JET 354170 Drill Press Review

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Those who are involved in any workshop for dealing with wood or metal, are perhaps not unfamiliar to the machine as a drill press. I think that no matter whether you are an amateur or a professional person, you often need to drill holes in many of the works. I have also felt that with no drill press, it is impossible to do any work very efficiently. That is why I have a decision to buy an exceptional drill press, JET 354170JDP-20MF Drill Press. This drill press is, in fact, unique with many features included in it.

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JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press

 The device can adjust itself by the kinds of materials. Moreover, it can also modify itself, as per the operation that is to be carried out right now. So, the drill press of JET is made not for only one job. It may perform lots of other procedures and assist you in the commercial workshop all the time. No matter whether it is plastic, wood, or metal, the system may easily handle this well.

Worktable with all the desirable features

If you look at the size of the integrated worktable, you can see that it is somewhat large. There is one reason behind it. The manufacturers have spent ample amount of time to design the right and the most suitable work surface.

The worktable also offers you the option of rotating or tilting it, as per the requirements. Besides, its height is also flexible. Also, there is a bulb to illuminate the area. The worktable is crank-operated, and it can tilt to about 45°. There is also a fast release control. The switch for on or off is positioned at the front part of the top of the machine.

High speed of drill press

The users will also be impressed with the speed of the JET drill press. The machine includes twelve spindle speeds that vary between 150 and 4200 RPM. The device is also able to bore mild steel and cast iron (up to ¾ and 1 inch, respectively.

The spindle speed of this good quality driller is, thus, also of the better range. The pulley cover pivoted metal strap and the fast adjustment motor system help in the quick alteration of your spindle speeds. Spindles are also backed up with first-class ball bearings. Besides, there is drill chuck, integrated with one key.

In terms of stability, accuracy, and flexibility, the JET drill is perfect. The size of this driller is nearly twenty inches. The company has offered a warranty period of two years.

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JET 354170 Features and Specifications

Some basic features of JET drill press are-

  • Column Diameter- 39510 inches
  • Spindle Taper- MT-3
  • The distance of Spindle and Table- 29 to 1/8 in inches
  • Weight- 282 pounds
  • Weight capacity of worktable- 80 pounds
  • Number of base slots- 2

JET 354170 Customer Reviews

Customers liked it a lot. They are happy with the performance. The motor is very heavy duty, and it’s priced reasonably.

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The pros, the features, and the benefits are some of the reasons for which the JET 354170/JDP-20MF drill press has become the most preferred machine. At the price is this a good value for money.