KA-BAR 1213 Black Straight Edge Knife Review

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KA-BAR knives are popular since World War II, as they were originally made for fighting in this war. This itself is a great testimony to the reliability and performance of these knives. The 1213 straight edge knife is also one such model but it strikes a perfect balance of modern and conventional designs available for fights and combat defenses.

Designed to be visually striking and hard working, this one features an appealing black blade and non-slip handle also in black. It is both a tactical and combat knife with a blade on which you can rely at anytime. Apart from having quality materials, the knife also has a nice finishing touch, which certainly means boosted value.

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KA-BAR 1213 Knife

Features of KA-BAR 1213 Knife

The Versatile Blade

At seven inches, this KA-BAR knife is a full-sized model suitable to perform heavy chores. The blade’s versatile design renders it a superb chopper, defender, and wood batonner. Its premium and simple design makes it one of the highly flexible models.

The blade is constructed using 1095 high carbon steel, which was used in suspension springs for cars due to its ability to bend well without breaking or cracking. This steel, when used in knives, delivers a blade that retains the sharp edge very without breaking or chipping as well as opposes bending.

In this steel, the quantity of carbon is high enough such that only little maintenance is required. For sharpening a quality whetstone is required. If used in a wet condition, a bit of work might be needed with a whetstone for discarding small bits of rust.

The clip point is so sharp at the tip that you can even rely on the blade for sensitive chores. Further, full-tang design also facilitates heavy duty tasks by taking care of stability. The blade is also coated with epoxy power and has a black finish, which gives a tactical appeal as well as corrosion protection.

The grind is flat and hollow, and is easy to sharpen. It aims to reduce side stress as well as give a fine, very sharp edge, which is ideal for more delicate chores.

The Handle

An outstanding handle design is a specialty of all KA-BAR knives. Even for this knife, the handle is ergonomically designed and is externally layered with a rubber-like composite called Kraton.

This material retains a safe grip even in slippery or damp conditions. It is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, water, and falling apart after several years of frequent usage. The feel in hand is consistently great without blisters even if you have been working for long periods.

Full Tang Construction

This feature makes the blade and handle extremely balanced when in use, especially when there is a long blade that does not fold. It also adds much strength to the overall construction. To the tang, a pommel is securely attached for allowing the use of butt for hammering stakes.


  • Knife made in USA
  • 2 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches
  • 2 pounds
  • Box packaging
  • 100% synthetic and imported
  • 7-inch plain edge, 1095 carbon steel blade in black and with clip point
  • 56-58 RC hardness
  • Blade thickness of 5/32 inches
  • 20 degrees edge angle
  • 1095 Cro-Van steel
  • Flat grind, full tang
  • Buff polished edge
  • Oval shaped, anti-slip handle of Kraton (polymer) material that is 4.75 inches long
  • Carbon steel double finger guards and metal butt caps, both epoxy powder coated
  • Fixed lock style
  • Shipped With: Kydex sheath, belt loop
  • Sheath made in Mexico
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews

This military knife has 349 reviews on Amazon, with a superb rating of 4.9 stars. This simply adds to the reliability factor of this powerful tool.

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This knife is an ideal addition for your surveillance, combat mission, or tactical tasks. For the price at which it is available, the knife is regularly chosen by military and martial arts personnel.