Knife Laws in Louisiana

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Knife laws in Louisiana can be a bit confusing, especially regarding knife ownership. However, if a knife is not prohibited, we can safely assume it is legal. Here is everything about knife laws in Louisiana.

What knives are legal to own in Louisiana?

Monroe, Louisiana
Monroe, Louisiana

You can legally own a balisong knife in Louisiana. Dirks, stilettos, or daggers, other stabbing knives are perfectly legal. The same goes for knives that will not set off metal detectors, not to mention throwing knives or stars. While illegal in many states, bowie knives are perfectly allowed in Louisiana and other large knives. Finally, You can legally own switchblades and other types of automatic knives too.

What knives are illegal to own in Louisiana?

There are no specific knives based in Louisiana. If a knife is not mentioned in the laws, people can assume it is legal to own.

What are the limits on carry?

If a knife is legal in Louisiana, you can carry it in the open with no restrictions at all. Since there are no banned knives in the state, you can carry any knife in the open with no issues whatsoever.

Concealed Carry

Automatic knives/switchblades cannot be concealed. They must be carried in the open. This prohibition does not apply to assisted opening, gravity, or other one-hand openable knives.

Restrictions on Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances

Schools are considered weapon-free zones. The same rule applies to school buses or school grounds. Knives are also banned in school activities, even if they do not take place on school grounds.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

Since there are no banned knives in Louisiana, there are no restrictions on the sale or transfer of any knife. Therefore, you can lend, borrow or give knives without facing any potential trouble.

Is there a statewide pre-emption?

There is no statewide pre-emption in Louisiana.

Major Cities in Louisiana with Knife Ordinances

Baton Rouge prohibits switchblades. New Orleans also prohibits switchblades, while Shreveport prohibits the possession of knives in government-owned buildings.

City, StateLaw Title/ Chapter/ SectionConcealed Carry LegalMax Size RestrictionShort description from the law
Baton Rouge/E Baton Rouge Parish, LA13.95Yesto have in his possession a firearm, or other instrumentality customarily used or intended for probable use as a dangerous weapon, in any premises where alcoholic beverages are sold and/or consumed on the premises
Bossier City, LA38-277.rescue knives by full-time LEO only. rescue knife" is a folding knife, readily and easily opened with one hand
Lake Charles, LA13-28. & 13-28.1 Yes4"or any knife with a blade in excess of four inches, in an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold.
Lake Charles, LA13-28.2.Yes2"or any instrument with a blade in excess of two inches, in the Lake Charles City Council Chambers
New Orleans, LA54-342.Weapons any knife, Possessing or to have in any vehicle while participating or attending a demonstration
New Orleans, LA54-410.NoIn those publicly owned, operated, or leased buildings or places where the administrators Introduce any weapon LA Nature and Science Center No Knives
New Orleans, LA106-296.No
St. Landry Parish. LA2-18.No"Dangerous weapon" includes any firearm, knife, or other bladed instrument, in court rooms
Sulphur, LA95not prohibit the ownership of rescue knives by commissioned full-time law enforcement officers. No blade of a rescue knife shall exceed five inches in length.
Terrebonne Parish, LASec. 19-6Weapons prohibited in all facilities of the 32nd Judicial Dist Ct & other court facilities in the Parish including pocket knives.
West Monroe, LA11-4011.Yes3"It shall be unlawful for any person to draw and display any dangerous weapon, to wit: Pistol, gun, brass knucks, bowie knife, pocket knife with a blade more than three (3) inches long, sticks by which injury may be inflicted and/or other instruments and/or things which may result in injury if used.


There are a few exceptions for law enforcement personnel, but these exceptions do not apply to automatic knives.

Summary of Knife Laws in Louisiana

There are no banned knives in Louisiana unless you live in certain municipalities. There are no restrictions based on blade size either. Most restrictions apply to concealed carry, so this is what you have to pay attention to. Automatic knives cannot be concealed but must be carried in the open.