Jet 629004K Drum Sander Review

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My personal experience using the Jet 629004K was beautiful; it is simply the most accurate, and fastest drum sander on the market. The fact, it also provides an excellent finish, is just a pure bonus. I bought this for my company, to sand down panels of wood – and it simply excelled at it. However, the belt can be a slight problem. There is no actual problem with the machine; you just need to make sure the belt is centered before beginning any work.

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Sanding DrumJET 629004K 16-32 Plus 16-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Open Stand Drum Sander, 110-Volt 1 Phase

The particular drum featured on the Jet 629004K is perfect, measuring 16 inches long and 5 inches wide – it runs cool enough for even the longest periods of sanding. The smoothness is due to the lubricated ball bearings, spinning the drum. The drum is also height adjustable, allowing for industrial-grade accuracy in regards to the sanding depth.

Conveyor Belt

This is excellent. However, it is necessary to check the tracking of the belt before working with it, as it tends to slip out of place minutely. However, once properly adjusted and tightened, it performs perfectly. The motor delivers a constant amount of torque, 43in/lbs, to be exact for plenty of power.


The Jet 629004K features two separate motors, one powering the conveyor belt, and one powering the drum. The motor which powers the drum kicks out a whopping 1 ½ hp/1725rpm, for even the most strenuous of sanding tasks. Whereas, the motor powering the conveyor belt outputs 43inch/lbs of power. Both motors are also designed to work in a dusty environment, staying cool on the busiest of days.

Overload Protection

The Jet 629004K also features overload protection, controlling the drum to ensure maximum safety while operating the machine. This is an excellent safety feature, allowing the user to feel fully in control of the machine, and safe – which is imperative when working with powerful machinery.


Aesthetically, the design of the Jet 629004K is rather industrial; however, don’t let this put you off. In terms of features and raw power – the Jet 6290004K is the drum sander to buy. The overload protection system is front mounted, allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible after an overload. The adjustable-height wheel is ergonomically designed, allowing for comfortable, prolonged, and accurate use.

Quick Paper Changes

The Jet 629004K features patented Performax clips for blazing-fast paper changes. The clip holds the edge of the sanding paper, allowing you to quickly release it, replace it, and clip it back on – all within a matter of seconds, hence improving productivity, also reducing the time spent maintaining the tool.

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Jet 629004K Features and Specifications

  • 16 Inch Drum
  • 1 ½ HP Motor
  • Integrated Cooling System
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Product Weight – 140 lbs.
  • Product Size – 23 x 32 x 18 inches
  • Volt – 110

Customer Reviews

The overall build quality of the Jet 629004K is pure excellence, as you would expect from a reputable company such as Jet. The machine is sturdy, with no wobbling whatsoever. The self-cooling drum performs exceptionally well, even when in a dust-filled environment. Considering the large 32inch wide capacity of this tool, when paired with the excellent build quality, you really cannot fault it at all.

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In conclusion, if you need a reliable, powerful, versatile drum sander – the Jet 629004K is for you. It’s incomparable build quality, and sublime engineering put it right at the top of the range. This is the reason it is the #1 Best Seller within its category. Its versatility regarding the wide range of stock you can sand with this machine is astonishing, making it more of an “all in one” sander for businesses, and even within the home.