Gerber 31-000558 Knife Review

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I am thinking of signing up for survival training to gain additional knowledge on how to deal with life and death situations brought about my calamities such as flooding, earthquakes and the like. My friends are also planning to join up and we are on the stage where we are already planning about the things that we should bring and eventually have. On the subject of knives, I have decided to go for the Gerber 31-000558 Knife that has slowly gained popularity over many online shops now. I bought one and showed to my friends and they loved it.

If you look at it, you will see that it looks like your average outdoor knife. But taking a look at its salient features will make you realize that you actually have one of the best out there. I decided to stick with this and even included it with my survival kit. At least now I know that I have a knife in my kit that can be used in a lot of ways during emergency situations. That makes me more confident that I can do well in my survival training and thus can survive even the most extreme situations and environments.

This is an outdoor knife intended for survival. Basically, this can help to do things like cutting or chopping small pieces of woods. It can also act as spear (when tied into a long stick) and it can be used to dig the ground and many more. Here are some of its winner features:

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Features of Gerber 31-000558

It has partially serrated blade

Before you question this, let us be clear that its blade is just partially and not fully serrated. That means you can still use it in the same way as you will with a knife that has fine edge. This also means you can use it when you need a serrated blade. This provides you with more options despite having just one small knife.

It features handle that is able to meet US Army Specifications

This should make you believe that the Gerber 31-000558 Knife is really meant for survival and other related things like hunting, military applications and the like. The handle of this knife is made in such a way that it meets the standard of the premier army organization of US. That means it is safe and secure to use.

Incredible sharpness of blades and longer edge retention

You will not worry about the sharpness of the blade of this knife because that is one thing assured to you. Edge retention should not be your concern as well because the design of the blade allows it to remain sharp for a long period of time despite repeated use.

Gerber 31-000558 Knife


  • Features reliable design for heavy duty applications for survival knives
  • Applicable for military, hunting, survival and industrial applications
  • Blade has black oxide finish and is partially serrated
  • Has TacHide handle for good grip
  • Able to meet US Army specifications
  • Overall length is 9.75 inches
  • Blade length is 4.75 inches
  • Product Size – 13.7 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches
  • Product Weight – 1.1 lbs.

Customer Reviews and Scores

It has a remarkable rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars which speaks about the quality of the product itself. Users appreciated the fact that it is incredibly sharp and strong and upon verification, they learned that it passed Army specifications. There were some buyers thinking of buying additional units to give as presents for their loved ones.

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There are many knives out there but this one should stand out from among the rest. In terms of helping me to survive, it has done a really great job and that is an honest statement. I highly recommend buying this outdoor knife if you are looking for one.