ESEE 6P-B Knife Review

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Gone were the days when hunting was just all about guns, spears and bow and arrows. Now, hunters often equip themselves with auxiliary tools like pocket knives. I should know about this because it is a practice that I do when I go on a little hunting spree together with my friends. When I decided to join with this fun activity, I bought a knife, particularly the ESEE 6P-B Knife. It’s not as big as other knives, but its usefulness on the field cannot be denied. It’s like bring a life saver inside my bag all the time.

The idea is that hunting can be fun if you are prepared for all contingencies. Not all the times you can use a gun (if you are using one) to accomplish all tasks related with your activity. I have proven that. There were plenty of times when I just looked up in the sky and felt glad that I brought with me something so useful that it solves some of the problems that go on my or out way.

This is a survival knife that is small in size. It’s made of premium steel material that can handle heavy duty applications even in the most extreme environments. Here are some of the salient features of this knife that will convince you that it can definitely help a lot in hunting activities.

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Features of ESEE 6P-B

Made of high grade steel material

The blade of this knife, which measures 6.50 inches, is made of 1095 steel. It is forged in such a way that it produces a blade that is fine shaped and has incredible sharpness. The material also proves to be impervious to rust which can be a good thing if you want your knife to last for a long period of time

It has well designed handle for comfort and safety

The handle of the ESEE 6P-B Knife is made of Grey Micarta Scale known to provide comfort. But taking from experience, comfort is not the only thing that is given by this type of knife handle. It also proves to be a safety feature, preventing possibilities of accidental slips when handling the knife which can cause gruesome injuries.

Durable and can be used in a lot of ways

A knife is not only good for cutting or chopping tasks. It can also be used in many more ways. This, however, depends on many factors such as the type, size and design of the knife. This particular item features a design that enables it to be put in a stick and used as a spear and even a replacement for arrows (if you are to use bows). There seems to be no limits to the applications of this particular knife.


  • Overall length listed at 11.75 inches
  • Blade length measured at 6.50 inches
  • Blade is made from 1095 steel
  • Handle material is Micarta Scale
  • Comes with molded polymer sheath
  • Item weight is 1 lb

ESEE 6P-B Knife

Customer Reviews and Scores

It has a commendable average rating of 4.7 stars which speaks greatly of how people perceive the item and its features. There are a number of current and verified users that appreciated the overall design and the sharpness of the blade of this particular knife. Some even stated that they have recommended this to their friends.

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This particular knife is a perfect fit for activities such as hunting and other outdoor events you might participate into. Considering that it has a low price, but is backed by features that are simply awesome, I personally encourage you to buy one for yourself. You’ll be amazed by how much it can help you.