Kershaw 1555TI Cryo Knife Review

Just like any other civilian I like to carry a pocket knife around with me. We all know the benefits of pocket knives in our day to day lives, they can come in really handy in our times of need. But let’s be honest, we all want a cool, trendy pocket knife, one of the latest gadgets to show our family and friends, and of course a pocket knife that is actually practical. I’ve had experience with a number of knives, some that aren’t very aesthetically pleasing to look at, and others that are heavy or a hassle to open. If you are like me, you want a cool gadget that’s easy on the eye, feels good in the hand and does its job well. That is what you have here with the Kershaw 1555TI Cryo Knife.

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Features of  of Kershaw 1555TI


This cool simple feature is one of the knives main talking points, in essence SpeedSafe helps you open the knife quickly and easily. All you have to do is push on the thumb stud or pull back, and the knife will open up.

SpeedSafe is an essential feature for all knives when you think about it. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you may need to equip your pocket knife as quickly as possible in order to defend yourself. It is also ideal for any other situations that you may require a pocket knife, such as breaking open cable ties.

Frame Lock

Once you open up the knife, the knife frame will move behind the blade, into position, to allow you to hold the knife. This is a safety feature and provides you with a handle for the knife. It is vitally important that you lock this frame into position before using the knife to ensure you have complete control over the knife.

Failure to do so could be detrimental. The intelligent design ensures a user friendly experience, with a layout that anyone can understand. When you clip the knife back together it can ride deep into your pocket, this will help avoid the knife falling out.


The flipper is used on both manual and assisted opening knives, the flipper is like a switch on the back of the knife that lets users pull back or, flip, so the blade can move easily out of the handle. It’s a safety feature and is your way of telling the device that you are about to unlock the knife. This is a great feature as it prevents the knife accidentally opening without your authorisation.

Kershaw 1555TI Cryo Knife


  • Weighs 4.1 ounces
  • Blade measures 2.75 inches
  • Total length is 6.5 inches
  • Suitable for defence
  • Blade made of steel
  • Titanium and carbo-nitride handle
  • Very sharp
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening
  • Flipper and thumb stud
  • Frame lock
  • Lock bar stabiliser

Customer Reviews and Scores

This Kershaw product has accumulated over 1500 reviews and also has an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. With more than 90% of the customers who left a review being satisfied, it is no shock that this pocket knife is a leader in its market.

Click Here to Find Out The Pricing and Reviews on Amazon


The price for pocket knives is extremely varied in today’s market and it all comes down to personal preference, and what it is you are looking for in a pocket knife. I can tell you, that for the majority of people this product will do the job and it comes at a really great price. It really is a great bargain in today’s market, and for those of you who typically fancy products on the higher end of the price, don’t be put off! Give this pocket knife a chance and you won’t be disappointed with your investment.