JET JJ 6HHDX Jointer Review

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A jointer is one of the essential woodworking tools. It cuts semi-circular slashes on frames of every piece that has to be attached. As a craftsman, I have also paid for one such tool and found it to be the most convenient one. I have chosen the jointer of the best brand- Jet.

Jet is one of the reputed brands, mainly recognized for providing the best tools for woodworkers. As Helical Head Jointer is the product of this brand, you can surely find the utmost quality as well as an innovative system.

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The features and various facilitiesJET - JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Helical Head Jointer

For any serious projects or tasks on woodworking, the product is perfect. The weight of the machine is about 263.0000 lbs. The speed of the Jointer Cutterhead is about 6000 Revolutions Per Minute. Like many other similar machines, this Jointer has a long bed. Besides, the product is available with Helical Head Kit. The cutter head with helical insert has swayed carbide-based inserts so that you can get good results, and there will be no loud noise from the machine.

The other notable things are outfeed and infeed tables. These are also hardwearing as they are quite long and are made of the cast iron. Besides, they also have a machined finish.

The slanting fence includes two ways, and it comprises positive stops, mainly at two degrees, forty-five and ninety degrees to deal with the bevel actions.

The handwheels that are intended for the adjustment of tables are exclusive, and these are mounted on the front. These handwheels help in a swift, simple, and perfect adjustment. The commercial-grade push-button system is fitted to give a simple entrance. The dust channel also includes a four-inch port for linking to the system of collection. It leads to the effective removal of the chip or dust. Moreover, the fence controls, placed at the central part, are mounted expediently to help in the fast adjustments.

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JET  JJ 6HHDX Specifications and Features

  • Number of blades- twenty-seven inserts
  • Length of the Infeed Table is about twenty seventy inches
  • Fence Tilts in both right and left
  • Dust bag, where the external diameter is about four inches
  • The lowest CFM, needed for the dust collection is about 350 cu.ft per min

JET JJ 6HHDX Customer Reviews

JET Bed Helical Head Jointer is a great value for money. One customer said that even after nearly six months’ of utilizing a helical cutter, tit remains still very pointed, without any scratch. Customers observed, cutterhead slashes very quickly, and it creates an extremely smooth surface.

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JET Bed Helical Head Jointer has all the modern features. The smooth finish and portable structure are also desirable. It’s a great value for a professional and you won’t regret it.