Deadpool craze.

Making Your Own Deadpool Knife Block

Starting everything from scratch just as Britt would be demotivating and tedious, right? Well, this is something that even Britt seemed to know. Thus, as an Instructables contributor (BrittLiv), Britt has made your life easier if you wish to make your own Deadpool block!

She has shown admirable kindness to share the full designing procedure as well as 3D files along with in-detail step-by-step procedures and instructions about what to do after printing. All these details are shared on Instructables.

The post has images, links, and specific explanations regarding the programs used in the designing of the bust. Just as Deadpool, Britt, too, is a superhero who shared the exact process online. You, too, can share your experience of making or using the Merc with a Mouth.

Certainly, this is a DIY project. For those having a 3D printer and just looking for something cool to create, this is a golden opportunity. You can easily make the block by yourself, thanks to Britt.

Many online posts have pointed a limitation of this block, which is unable to buy this block. However, this is no longer true. You can buy it online on Etsy and Amazon, although the chances of ‘stock over’ always remain high.

Moreover, as on the Instructables page, all types of licensing issues are there while attempting to make money using this Wade Wilson’s head. So, selling it may not be that easy. This is why it is recommended to make your own using a 3D printer.

All Deadpool fanatics can now make their superhero-inspired block for storing knives by following the procedure shared on the maker’s Instructables page. Do not hesitate to stab through the hero’s head, as the witty personality is indestructible.

Where to Buy a Deadpool Knife Block

We were able to find one listing on Amazon by Boshans Craft for this knife block set.


The Deadpool knife block is undoubtedly a distinct addition to your kitchen for storing your bayonet and other knife collections safely into the adaptive Deadpool’s head while introducing a fascinating object to boost the overall look and appeal of your kitchen decor.

Even if you do not like this character, although most do, you will feel proud to display his head with the sharpest knives stored inside. After all, it is hard to resist such a functional and visually appealing block.

You may choose to buy one or make your own. The choice is yours! For being a happy and proud owner of the Deadpool’s head filled with different types of useful knives, all you have to do is strictly follow the tutorial.

While it is essential to know about 3D modeling as well as printing, the shared files and steps can be a big help for those who are just beginners. Something to use and relish that you have made is more gratifying than buying a readymade piece.

Soon, it seems that we may end up having a full range of Deadpool tools for kitchen use with Deadpool 2 in the works at present.