Knife Laws in Arizona

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Arizona is one of the best states in the USA for those who love knives. It has permissive laws, and pretty much everything is allowed. Indeed, there are a few minor exceptions, but to help you get an idea, you can carry any blade. Since there are no municipal laws either, you do not have to worry about getting in trouble in another city for something legal in your community. Here is our guide to knife laws in Arizona.

What knives are legal to own in Arizona?


All pocket knives are legal in Arizona. The same goes for balisong knives, not to mention gravity knives, stiletto knives, or bowie knives. Switchblades are also allowed in Arizona without any restrictions at all. The length is irrelevant because there are no limits either. However, you must be over 21 years old to carry a concealed knife.

What knives are illegal to own in Arizona?

There are no restrictions when it comes to owning knives in Arizona. You can own anything. There are a few restrictions regarding what you do with the knife. Unless you have a pocket knife, a concealed knife is illegal if you are under 21 years old.

What are the limits on carry?

There are no limits on carry, but there are some rules you must be aware of. First, make sure you inform an officer if you are stopped – tell them that you carry a concealed knife if it is not a pocket knife. Knives are also illegal in schools.

Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is legal if you have a pocket knife, regardless of age. However, if you are under 21 years old, other knives cannot be concealed.

Restrictions on Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances

While public places do not come with any restrictions, you are not allowed to bring a knife into a school, regardless of the location, municipality, knife type, or size.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

You cannot sell or transfer a deadly weapon to prohibited individuals. Knives go in the deadly weapon category.

Is there a statewide pre-emption?

There is a statewide pre-emption. While it is not necessarily aimed at knives, it is for deadly weapons. Knives are usually included in this category.

Major Cities in Arizona with Knife Ordinances

There are no major cities or municipalities with knife ordinances in Arizona. However, municipal knife laws were removed in 2011 because people were charged for carrying knives even in their hometowns. Moreover, authorities concluded that most owners use knives as tools rather than weapons.


Some of the very few restrictions in Arizona do not apply to the police, law enforcement agencies, or individuals allowed to assist officers, correction officers, and military members during official duties.

Summary of Knife Laws in Arizona

In the end, knife laws in Arizona are permissive, and there is no room for confusion. There are no municipal laws, while regulations are straightforward. Pretty much everything is allowed, with a few exceptions that mostly revolve around age.