Fidget Knife: Fidget Spinner on a Knife

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Fidget spinners are exciting but let’s accept the fact that you even spin a pen. However, what if you get a tool that is both a fidget spinner and a folding knife? If this sounds interesting, a fidget knife is for you.

It is a functional knife, not a toy, that can spin atop your fingers. It is usually a pocket knife meant for recreational and functional purposes.

What is a Fidget Knife?

Fidget Knife

Fidget knives are made using different materials such as steel or plastic. If designed for kids, these folders are made up of plastic, contain a dull edge, and have a non-serrated, straight blade. A few of these models also come with LED or flashing lights.

Usually, fidget spinner knives are available in a geometric or solid black pattern. This is evident through their handles reflecting intricate designs, including logo or brand engravings. A few custom models are even designed to contain prints akin to comic book protagonists or symbols.

These knives are foldable and portable. For transportation, many of them come with clips to get attached to pants for quick and easy access.

Just as fidget spinners are known to relieve anxiety and maintain focus, the fidget spinning knives help in relaxing, relieving stress, and performing some finger or hand exercises. They are collectibles; many folks simply enjoy collecting them.

However, fidget spinner knives, are likely to trigger a feeling of being threatened when spun in front of an adversary. Still, if you enjoy spinning, you will surely love these collectible weapons.

Top Fidget Spinner Knives Available Online

7″ FIDGET SPINNER TANTO Folding Pocket Knife

Fidget Spin Knife

Combining a folding knife and fidget spinner, this pocket knife is a versatile tool to rely upon whether you just want to fidget or protect yourself in an adverse situation. With a length of only 4 inches when closed, this compact knife-cum-spinner looks much like a normal fidget spinner.

However, in terms of functionality, it goes beyond that to act as a tactical knife.  The rectangular handle is the abode of a genuinely sharp, 2.75-inch blade. It is a modified tanto blade having a flipper for lightning-quick deployment and a gunmetal finish of black, grey, silver, or blue.

Through the smooth ball bearing assisted mechanism, the blade comes out of the handle to act as a utility or a self-defense tool. The frame locking system ensures that the blade stays firm in its closed position.

The tanto blade is ideal for slashing and cutting. The blade is made using 440 stainless steel, which is a corrosion-resistant and lasting material. The handle is made using aluminum, which means you are ensured of a sturdy, comfortable hold.

Weighing only 5 ounces, this cleaver-style knife comes with a round center pad for spinning. However, before spinning this knife, ensure that the blade is closed. Due to its small size, you can hide this knife and carry it in your bag easily. When open, this fidget spinner knife measures 7 inches long! Not only is it an EDC pocket knife but it is also a useful tool to relieve stress.

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Knife Master Finger Fidget Spinner Hand Pocket Knife

With a rainbow-like colorful look, this fidget spinner knife seems to be a decorative piece to gift, collect and cherish. However, it is not so. This appealing knife is also as functional as a folding knife.

This is not a spinning toy but a knife with a sharp blade that is 2.6-inch long to cut a cord, fruit, and a box comfortably and efficiently. It is made using 440C stainless steel, a material ensuring great toughness at a budget-friendly price, fair edge retention ability, fair corrosion resistance, and super ease of sharpening.

The spin with this knife is truly fun, whose credit goes to the bearings and screwed buttons.

Meteorite Fidget Spinner Knife

Meteroite Fidget Spinner Knife

Modified to be a fidget spinner, this folder not only relieves stress but also cuts a cable, splits a big burger, and tears through a package. It is assisted by a spring mechanism due to which there is no chance for the blade to deploy accidentally while it spins between the finger and thumb.

There are bearings smartly built into the handle scales, and that the buttons are fastened with screws to ensure lasting spinning function. They ensure that the spin lasts for two minutes, if not more. Moreover, the knife is meticulously balanced to deliver a smooth spinning experience, which means no resistance to spin. Just note that this knife will spin with the locked blade.

Coming to the knife functionality, it is all about its blade. The 2.4-inch hollow grind blade features a 2.2-inch edge and is made using AUS8 Japanese steel, a mid-level steel option offering decent edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, and hardness.

The blade is easily deployable. The liner lock then ensures that the blade does not move out when it is in the closed position. The lock also is made using stainless steel.

This lightweight knife comes with a 3.2-inch handle having scales of 6061 aluminum. You also get a removable pocket clip that you can re-orient for right- or left-handed users.


A fidget knife is multifunctional, as it serves as a knife and a spinning toy. It is an ideal gift for weapon collectors as well as users.