DEWALT DW735X Planer Review

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In some construction jobs, reducing the thickness of wood has been a significant problem. I was desperately in need of a planer that I can reduce the thickness of wood or smoothen its surface.

For days my laptop and I were like best buddies. I was searching the web to find a planer that can get the job done for me. I was a bit desperate because I was beginning to lag behind my work schedule. In my search, I stumbled with DEWALT DW735X 13″ Two-Speed Planer Package. I read its specifications and also some of the reviews of the people who have bought it. I liked what I read, but I told myself that I need to prove if this is something that has been proven, so I tried it out, and I was happy because it was able to meet my expectations.

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Powerful Even for Larger Cuts

DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)

If you intend to use this type of machine on large scale industries or simply use it extensively, you have to make sure your unit has the kind of power that will be able to handle the job. This particular machine is equipped with a motor that has 15 AMP power and can have 20,000. That means you’ll have a mighty machine in your corner just waiting to flatten or reduce the thickness of those wood materials.

Longer Knife Life

Frequent changing of knives for this kind of industrial machine is not just economic. That would mean more expenses, and it will also increase the chances of damaging the unit itself if the changing process is done in the wrong way. It’s a good thing that this planer has three knife cutter head that delivers 30% longer knife life. What’s also good about this is that it makes the whole process faster and easier.

Optimized Cuts

This machine has a two-speed gearbox that enables the user to have control over the speed of feeding the wood material. With this, the cutting process is optimized, and it can be set between 96 to 179 CPI. That’s an amazing feature for a product that has a minimal price. It offers a decent job of cutting your materials the way they should be cut.

User Friendly

With its chip ejection vacuums that are fan assisted, you won’t have to deal with manually cleaning the planer itself. It will help you save more time and effort, and you won’t risk wounding yourself by being cut with the razor-sharp knives during the cleaning process.

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DEWALT DW735X Features and Specifications

  • Product dimension is at 24x22x18
  • Weight recorded at 100 lbs
  • Corded
  • Powered by electricity
  • Has 15 AMP motor
  • Up to 20,000 RMP of motor
  • Optimized cuts between 96-179 CPI
  • Has an automatic way of cleaning wood chips
  • 30% longer knife life
  • Three knife cutter-head for faster cutting or smoothing

DEWALT DW735X Planer Customer Reviews

DEWALT DW735X Planer is a fantastic planer for a DIY / semi-professional workshop. It works very very well once the blades are good and sharp.

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It is a product that can be a good find. With its price, you are a winner to get all of the features mentioned a while ago. If you are looking for a machine that you can use to reduce the thickness of your wood materials or smooth their surfaces, this product can certainly do the job. In my personal opinion, this is something you can buy because it’s worth it. You won’t waste your money on this particular industrial machine.