Lamello Classic X 101600 Biscuit Joiner Review

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Wood is used not only for making furniture but also for some making some parts of buildings. With the progress of time, a huge improvement has occurred in modern woodworking techniques. In my carpentry work, very often, I am in need of the plate joiner. But, if this plate joiner is not of good quality, it may have no worth. That’s why after reading the reviews of all the users I have found Classic X 101600 Biscuit Joiner, made by Lamello.

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Components used in the Machine

Lamello Classic x 101600 Biscuit Joiner

Classic X is one of the innovative plate joiners, created by a well-recognized brand, Lamello.  This tested product works flawlessly in any woodworking job. With Classic X, you can find the wood pieces joining system, which is highly effective, accurate, precise, and simple.

If you look at the features of this Lamello biscuit joiner, you can find that there is a stop square that is versatile or multifunctional. In addition to it, there is a rotating frontage stop, as well as a fitted pivot joint. The application surface of the device is also made with high-precision. Besides, there are several joining components. These fifteen joining units include the removable or fixed connections.

Together with this self-clamping, fitted, and separable connecting stuff and latest Classic X, the brand offers one of the most versatile and comprehensive wood joining mechanism. The features that are newly added to the product comprise the completely renovated bottom plate along with the thin but effective motor system (780 W). If you are dealing with the workpieces that are about 8 to 10 mm, they may be attached at all the desired angles.

Ergonomic Design

The machine is of ergonomically designed, and the structure has a finish with Anthracite paint. In addition to it, you can get a comfortable pad, which is slip-resistant. The central lock system leads to a very fast alteration of the cutter. The overall kit includes many things, such as, stop square, suction stump, a spacer (of 4 mm), and a cutter with carbide tip, different tools, and also a product manual.

Lamello Classic X 101600 Features and Specifications

  • Good base plate
  • Newly designed powerful motor, working with 780 watt
  • High quality machined components along with durable guidance system

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Lamello offers an efficient plate joiner, which will surely give you the right blend of versatility and speed. The cost of the machine is also affordable to most of the customers.