Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Review

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When it comes to tools for fixing small things around the house or surviving into the wild, I have had my fair share of tries. Over the years I ended buying multiple products, all featuring only one purpose. In the end, I spend thousands of dollars on professional tools I might not use the second time in my life, but still probably paid less than if I were to hire a professional handyman each time I had put a nail into the wall or fix up a leaking pipe. Moreover, throughout my experience I came to the conclusion that professional work should be handled by professionals only using professional and expensive tools. The rest of the artsy, crafty and quite small choruses can be conducted by yourself without having to spend too much money on specific tool belts and plenty of items. On the contrary, a good and resistant multi tool will mainly do the trick for you and spare you of carrying around heavy and unnecessary tools around the belt. Moreover, they are way less expensive, meaning you can afford investing in a good piece and enjoy multiple uses. And, into my quest on finding the perfect multiplier to fit all my needs and dreams, I stumbled across the Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Tool and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Here are some of the reasons why I advice you do the same:

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Features of Fire Talon Premium

Heavy tool, loads of purposes

Obviously, the first feature of every multi tool is that it has to encase a wide series of functions. The more the better, but make sure you find one tool that is actually crafted smart enough to fit all of those advertised purposes, without blocking the access to its other features while using one of them. The Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Tool features a combo knife, spring-loaded needle nose pliers with wire cutters, wire strippers, a pair of beautifully crafted spring-load scissors and two built-in LED flashlights! This invention is perfect for those who love an outdoor adventure or those who are in the military. The black oxide stainless steel design is made for maximum durability and will add a few extra coolness points as well! Moreover, the built-in rubber handle ensures sure grip and maximum handling, comfort for using under the most harsh weather conditions – extreme sun, heat, humidity or rain.

Other features

What I love most about this Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Tool is the sharpness of the knife’s blade, as well as the scissors. The company sure knows how to craft a beautiful multi tool to serve a dozen of purposes or even more, without diminishing the quality of any of its featured built-in tools. The tool features a huge 3-inch and self locking stainless steel knife to ensure you get your job done no matter what.  Also, the tool measures only 4 inch in length and weights just little under10 pounds, which makes it perfect to be carried about in any backpack and easily handled no matter the circumstances. Have I also mentioned about the great price value and the life time warranty? Exactly my point. The Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Tool comes with a lifetime warranty at just a fraction of the price of a regular tool this strong. You will only pay around $36 and get to brag about your new acquisition even decades after your purchase.

Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Review


  • Weight – 9.8 ounces
  • Two Built in LED lights
  • self-locking
  • stainless steel 3Cr13 knife blade
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores

Apart from great features and specifications, this product has a great design too. So far, this product has got 4.4 stars out of 5 stars and got many excellent reviews from the customers.

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All in all this is a great product that not only promises more, but also delivers so much more! The built-in LED flashlights are perfect in any situation, especially when you are trying to find some extra light to finish repairing that item. The scissors are sharp enough to cut wires and the knife blade is just perfect for any job! Buy this product now and you will never regret your acquisition.