Delta Power Tools 36-6020 Portable Table Saw Review

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Nowadays, table saws are used by all woodworkers and most handymen, due to the fact they are incredibly useful but affordable. The reason why they are so popular is due to the fact they are very light but has strong electric motors designed for everyday use. This means that these machines can be used all day without a problem.

The latest trend, when it comes to these machines are portable table saw machines. One of the best, at this moment, is the Delta Power Tools 36-6020. Machines like these can be carried and easily transported because they have small wheels. This makes them the best power tools for mobile handymen and woodworkers who have remote jobs. Despite the fact they are portable, these machines have the same features and advantages as ordinary table saws.

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Retractable bladesDelta Power Tools 36-6022 Jobsite Saw, Black

The blade would retract below the table surface, which allows you to clean the table easier and reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Cleaning the table when the blade is up, is dangerous, and the risk of injuries is high. Another benefit is when you transport this machine. Once again, when the blade is up, the risk of injuries during transport is high. Thanks to it, this machine is one of the safest to clean and transport on the market.

Folding stand

Thanks to the folding stand, this machine can be stored almost anywhere. All you need to do is to unlock the stand (you can use the foot) and lift the machine. Thanks to this ability, it requires less space than similar machines. This feature is useful during transport as well. The fact it is very simple to use makes this machine even better. Most contractors have chosen this model precisely because of the folding stand feature.

RH table extension

The table on this machine is made from aluminum, so it is light. The whole machine weighs just 88 pounds. Keep in mind that it has a powerful electric motor, which is the heaviest component. Even better, it has an RH extension, so it is adjustable. This makes this machine more useful due to the fact it can be used for materials with different sizes.

Great On/off switch

Some table saws have unreachable controls, which makes them hard to use and less safe because you must look for the switch, while the blade is still on. This model has one of the best on/off switches on the market. It can be easily reached, so you don’t have to look for it. Even better, the switch is large, so it can be used even when you have gloves on your hands. Besides the switch, this table saw has other safety features such as cord wrap, fences, and the aforementioned retractable blade. In general, it is one of the safest table saws on the market.

Delta Power Tools 36-6020 Features and Specifications

Delta Power Tools 36-6022 Jobsite Saw, Black

  • The dimensions are 36 x 28 x 18 inches.
  • The weight is 88 pounds.
  • The country of origin is Taiwan.
  • The manufacturer is Delta.
  • Folding stand.
  • Large on/off switch.

Delta Power Tools 36-6020 Customer Reviews

Customers find it a high-quality saw and a moderate price. But very difficult to follow directions initially, though.

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If you are looking for a new table saw, this may be a perfect choice. Besides the fact it is a high-quality machine, it is also portable, and it can be easily stored, so it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. This makes it perfect for contractors, handymen, and ordinary people who don’t have large areas to store their items. On the other side, this machine is much safer to use than similar models from the same price range. All of this makes it a great choice.