Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Knife Review

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Camping is one of the activities that are slowly getting my attention today. It made me reach the point when I would always pester my friends to plan a camping activity during weekends. But the first time I was in a camping area was a bit miserable. I forgot to bring essential things such as portable knives which I realized were very useful in such activity. After that I realized that it is only right to bring along things such as the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Knife when you are out there away from the comforts of your house. It’s a literal and total life saver you will thankfully have in your pocket or in your bag.

Pocket-sized knives, even small, can be a handy tool when you are out there engaging in activities such as camping. Not only does it provide some sort of protection, but it also gives you the chance to do a lot of things. You can cut pieces of wood with it so that you can have something to burn and when you are lucky, you can use it to cut a piece of cloth to provide yourself with additional body cover. You can also use it to dig the soil to find some worms that you can use as bait for fishing and many more.

This is a fixed-blade knife that you can carry anytime and anywhere making it a perfect fit for your outdoor engagements. Here are some of its salient features:

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Features of Ka-Bar Becker BK2

It has powerful blade made from high grade steel

Coming from such famous knife producer, this item has a small but powerful and durable steel blade which is perfect for camping activities. It can be rust free and it can be used even with heavy duty applications. You won’t have to worry about its small blade breaking because its integrity is 100% proven.

It has a good handle to prevent slipping

One of the problems when using knives in an open environment is that there is tendency that such bladed tool will slip from your grip especially if the handle is of not so good quality. But with Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Knife, you are assured of getting a knife with a handle that has well thought design and is made from materials that do not get slippery even when wet.

Small-sized and can be brought anytime and anywhere

The good thing about this item is that it is not big in terms of size. That means you will not have problems carrying it around. Remember that in activities like camping, the smaller your spare or reserve knife is the better. That’s because you cannot afford walking or running around carrying knives of the same sizes and weight.



  • Product dimensions set at 18 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight is listed at 1 lb
  • Heavy duty knife
  • Features blade made from high grade steel material
  • Has well designed handles to prevent slippage when in use
  • Easy to carry and easy to use
  • Produced by one of the leading names in the knives industry

Customer Reviews and Scores

It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Consumers loved the idea that despite its size, it is able to perform well in activities related to camping and other outdoor engagements. The blade is incredibly sharp and many are thinking of buying additional units for them and some are even thinking of giving it as a present to their friends.

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It is one of the best outdoor knives out there in the market. Considering its price, it’s definitely worth buying. It is something I highly recommend for you to buy. Taking from my experience, it is very useful in a lot of ways.