KitchenAid KKFTR6SWWM Knife Review

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Kitchen knives are things that should not be taken for granted. They play a very important role in preparing the meals that our family eat. I, as a mother, always see to it that I cook the best dishes for my husband and children. That’s the reason why I am a bit picky when shopping for knives that I ought to use in my kitchen. Among those few that caught my attention is the KitchenAid KKFTR6SWWM Knife. Actually, I just read about it in the internet and I was curious if all the positive things being said about this item were true. I decided to check it out myself and to my surprise; it is really an impressive kitchen knife.

A lot of people don’t know this, but when it comes to cooking, you cannot afford to use tools such as knives that are not able to function well. That will only waste your time and your effort as well. I know this so I carefully select the things you will find in my humble kitchen. Even with that way of thinking, I am proud to say that I own a KitchenAid KKFTR6SWWM Knife. It fits perfectly in a busy kitchen. It is indeed perfect for slicing, dicing and sometimes mincing ingredients I need to cook the best meal for my family.

This is a kitchen knife which is essentially used for cutting, slicing, dicing and occasionally mincing ingredients. These are just some of the salient features of this item:

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Features of KitchenAid KKFTR6SWWM

Has the right size of a multi-use knife

This blade of the knife measures 6 inches. It is smaller than a chef’s knife but bigger than a paring knife. This makes it perfect for a lot of things. You can use it for cutting sandwiches for snacks and you can also cut larger fruits with it. Slicing smaller meat can also be done with a KitchenAid KKFTR6SWWM Knife. Indeed, it has the right size for a multi-use knife.

Features Ice Temp hardened blade

Some knives have blades that break easily. That is true for most mass produced knives. But this particular knife features a blade that is Ice Temp Hardened. This involves a process in which the blade is forged in such a way that it gains durability, strength and sharpness, allowing it to last longer.

Comes with a handle made of fibreglass

The handle of this knife is made of fibreglass material. It is triple riveted and features a design that provides comfort when handled. Overall, the handle compliments the whole design of the knife. It gives you secure grip and balance when using it.

KitchenAid KKFTR6SWWM Knife Review


  • Product Size – 1.2 x 10.5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item weight – 4.8 ounces
  • Blade measures 6 inches
  • Blade material is German stainless steel
  • Ice Temp hardened blade for durability
  • Handle material is fibreglass
  • Triple rivet handle
  • Comes with designer box with magnetic closure

Customer Reviews and Scores

Overall, the item is decent. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and is subjected to a lot of positive reviews. Mostly notable are the praises for its sharpness and its right size. There were users that confirmed that they can use it in many ways, from cutting or slicing vegetables and fruits, to evenly cutting sandwiches and many more. It would appear that this particular item really impressed a lot of buyers, including me as well.

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This is worth your money. It was worth my money so I can tell the same for you. I highly recommend this to you, especially if you are thinking of buying kitchen knives right now. This is a must-buy item. Do not miss the chance to own one right now.