Knife Laws in Utah

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Utah is one of the states with the simplest knife rules. Most laws are straightforward and relatively easy to understand. Here is what you should know about knife laws in Utah to avoid getting in trouble.

What knives are legal to own in Utah?

Sandstone, Utah
Sandstone, Utah

You can legally own balisong or butterfly knives, as well as stabbing knives – daggers, stilettos, and dirks, among others. You can own a bowie knife or another large hunting knife without getting in trouble, not to mention gravity knives or automatic knives – butterfly knives as well. You can even own disguised knives, like belt buckle or lipstick knives.

Some types of knives are not mentioned as legal or banned, meaning there are no regulations on them. In other words, they are also legal.

What knives are illegal to own in Utah?

There are no banned knives in Utah, yet certain categories of people cannot own knives.

  • Category I individuals include those on probation or parole for a felony or convicted of a felony. Those who have been adjudicated delinquent over the past decade go in the same category, as well as those who are in the USA illegally.
  • Category II restrictions include felony-convicted individuals, those who have been adjudicated delinquent over the past seven years, those who use controlled substances, and those who have been adjudicated as mentally ill. The same category includes people who have given up their citizenship, as well as those who have been discharged from the armed forces in a dishonorable manner.

What are the limits on carry?

There are no limits on carry if you do not count yourself in the two categories banned from owning knives. Those in such categories are not even allowed to own a knife, not to mention carrying it.

Concealed Carry

The same rule applies to the concealed carry of knives. People who do not go in the above-mentioned categories can carry any knife – whether concealed or not. There are no restrictions at all.

Restrictions on Carry in Specific Locations / Circumstances

Dangerous weapons – including knives of all types – are banned in schools and educational institutions – including kindergartens and secondary education institutions. School grounds, safety zones, transportation, and activities organized by schools go in the same category.

Restrictions on Sale or Transfer

There are generally no restrictions on the sale or transfer of any type of knife. However, giving a knife to someone in the banned categories may get you in trouble if you know about it upfront.

Is there a statewide pre-emption?

Utah has a statewide pre-emption that prevents municipalities from enacting or enforcing ordinances regarding knives.

Major Cities in Utah with Knife Ordinances

Pre-emption prevents municipalities from enacting or enforcing ordinances


There are exceptions in place for state and federal law enforcement officials.

Summary of Knife Laws in Utah

Utah is not very restrictive when it comes to knives. Those with a clean record will face no limitations whatsoever – owning and carrying knives. There are, however, some categories of people banned from owning knives.