KnifeGuides Acquires WoodyArena

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As part of our ongoing acquisitions, we have acquired

WoodyArena was one of the largest websites related to woodworking tools a few years ago. As a part of’s recent move to diversify into other tools related articles, we think would be the right fit for the next acquisition.

All the articles that were featured in will be moved and updated here.



At Knifeguides, now you’ll find a ton of information relating to woodworking too, and that can help you out where you’re starting, or you’re a seasoned expert! We’ll be reviewing woodworking types of equipment, we’ll be talking about techniques and we’ll sharing news and features on woodworking, buying guides and so on.

What You’ll Learn

Of course, it’s super important that you know how to do this right. Stick with us, and we’ll show you everything you need to know so that you can get started on woodworking safely and without breaking your bank.

For those who already know what they’re doing or who are woodworking professionally, we’ll be looking at a ton of more advanced information, such as new arrivals in the market, news to help you become even better at your chosen craft.

Why Learn to Woodwork

But why would you want to learn to woodwork? If you’re already a pro, then you can skip this section. For everyone else, though…

Are you kidding me?

Learning to woodwork is not only incredibly cool, but it’s also incredibly useful! You can use woodworking to create all kinds of furniture or a piece of beautiful art. This is about the most exciting and interesting form of DIY out there, and we’ll provide a ton of exciting woodworking projects you can try your hand at.

News, Reviews, and More!

If you’re a professional and you’re a carpenter or DIY enthusiast, then you should add us to your bookmarks. Our reviews are always researched, entertaining, objective, useful, and accurate. When it comes to woodworking equipment, you can’t afford to buy shoddy products; you need a website you can trust!

In short, this is a great resource for everything woodworking related.  If you were looking for woodworking info… well, then you got to be here.

The site is just getting started, but there’s so much more to come. Pay a visit to the site regularly, and we will make sure that you won’t get disappointed.