Husqvarna 240e Chainsaw Review

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I originally purchased the Husqvarna 240e to do light pruning around my garden, and also limb a few trees. In my opinion, there is no better purchase than the Husqvarna 240e. As soon as it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the sheer durability of the tool, you can tell that it is built to last. I mainly was sawing through 4-inch tree limbs, and this chainsaw simply cut straight through them, I then tested it on larger sizes of wood, and it still excelled. This chainsaw is also surprisingly light, meaning it can be used for trailing.

Even after extended use, in all types of weather, the Husqvarna 240e still performed exceptionally, simply slicing through wood like a hot knife through butter.

Husqvarna 240eEngine

The engine housed within the Husqvarna 240e’s chassis, utilizes Husqvarna’s patented X-Torq technology, meaning the chainsaw produces less emissions, without sacrificing overall performance. Another positive about X-Torq technology means that this chainsaw uses a lower amount of fuel than many competitors. The powerful engine within the Husqvarna 240e provides a total of 9000rpm to the blade, allowing ample power for near enough anything. The Husqvarna 240e utilizes 2hp, meaning it is perfect for light work, such as pruning, trailing, etc. The engine is also paired with the cleaning system, which increases the overall life of the engine by removing dust before it reaches the air filter.


This tool has a great design, Husqvarna separates the engine from the handle, allowing for virtually no vibrations to be felt by the user during operation. The Husqvarna 240e also sports an attractive design, with a full orange/silver metal design, allowing it to look the part while you effortlessly slice through trees.

Cleaning System

The Husqvarna 240e also features an excellent air cleaning system, allowing for the tool to routinely remove dust, and other inhabitants out of the chainsaw mechanism, this helps lower maintenance time, as you won’t need to replace/clean the air filter as often as you would need to do with another chainsaw.

Starting Mechanism

Husqvarna has excelled themselves with the starting mechanism of this tool, sporting Smart Start technology, all it requires is a light tug or two on the cord to bring this beauty to life. This is just another excellent example of innovative technology by Husqvarna – overall, this paired with the huge amount of other features within this tool, make for an excellent chainsaw, that is user friendly – regardless of your experience with chainsaws.

Husqvarna 240e Features and Specifications

  • 0hp Engine producing 9000rpm
  • Ergonomic Design with Vibration Dampening
  • Innovative Air Cleansing System
  • Tool-Less Chain Tightening
  • Product Size – 30.5 x 9 x 10 inches
  • Product Weight – 10.3 lbs.

Customer Reviews

I have nothing but amazing words to speak about this tool, and literally, everything has been thoroughly thought through by Husqvarna. The build quality is no exception, the chainsaw features an extremely durable design, making for excellent user experience – paired with the tool-less chain tightening system, this chainsaw is fantastic, regardless of where you are.

Even when sawing through hardwoods, there is no noticeable kickback (as long as you don’t provide too much pressure) – and the engine automatically cuts out should kickback occur.


If you are looking for a light chainsaw, to do pruning, trailing, or even limbing – then the Husqvarna 240e is for you. Its sheer innovative design is truly revolutionary, with no noticeable “wobble” between any of the mechanisms. The tool-less chain tightening system is an excellent feature, which saves you having to carry around tools, and means you can spend more time cutting – and less time maintaining the tool. I highly recommend this chainsaw.