Makita PJ7000 Biscuit / Plate Joiner Review

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Any woodworking job is tough to handle without devices. And I have realized it as I am now engaged in the same profession. And I think that the plate joiner is an essential device for me. That’s why I have Makita PJ7000 Biscuit Joiner.

The plate joiner, PJ7000, which is designed by Makita, is of a very conventional kind. This is made for slicing the slots of biscuits at a good pace. Whether you are working in any cabinet store or some other similar settings, you may find this tool helpful.

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Makita PJ7000 Biscuit Joiner Design

Plate Biscuit Joiner

Like the traditional designs, the model includes the motor board along with gearbox and the specific fence compilation. Its blade comes out from the fence’s front portion because the holder of motor digs into fence compilation.

The motor of the machine is of 5.6 amps, and it gives power to the sharp edge. In addition to it, the lock-on control placed on the left part of its motor board activates the device. However, you cannot find the feature for the variable speed. With full pace, the blade can keep on turning.

The fence is manufactured with aluminum and offers high durability to the biscuit joiner. The lever is made of plastic, though. On the blade board’s front face, two rubber patches can bring the stabilization of the fence.

The mechanism for adjusting the angle

The fence, which slopes to the fore, has a powerful, metal axis. There is also a bracket that works as the stop for the modification of angle. The plastic-made lever protects the fence at every position. When it is stiffened, there will be no movement of the fence.

However, one disadvantage is that the print of the scale is quite hard to interpret. But, the good news is that the forty-five-degree stop places the fence flawlessly in a common direction.

Collection of dust

Like many other biscuit joiners, the model gathers almost all the dirt. The holder near the blade moves the powder straight to a port located at the back part of the device. This port spins completely 360 degrees. A rigid fit makes certain that the port backs up a load of any hose with no budging.

The dust bag, which is added to the machine, is an alternative, while you like to slice only some slots of biscuits. However, it may not be used for very extensive works.  The flush opening of the bag is closed and opened using a folding bar rather than a zipper.

Makita PJ7000 Specifications and Features

  • Usable without an adaptable parallel fence
  • Suitable blade changes
  • Big spindle lock switch
  • Aluminum fence
  • Excellent collection of dust

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PJ7000 is a competent biscuit joiner, which will do its work in any industry. For common cuts, it generates the right results, and you need to give hardly any care. The angled or deep cuts may take a bit more time for setting up; however, the device can still do this job.