Kershaw 1660SWBLK Knife Review

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I am the type of person who seems to fall in love with the beauty of pocket knives. They are small in terms of size, but they can definitely help in making any task easier. It’s because of that love for such things that I have spent money to buy products such as the Kershaw 1660SWBLK Knife. At first it appears to be your average handy pocket-sized foldable knife, but there is always more to it than meets the eyes. For the past months that I have been using it, I have come to realize that I was so lucky to have purchased such item.

I always want to be prepared for all contingencies and because of that, I love to bring with me things that normally people would not think of carrying in their everyday travel such as knives. But I am not the type that brings things that can easily catch the attention of other people. The Kershaw 1660SWBLK Knife is a perfect fit for this because it can be brought anytime and anywhere because of its foldable nature. Although it is small in terms of size, it can definitely do the job of a regular knife when put to good use.

This is a handy pocket knife that can be folded. It can be used for indoor applications but can also serve as good companion for outdoor activities. Here are some of the things that you should know about it.

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Features of Kershaw 1660SWBLK

It has razor-like sharpness

What it lacks in size, the Kershaw 1660SWBLK Knife compensates with incredible sharpness. This makes it a very reliable hand tool that can be used inside your house and even when you are outside with your friends during a camping trip. You can even bring this to your workplace because it might come in handy at times.

Well thought design for knife lovers

Knives today are not just about sharpness and length anymore. We are now in an era where how things look have big effects on how people see them and knives are no exception. Because of this, the producer of this particular item made sure that when you fold this, you are carrying a perfectly folded knife and when you open it, you are using a knife with beautiful appearance. That speaks a lot about the thought given by producers to the design of this item.

Produced using the best of the best materials

Everything, from tip to handle is forged with precision using high grade materials. From the steel used for the blade to the material used for the handle…everything was created from high-grade materials. This results into a product that can last for a very long period of time.



  • Blade length is 3 inches
  • Closed length set at 4 inches
  • Overall length listed at 7 inches
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces
  • Has stonewashed finished handle made from anodized Aluminium
  • Has speed safe assisted opening
  • Frame lock
  • Has reversible tip-up/tip-down pocket clip
  • Blade also has stonewashed finish

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are many positive comments about this particular knife. This has led to a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The folded look of the knife itself proves to be a thing of beauty according to verified buyers. They also appreciated the incredible sharpness of the blade of this product. Even if it is small, it is as good as a regular sized knife.

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This is a product worth spending your money for. You will not regret purchasing one. I personally recommend this for personal use, but you can also send it gift wrapped as a present to your friend. You must try your best to buy this now.