Delta 31-481 Drum Sander Review

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Initially, my company purchased the Delta Woodworking 31-481; however, when the company went bankrupt, my boss allowed me to keep the machine as it was unsellable. I have used it for a variety of uses, including sanding down wardrobe doors, standard household doors, along with panels of wood for various projects. I can safely say this is the best drum sander on the market currently. It’s sheer power simply blasts through anything you throw at it!

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One of the great features about the Delta Woodworking 31-481 is the mere fact features two drums, instead of the standard one. This is an excellent feature, and provides a much higher sanding quality, compared to conventional drum sanders. The first drum tends to roughly sand the wood, whereas the second drum refines the wood, leaving an ultra-smooth finish.

Dust CollectionDelta Woodworking 31-481 26-Inch Dual Drum Sander, 3-HP, 230V

The Delta Woodworking 31-481 features two large dust ventilation compartments to allow for maximum efficiency in regards to dust collection. This helps maximize productivity, keeping your work area, and workplace clean.


Delta Woodworking’s primary focus is safety, and the Delta Woodworking 31-481 is no exception. With emergency stop buttons and start buttons logically placed to the right of the operator, in the event of an emergency – the machine can be stopped within a split second, preventing fatal injuries.


The Delta Woodworking 31-481 sports a vast 12 ¼ inch by 25 ½ inch capacity, for even the biggest of projects. This means thin wardrobe doors can be effortlessly sanded, along with smaller pieces of wood. This large capacity is one of the largest within its price bracket, making it extremely competitive in terms of versatility. It features huge 26-inch drums, apt for huge projects.


The motor within this fine piece of machinery kicks out a whopping 3hp for even the most demanding of industrial tasks. The motor within the Delta Woodworking 31-481 is brilliant, it doesn’t heat up too much, despite two drums situated on one machine! Everything about this drum sander is just pure brilliance.


Aesthetically, the Delta Woodworking 31-481 features a grey metal, industrial design. Along with a large banner type logo at the base. While this may not be as “fancy” as some other drum sanders, the minimalist design works for this sander. Especially considering the sanding quality it provides. In terms of structure, it is simply amazing. It will always remain sturdy, regardless of the amount of weight you sit on it.


The tension adjusting mechanism is effortless to use, to tighten up the belt to receive optimum sanding quality. The mechanism is also extremely reliable, keeping the belt at the correct tension for an extremely long time.

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Delta 31-481 Features and Specifications

Delta Woodworking 31-481 26-Inch Dual Drum Sander, 3-HP, 230V

  • 26-inch Drums
  • 3hp Motor
  • Large Capacity
  • The abundance of Safety Features
  • Weight – 530 lbs.
  • Product Size – 31 x 46 x 53 inches

Delta 31-481 Drum Sander Customer Reviews

As you would expect from a drum sander within this range, the build quality is amazing. It features a full, solid metal construction – ensuring reliability. With the two large dust compartments, it won’t let you down – even on the busiest of days. You cannot fault this tool at all, and the belt tracking is all perfect and rarely needs to be adjusted, however, if it does, this is easy to do. Customers liked it very much as it can make high-end cabinets and furniture with professional standards

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In conclusion, there are no bad words for this drum sander. It is simply amazing; the huge amount of power is abundant for anything you could ever want to do. Even when faced with a large task, it will blast through it – leaving nothing behind but an industry-grade smooth finish.