Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool Review

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How many times have you wondered about the importance of a multi-tool in your house? Sure, while spending most of the time indoors, you do value the regular size of each product and are less keen on buying something that is almost as good as the real deal, but only smaller. However, multi-tools can come in handy in various situations, especially the ones in which you are away from home. Supposing you are outdoors, camping, and you just brought this amazing bottle of wine. However, instead of bringing the bottle opener as well, you packed in an extra sweater. Or, allegedly one of your electronic systems runs out of battery and requires replacing the batteries, but you forgot to bring in the screwdriver as well. Or, you just want to peel off some potatoes to cook them by the fire but you only brought one knife which is already used by someone else to chop the meat and make the rest of the dinner.

No matter the case, I cannot stop bragging about the importance of having a universal tool around you every time. Whether you use it often or not, a multi-purpose tool will often get you out of trouble and ease your daily existence by helping you complete tasks faster. Sure, there are plenty of brands on the market to provide these products, but I particularly picked the new Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool, and here is why:

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Features of Leatherman 64010101K

The multitude of tools all in one device

The new Leatherman Micra multi-tool is fully equipped with no less than 10 different devices, including a half-size knife, spring-action scissors, medium, small and Philips screwdrivers, rulers, nail file and cleaner, tweezers, a bottle opener. Sure, you may ask yourself why would you require tweezers into the wild, but what about when you decide to spend your night over to your new lover’s house? Wouldn’t you want to be pretty in the morning as well? Thus, you will require a little trimming. And what about that unfortunate event when you broke a nail and you don’t have any file to restore the size of all your nails? A micro multi-tool device like this one will surely get you out of trouble in no time. And, the best of all, is that it can easily fit on your key chain and can be carried away with you anytime, anywhere.

Other features

Packed with infallible Leatherman quality, this micro tool all-in-one truly is a day saver for many. Its small dimensions make it easy to carry around all day, while the price remains unbeatable. You will only pay around few dollars for a multi-use tool, a true bargain.

Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool Review


  • Product Size – 3 x 2.1 x 1.3 inches
  • Product weight – 1.8 lbs.
  • 420HC Stainless steel
  • 10 in 1 tool
  • Personal care features
  • Lightweight

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most customers reviewed this product giving it an average of 5/5 stars, meaning this item is truly stunning. Small, portable, cut, yet very efficient, some customers reviewed the great and extremely sharp blade of both the scissors and the knife blade. You can use the scissors to cut paper, small packages, and even wires. Tweezers and screw drivers also received positive reviews from most of the customers, recommending the product as a whole.

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All in all, this Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool is perfect to carry around your bag the entire day and is small and portable enough to not even feel it on your keychain. It features hundreds of uses and the knife’s blade is truly sharp, meaning it will easily get the job done almost as good as a regular size knife. For as little money, you will receive an amazing item which will certainly last you a long way, indulging you in any small jobs and easy tasks you would have to perform throughout the day.