DEWALT D26441K Sheet Sander Review

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My time, while working with the DEWALT D26441K was great! The 14,000 OPM Motor simply glides through most daily tasks; it not only did the job great but was a pleasure to use.

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DEWALT Palm Sander, 1/4 Sheet (DWE6411K)Motor

The strong 2.4 Amp motor operates at 14,000 OPM, while not being too powerful, it is not too weak to perform even the hardest of tasks. Even after extended use, the motor doesn’t run excessively hot, and the machine doesn’t need thermal throttle. Meaning even after using for hours, the DEWALT sander will still operate just like it did the first time you used it, and it will not slow down or need to cool down.

Body Grip

The body grip on this sander is excellent, while not being too special, it has a superior ergonomic design, allowing for extended use without causing fatigue, or aching hands. Although I found during use on hot days, sweat did defeat the anti-slip rubber top of the tool, and it needed a quick wipe with a damp cloth to allow the tool to be easily gripped and not slide around in your hand again. Although, despite that minor issue, it is still a decent design, especially at a price.

Sealed Construction

Now, this is great, many other tools that say they are “100% sealed” aren’t lying, but they aren’t the best, after a small amount of use you will notice dust from sanding within other tools. However, while I expected this, I was quite thrilled to find out that this time, even after extended use, the machine was still clear of dust and other parasites inside.

Dust Bag

This is a minor issue with this machine, and the cloth bag isn’t amazing. I would recommend adding a vacuum hose instead for it to work efficiently, as dust easily slips between the woven bag, which is a shame. But if you have no other choice, it isn’t too bad. It is still ten times better than no dust collection system. But paper bags/vacuum hoses are a lot better.

Counter Balanced Design

This is a wonderful little addition from DEWALT. This handy little feature helps reduce fatigue – and sore muscles from using the tool over prolonged periods. Other brands also include this feature, but I have never yet seen it as well-executed as in this tool. It works by reducing the vibrations transmitted through the body of the tool to the user.

Overall Build Quality

Overall, the build quality is good, while it doesn’t possess the robustness you would expect from a $100+ tool, you can’t fault it at its current price. For a cheap starter sander, it is sublime and has some features that even more premium sanders don’t have. While noise is a small issue, the actual sanding quality of this tool is beautiful. It’s one of the smoothest sanders I have used in the sub-$100 range. It is also stable during operation, which is key for an optimal sanding experience.

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DEWALT D26441K Specifications and FeaturesDEWALT Palm Sander, 1/4 Sheet (DWE6411K)

  • 4 Amp Motor
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Sealed Switch
  • 100% Sealed Design
  • Large Dust Bag

Dewalt D26441K Sheet Sander Customer reviews:

Dewalt D26441K is an excellent sheet sander for the money. It’s blazing fast compared to its peers, and customers have reported it has increased their productivity. It’s a good sturdy sander but does emit a loud screeching sound. So an earplug would be ideal.

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For a DIY-Enthusiast, I would recommend this sander, or to anyone, I would. But if you are in the wood-working industry, for the price – this sander is one of the best, however, for premium work, go with a premium sander. The included vacuum hose capabilities are a nice plus, to keep your work area clean.