DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press Review

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Drill press or bench drill- no matter how you call the device, it is an essential item to any woodworker. I also think that without the drill press, my workshop is incomplete. So, I have planned to buy the most valuable tool, i.e., DEWALT DWE1622K.

DEWALT DWE1622K provides a lot of advantages. This is a magnetic drilling system that can offer the power of about ten amps along with two-speed settings. In case of the bigger diameter cuts, you can have a speed of about 300 RPM, while for the smaller ones, the RPM is nearly 450. The thing can glide through different applications and materials. Thus, it delivers incredible accuracy all through the hardest cuts.

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In addition to it, the machine also presents the drill travel (of four inches). It means that you can enjoy a considerable capacity of cutting to deal with all the most complicated applications. As the drill press of DEWALT has an enormous capacity and power, it is also equipped with overload protection. This protection is given by including electronic elements, which can switch off your device while the motor becomes extremely hot. Though it seems to be a drag, it can be considered as a type of lifesaver.

Light system for workspace

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch

Another feature that is included in this DEWALT drill press is LED light. This It lights up when the tool gets overloaded. When you do not regulate the usage of the drill, this system shuts-off. Thus it prevents the motor from premature damage and excess accessory wear.

Coolant container

A coolant bottle is also attached to the drill, and this is magnetic. You will be able to link this bottle to your drill and also to more than one worktable. Thus, in other words, the system can offer you lots of control over the orientation of the tool. To have a better variety of the placement of tools, there is a feed handle, which can be shifted to any direction of the drill press. You only need to hit the button of quick release at the mid-portion of the handle. If you wish, you may remove this fast. The adjustment option for the height of the motor offers a higher level of compatibility to the accessory. The chuck system can also be quickly changed.

DWE1622K also includes cutter power (2-inch) along with a twist bit power (13/16 inch). The brushes can be accessed quickly. A solid kit-box is also included in the package.

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DEWALT DWE1622K Features and Specifications

  • Motor with 10 AMP
  • Electronics for overload protection
  • Alter the chuck system very fast
  • The magnetic coolant container

DEWALT DWE1622K Customer Reviews

Customers liked the drill. Good quality, easy to use. It includes storage boxes and accessories that some of the other brands did not. A good value.

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Overall, the DEWALT drill press presents resourcefulness and power to make sure that you better utilize this product for almost any project. The hard, thick metals cannot outdo such drill press. Turn over one switch, and the magnetic bottom can fasten it to any material and blow out some accurate and fast drilling.