Knife Laws In Texas

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If you buy automatic knives from Amazon or Ebay, you may likely break some laws in many states of the US. Not in the state of Texas though, because knife laws in Texas are very liberal and permissive. With all these, you still have to be aware of the rules to avoid getting in trouble. Here is what you have to know before purchasing your next knife.

What knives are legal to own in Texas?

Capitol, Austin, Texas
Capitol Building, Austin, Texas

You can legally own a bali or butterfly knife in Texas. No one will question you about it. Pocket knives are also legal, as well as switchblades and other types of automatic knives. Swords and spears are also legal in Texas, not to mention bowie knives and other similarly sized hunting knives. Stabbing knives are also accepted – from dirks and stilettos to daggers. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on throwing knives either – not even on Chinese throwing stars.

There is no need to get a permit for knives.

What knives are illegal to own in Texas?

There are no banned knives in Texas. Every knife is allowed when it comes to actual possession. There are a few restrictions regarding where you can take your knife, but this is pretty much it.

What are the limits on carry?

Generally speaking, you can carry knives in the open with no issues at all. Since there are no banned knives in Texas, there are no issues with publicly displaying them.

Concealed Carry

The same rule applies to concealed carrying of knives. However, whether in the open or concealed, knives are restricted to particular locations. These are the only limitations.

Restrictions on Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances

Laws on knives in Texas are practically nonexistent, apart from a few locations. You cannot carry a knife on business premises if the respective business gets more than 51% or more of its income from alcohol. Schools and sporting events also ban knives, not to mention hospitals, correctional facilities, amusement parks, or religious places.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

Location restricted knives – all knives basically – cannot be sold or transferred to people younger than 18.

Is there a statewide pre-emption?

Since 2015, Texas has adopted a statewide pre-emption that cancels local ordinances if they are stricter than the state laws. At the same time, municipalities cannot adopt ordinances related to the possession or sale of knives.

Major Cities in Texas with Knife Ordinances

Because of statewide pre-emption, you don’t need to worry about any knife ordinances.


Law enforcement officers are exempt from some rules while on duty.

Summary of Knife Laws in Texas

knife laws in Texas are liberal and permissive. You can own any type of knife you want but also carry it in the open or concealed. Restrictions only apply to particular locations where knives and other weapons are forbidden. Other than that, there are no critical dimensions included in the laws, just the actual locations. There are no issues with the sale or transfer of any type of knife either.