Knife Laws in Delaware

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Knives are generally considered lethal weapons in Delaware. However, some knives are perfectly legal, while many others are banned. Since laws vary from one state to another, it is important to be familiar with the local knife laws to avoid getting in trouble. Here is everything you need to know about knife laws in Delaware.

What knives are legal to own in Delaware?

Delaware River

Balisong knives are perfectly legal to own. Disguised knives – while illegal in some states, are permitted in Delaware. Cane, lipstick, or belt knives are perfectly legal in this state. Daggers, dirks, and stilettos are also allowed. Even the actual activity of throwing knives is permitted in the state.

What knives are illegal to own in Delaware?

Some knives are designed to avoid setting metal detectors off. While, in theory, they are not legal, they can become illegal if they have point tips. If the tips are not sharp and cannot be used for piercing, the knives are legal. Other than that, brass knuckles and knives do not make a good pair, so they are also illegal in Delaware. Gravity knives and switchblades are banned too. While throwing knives is perfectly legal, throwing stars have been restricted.

What are the limits on carry?

Generally speaking, if a knife is not banned or illegal in Delaware, you are free to carry it in the open. It must be visible.

Concealed Carry

In Delaware, concealed carry means the knife is close to you, and you can use it, but it is covered by something. Keeping a knife in your car is also considered concealed carry.

While open carrying a legal knife is allowed, things get a bit complicated about concealed carry. It is illegal to carry a knife with a blade measuring more than three inches in length.

Restrictions on Carry in specific locations/circumstances

Deadly weapons, including knives, cannot be carried inside schools or recreational areas, whether concealed or in the open.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

The commerce involving undetectable knives is illegal. It is also unlawful to deal with banned knives.

Is there a statewide pre-emption?

There is not a statewide pre-emption in Delaware.

Major Cities in Delaware with Knife Ordinances

City, StateLaw Title/ Chapter/ SectionConcealed Carry LegalMax Size RestrictionShort description from the law
Dover, DE74-24.Yes3"knife with a blade more than three inches long.
New Castle, Co. DE24.01.014.Yes3"In Parks & Rec Areas can't carry a knife upon his or her person having a blade three (3) inches or longer
Newark, DE2-71.Yes3"In Parks & Rec Areas can't carry a knife upon his or her person having a blade three (3) inches or longer


There are no exceptions, not even for law enforcement agencies or individuals.

Summary of Knife Laws in Delaware

Delaware has transparent laws on knives. There are, indeed, a few types of banned knives. There are no issues when it comes to carrying them unless you want to conceal the knife. In terms of critical dimensions, keep in mind that knives with longer than three-inch blades cannot be carried concealed. If the knife is legal, you can carry it in the open regardless of the size.